Hey there!

      To put everything simply, I’m just a pretty random dude, who decided to show the world his thoughts about various things. As anime certainly takes up much of my free time, I believe it will be the center of this bloggy-thing. I can’t guarantee much consistency, but I’ll try to watch and write my thoughts on more or less fortnightly basis. Well, it’s worth noting that I’m neither a very decent observer (for now) as I got into anime not that much time ago nor do I use English as a primary language. This means that this whole thing is meant to be more of a practice – becoming a better observer as well as improving my writing and expressing myself properly skills. I don’t really know how well everything will turn out to be, but let’s hope for the best and have fun.

As far as anime ratings go, my system is not that complicated – there are only 5 choices:

  • 0 Don’t bother – anime I deem to be worse than average and generally not worth watching.
  • 1 Could’ve been worse – anime that aren’t particularly impressive and pretty much average overall.
  • 2 Decent – anime that may not be for everyone’s taste, but overall is enjoyable to a certain extent.
  • 3 Good – anime that doesn’t have many flaws and can be easily recommended to almost anyone.
  • 4 Must watch – anime that left me awed and astounded, possibly the best the medium can offer.

Thanks to Kyra from KYRA DESU YO! Aldael’s Attic has received the Versatile Blogger Award.


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