Musings and Reflections – Winter 2017 Week 11

Tales of Zestiria the X (2017) (Ep. 10) 

 photo MR11.1_zpsuxi6ry76.png

    So far knowing what happens in the game hasn’t been that important a thing in order to understand the show, but after this episode I feel like having missed a couple of episodes. What’s with that fox-like guy? Is he a seraph? What are his powers exactly? What’s his allegiance, what is he trying to accomplish randomly attacking malevolence ghosts and why? Also, why should I care about him? Pretty much the same applies to the loli whose not that respectable past doesn’t bother the party (though it really should have) so she is let go freely around. It’s not even surprising that she becomes a dragon. But what’s the point in having her as a character in the first place? She as well as the fox-guy doesn’t add anything special to the story. Not that the story itself is flawless. Bringing ingredients to make a dessert in a journey to save the world is a genial idea. Also, just recently Sorey had to focus his all might and get some help from Alisha and Shirayuki to fight one dragon, but now getting through a multitude of these beasts looks like a piece of cake. Not to mention that the armatization that looked impossible a few moments before by the power of the plot worked perfectly when the right moment came. It’s almost weird that most of the dragons don’t have the slightest interest in the group. And oddly enough such amounts  of malevolence should stink as hell, but somehow the plot again saves the day. The Big Bad Villain so far appears to be especially big and especially bad in order to be able to bring the end to the world, but does anybody doubt the power of friendship?

Little Witch Academia (Ep. 10) 

 photo MR11.2_zpsrkjgrc13.png

    A pretty low-key episode and I can’t say I liked it very much. The references were amusing – Daicon and 1984 were added to the already huge pile of stuff that Trigger has embedded into LWA. The faces that the stung people saw somehow reminded me of “Yaranaika?” material. Otherwise I can’t say there was much worth noting. LWA just pumps side stories without much meaning and leaves every opportunity to move on behind. And it’s not that this side story was amazing. Yes, pretty magical, but knowing the premise you could have easily described the episode without many mistakes. And that’s a bit worrisome. The original LWA never ceased to give some unexpected action scene and to drive the plot forward by all means possible. Now it’s understandable that the resources are more limited, but that just makes LWA just another childish slice of life show with too much Disney motives. Probably 2 cours for such a show is too much. By the way, no one even after half a year break could play the piano as if nothing happened. Not to mention that in the first shot of the piano its black keys were painted quite terribly.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka (Ep. 10) 

 photo MR11.3_zpsnx0wjef2.png

    Everything is still brewing. As more or less, expected, Lilium is shown to behave the way he does not because of some patriotic feelings but because of some profit for his family. And at least for now even Mauve has agreed not to oppose the coup. It’s actually interesting how people with at first sight unbreakable principles are able to shift their beliefs if they think it’s for the greater good. I wonder if the prince is that stubborn so nobody even considers talking to him and trying to ascertain Acca’s survival. Behind his apparent foolishness he actually seems like a person with at least a minimal amount of brain, but how that brain works so far is a mystery. Another mystery is Jean’s attitude to the whole coup. He just listens to all the people, but I doubt he showed some emotion even once. It occurred to me how it’s a bit weird that only when Mauve told Jean about his lineage the district chiefs began talking openly about the coup and Jean’s place in it. Does the news really spread so evenly in terms of time and space?

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 (Ep. 10)

 photo MR11.4_zpsqlpqvxlw.png

    That as pretty ok. During this season the most enjoyable part of KonoSuba for me was its animation, and this episode certainly didn’t lack highlights. I can’t say that the color scheme used for the fights was to my liking, but the sakuga parts stood out from the rest of the episodes. Speaking about the story, it was the usual treat – the group does something stupid, then amends that but ultimately ends up in the square one. And that means practically no development for anyone, just reiteration of previous material. Well, the characters interacting with each other might be fun sometimes, but as the final episode this one was almost no different from any other, and that’s not what I call a satisfying ending. Getting home from the resort felt nice enough, but that’s about it. Even the first season provided some kind of a climax (even if it itself came almost out of nowhere), but this time stakes awere particularly low. What’s the point in getting invested in the fighting if Aqua can revive anyone? As I’m not that fond of the comedy of the show it’s no surprise that it turned out to be pretty disappointing.

Kuzu no Honkai (Ep. 10)

 photo MR11.5_zpssdnb8sqn.png

    More insights into Akane and Mugi. It looks like out of all of the characters Akane is the one unable and not wanting to move on from her present situation though her belief that she’s alright with that is slowly breaking. Akane until now hasn’t found anyone who would try to reach beyond her mask and because of that Kanai’s attitude is seriously baffling her. I think that after all Akane is just a normal person like everyone striving to find that special someone, though she may not be aware of that herself as she wasn’t able to let Kanai go. If she really wants to escape from her present life Kanai is probably her only choice. Mugi may also be an answer, but he isn’t that different from anyone else – he enjoys being with the mask and not the actual person. On the other hand, Mugi also wants to form a long lasting relationship with Akane in that way saving her from her usual behavior, but actually he’s happy to be with Akane as she is right now, without encouraging her to become a better person. By the way, in the context of all of the characters, Moka, Ecchan and especially Hanabi look like they have already finished the race through the maze and should be more or less happy with the way they escaped their unhealthy relationships.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen (Ep. 11) 

 photo MR11.6_zpsfp8onpoq.png

    The episode turned out to be a weird one and I feel rather conflicted about it. The spirit of usual Rakugo certainly was there and as all of the characters seem to have come into terms with their deaths and previous life choices, the interactions were very warm, genuine and full of wisdom. On the other hand, in earlier episodes showing all the Shinigami stuff and the spirit of Sukeroku was framed as a mind trick of Yakumo, and that worked really well. Now we’re told that it was real, and that for me isn’t completely satisfying. Rakugo always has been a show deeply grounded into reality, and during all this episode I was waiting for Yakumo to wake up but of course it didn’t happen. Yes, it could be thought that everything we saw were just some last hallucinations by Yakumo, but to show it as a real thing just didn’t feel very characteristic for the show. Rakugo’s strength lies in the fact that in the real life there are cases when there’s no longer a chance to apologize or just simply speak with a certain person who has died. Sure, the romanticized story may do that but it’s just not consistent with everything the show has been trying to do for both of the seasons.

3-gatsu no Lion (Ep. 22) 

 photo MR11.7_zpsqpg7i7up.png

     All is well and good as the second season has been announced but even after that I can’t be very happy as this one didn’t tie all the loose ends. I’ll probably watch the next season some time later but not as it airs, as I’m quite full of this show. Rei certainly has grown a lot, and the second part of the episode clearly confirmed that. Making him join the club also was a nice idea also pushing him onward. Actually this might as well be the end of the story if there wouldn’t be other subplots that were left just hanging. Soya was just introduced like a goal somewhere in the future, the sisters are just there and I could deal with that, but the really unsatisfying part is with Kyouko. Of course everything will be covered later on, but if you find time to adapt almost every manga chapter with all the things that doesn’t translate into anime that well and don’t shy away from all the unexpected mood changes that happened countless times you’d better find some time to make at least a partial closure for one of the more interesting characters of the show. Oh well. At least the soundtrack was as good as ever.

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  1. Zestiria really destroyed itself this week. It hadn’t been brilliant but it had been enjoyable and then okay. But this last episode was just terrible and made no sense at several moments (as you pointed out).
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    • Yes, it wasn’t something to be remembered. But I’m afraid that it’s not the end yet and Zestiria may still pull out something even worse.

      Liked by 1 person


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