Ep. by ep. – Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Eps. 5-8

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Ep. 5)

Juriusu Caesaru-san?
  • I decided that I actually like both the OP and ED. Sure, they sound rather dated and might be far too romantic for my usual tastes but hey – they do connect with the soundtrack in general and remind everyone how many characters there are. Speaking about the multitude of the characters, these new commanders chosen by Reinhard seem to be rather permanent, as their faces show up in the OP. Well, some of them already were seen in the prequel movie, but still. It’s a large bunch of new people to meet on one occasion but I guess there’s lots and lots of time to learn more about each and every one of them.
  • Hopping between Reinhard’s and Yang’s halves of the universe isn’t confusing but it does require some active thinking about what really happens at a particular moment and what to expect next. But that’s manageable – it might get more confusing later on if even more characters are introduced and the story splits now and then to showcase some of them – just as this time was Kircheis’s time to shine.
  • And it’s a rather good idea to underline that not only Reinhard has some brains, and his sidekick is not only a sidekick but can deal with problems on his own. That was the idea, anyway. I’m a quite confused about the way he managed to destroy the protective shield of the planet. Some particles in some way made the shield destroy itself or what? I might have been not the most attentive, but the explanation to me wasn’t obvious. On the other hand, it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. As this rebel planet also will almost certainly have no lasting impact on the story, I bet. Apart from highlighting Kircheis’s ability it at most made it clear that the empire isn’t as consolidated as it could be, but that’s all. And what’s with togas? Was it some weird reference of Julius Caesar and his stabbing? If that was it, I don’t really get the point, but whatever, it served its purpose.

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Ep. 6)

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Is it a beginning of a love story?
  • I expected much action this time since it was announced that Yang will have to attack the fortress, but it turned out to be more of a lengthier introduction.
  • Yang’s personality was showcased enough previously, but once again we get a confirmation that’s he’s a really down-to-earth kind of guy. Actually, I even begin to wonder how such a heavy sleeper managed to get through the military drill and not learn one thing. Yes, he’s the main character and he knows when he can relax and when he must be more rigid, but while everything seems nice enough, I simply don’t know how many successful military commanders were nice people and not strict disciplinarians. You can be relaxed only to some point, Yang. I’d love to see some consequences to that, but oh well. On the other hand, Yang’s laid-back-ness contrasts Reinhard’s rigidness a lot. Wonder what will happen when the two will meet.
  • I’m not really sure why did Yang need a new sidekick. His previous one seemed ok, and they were pretty good friends. I guess he will have something to accomplish before the show ends, but this Frederica also seems ok. So far women were rather unrepresented in the story. Well, yeah, the story’s pretty conservative in the first place, and military in principle attracts more males than females, but any competent female character is welcome. Frederica looks to have developed a crush on Yang, so we’ll have to see how it will end.
  • So yeah, pretty uneventful, though the build-up, especially concerning those new ex-Imperial guys suggests something more interesting next time. I just hope the Imperial side doesn’t end up doing something stupid. It’s way more interesting to see a competitive struggle rather than one smart dude outthinking everybody else like they are kindergarteners.

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Ep. 7)

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Not all action happens in space
  • Is it only me, or everything seemed a bit different visually? As if the characters sometimes started to look a bit less ruff and detailed 80s style-like and more like their simplified versions from early 2000s. Oh well, even if it‘s a problem, it‘s a negligible one.
  • I guess Yang‘s plan was pretty smart. Or it may seem so because there‘s hardly a capable higher rank military dude to see. It seems like everybody is either an old man who can‘t think outside the box or a mindless private who simply follows orders. Or a complete mastermind when compared to others, though in normal world the likes of Yang would probably be just an average not too shabby guy.
  • I‘m not sure if I come to the show with the right level of standards. On one hand, it‘s a definitely old show that simply can’t provide the technical part as amazingly as anybody would like. On the other hand, everybody claims that it‘s really one of the best stories ever created. I‘m not sure at this point. Sure, the potential is there, but everything seems very simplified and so far boils down to a simple idea that you must think in order to survive.
  • Well, I can expect much from the future of humanity, but guys fighting other guys with axes? Or rather guys with axes fighting guys with guns, and guys with axes being largely superior. If somebody thought of lightsabers, how about light-axes or something? History might like to repeat itself, but I find it not particularly believable that axes might survive centuries as a preferred weapon of choice.
  • I guess that with the fortress captured Reinhard now will have the ball in his hands and try to win it back. Maybe that‘s where the fun starts?

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Ep. 8)

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More scheming in the future? Great!
  • That Oberstein sure is an interesting sort of character. If I remember correctly, only Yang, Reinhard and Kircheis have been shown to have some brain, so having another thinking character is a nice addition. I‘m not sure if Oberstein’s backstory seems potent enough to have caused such a hate for the ruling family, but the whole idea of having a person whose motivations may sometimes (but not always) align with the main characters’ interests is great. Emphasis on the word “sometimes” because in my mind Oberstein isn’t a guy whose actions will always be obvious. He seems to care the most about his own interests (which is after all natural) and sees Reinhard as a person who can help his cause, but I doubt Oberstein would even blink before betraying Reinhard if the situation changed and the admiral started doing something which would benefit the royals against the opposition. Still, I think it’s a little price to be always watchful against all the possible benefits. Also, just as Oberstein himself declared, it’s always useful to have a guy who isn’t afraid to play dirty if that benefits the cause. So yeah, it’s a win for him, a win for Reinhard, and a win for the viewers.
  • I still have a hard time rooting for Reinhard. On paper he seems fine – he’s more than respected by his soldiers, he has a very nice guy as a sidekick, he’s thinking enough to actually make things happen, in the past he has helped people a bit, he cares about his sister… I guess one thing that Reinhard really lacks is a pinch of humility. Sure, he can dream big and even be distinguished among the idiots that are the senior admirals, but isn’t it too much to simply decide that he’s better than anyone and he will achieve his goals no matter what? I remember a fairy-tale about a dragon that seemingly couldn’t be killed. It became clear that each and every brave men that attempted that in fact did kill the dragon, but seeing all the hoards of gold didn’t resist the temptation and one by one became the new dragon. So on what basis can Reinhard be sure that when he overthrows the current royalty he will be any better? I’m sorry, but I see him only as a cocky youth at this point. A youth not without talents and potential, but I prefer Yang’s laid-back-ness by far.

Ep. by ep. – Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Eps. 0-4

So yeah, I finally decided to tackle the arguably best anime ever made. It’s really a serious commitment, because 110 episodes is something. Yeah, I know that there are some side stories or other stuff animated, and that’s only speaking about the original run, the recent reimagining is a whole new story. Anyway, I decided to watch for as long as can be kept more or less interested, and do that in the release order, so this installment of my thoughts also contains the sort-of-prequel movie which isn’t necessary story-wise but still recommended. Also, I think it might be interesting to apply my episode ranking strategy (likedokdisliked, from seasonal Musings and Reflections). When the series is so long, I wonder if it can be better /worse than the sum of its parts (and I guess I just love graphs). Let’s begin!