Musings and Reflections – Winter 2017 Week 12

Tales of Zestiria the X (2017) (Ep. 11) 

 photo MR12.1_zpsu7jwzwhh.png

    Well, you know you failed with your worldbuilding when in the penultimate episode you still have to introduce new concepts and charatcers. Am I really supposed to feel anything for the fox-guy? I don’t remember a single scene with him that would make me to. Or a single scene where he did anything worth noticing. Moving on, somehow I wouldn’t be so assured if someone told me “don’t worry, I have 5 invisible friends with me”. And why all of the mascot guys aren’t coming along? I understand that ordinary humans may not do much but as far as I remember mascots give some power boost, so?.. Anyway, the second half was way more enjoyable, with both the soundtrack and the animation showing what they can. It’ a bit sad that Rose is left only with an invisible hat – Dezel also had some pretty good trousers. Joking aside, the show hasn’t achieved much, but moments like these are certainly not the worst I’ve seen. What Zestiria also did was to pique my interest about the Berseria game. Probably not in the most straightforward way as I strongly disliked Berseria episodes in the first cour, but there’s history behind all of blunderings of Sorey’s gang, and that history seems a bit interesting so I guess Zestiria more or less achieved what it wanted after all.

Little Witch Academia (Ep. 11) 

 photo MR12.2_zpsaokyltxl.png

     Well, everything just became infinitely more interesting. At first, going back to the roots was a good idea – having Akko and Chariot nearby just asks to create situations for them to play off of each other. And that was good, but then finally the overarcing plot appeared out of nowhere. From the start it was clear that only with episodic fooling around you just can’t make a good and satisfying 2 cour show having such a premise as LWA has. I think there already was too much time spent on not that important stuff, but better late than never. And, on the other hand, it’s probably better if there will be less filler-ish material left to incorporate into the story. Speaking about the premise, it’s not that clear what are these words, what‘s their meaning and what’s exactly going on. Well, there’s lots of time left to elaborate that, and that’s ensuring. I’d say that eventually Akko will be able to collect all the seven words (how else) and that somehow will rekindle magic in the world, also making Akko somehow capable at it. The episode fully restored my excitement and I hope it won’t disappoint. By the way, the character designs didn’t look that consistent but let’s believe it’s only temporary.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka (Ep. 11) 

 photo MR12.3_zpsdaunukef.png

    The finale will have to be particularly spectacular to deserve such a buildup. Sure, sometimes it’s the journey that counts, and the journey through the districts was a diverse one, but inevitably it leads to the coup, and the coup should better be a good one. There are several things that still bother me about the show. First, how could Jean know about the cigarettes he got during his visits and that he should collect them and not to smoke them right away? Nino’s heroics somehow could’ve been more impactful, but even as it is, was it really the easiest way to shield Jean instead of tackling the assassins or just somehow distracting them? And the assassins look to be pretty unprofessional. The last thing is about Jean himself – even after all 11 episodes I’ve no idea who he actually is as a person. Yes, we see that he’s relaxed, he can do his job well, but is bored by it, he cares about Lotta and Nino, but that’s about it. We don’t know anything about his goals, thoughts, motivations, aspirations and just anything. And unless something changes next time Jean could be remembered only as a particularly dull protagonist. And by the way – was it only me, or the character designs weren’t holding up especially well? And character faces further away also weren’t the most impressive thing I’ve seen.

Kuzu no Honkai (Ep. 11)

 photo MR12.4_zps0ygdtbo6.png

     Once again a beautiful episode about (most of times) ugly people. And in this context Kanai feels a bit wrong, being almost a perfect dude among all other broken individuals. Maybe it’s too much having a guy consciously marry an absolutely worst girl possible who by no means deserves such ending, but I guess everyone deserves to be saved. Especially since Akane has started changing due to her confusion about Kanai and attempts to decipher his motives and goals. Looking to the future, I doubt that Akane will be able to withstand her urges and boredom having a nice and most of times very predictable guy at her side, but only time will tell. As Akane herself stepped from her usual territory, Mugi was dismissed without any consideration about his opinion. Well, probably he himself knew that nothing good will come out of his relationship with Akane and he’s just unable to start any change in her. At least another unhealthy relationship is put to an end for good. And now the interesting part comes in since the final chapter of the manga hasn’t been released yet. Will Mugi end up with for now absent Hanabi? It looks likely though for all the reasons I’d prefer them not to hang up again.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen (Ep. 12) 

 photo MR12.5_zpsw1ewaj70.png

    Where do I begin? Well, the show’s phenomenal and you have to think hard to come up with any criticism that would undermine the emotional value of all this journey. Seeing characters age and start behaving less youthfully and more wisely (in Yotaro’s and Konatsu’s case) as well as others grown up with some clear influences from the past or just inherited traits is very bittersweet. You understand that time flows whether you want it or not, people change for better or worse, but everything moves and rakugo through the love of its performers and fans is alive and will be ok. Well, I’m just speechless how incredible the journey was, from Yakumo the 8th playing around as a kid to the introduction of oh-so-lively ex-prisoner Yotaro to the same Yotaro (although a bit fatter) giving advice to his own son and apprentice. It’s heartwarming and almost tear-jerking that Yotaro has grown so much to be able to tell Shinigami not that much worse than Yakumo himself. On a side note, I’d vote Matsuda for the president no matter the circumstances. He’s the real MVP period.

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