Musings and Reflections – Winter 2017 Week 13

Tales of Zestiria the X (2017) (Ep. 12) 

 photo MR13.1_zpshjaqyoox.png

    Underwhelming, as the whole show has been. Everything’s just bland, predictable and uninspired.  Called that 4 elements uniting thing when Dezel was introduced and that was way back. Again everything feels very RPG-like when the team talks, then runs to the battle, then fights a bit, then takes a breather from that and so on. Not to mention that so battle shounen idea of forming a contract with Zaveid while the bad guy is conveniently waiting in the middle of the fight. Also not to mention the whole memory-reading thing. Am I supposed to think that this bad dude is actually a good-hearted misunderstood person? Well, if he’s so suffering from the curse (and how exactly does it work in the first place?) wouldn’t it be a better idea not to fight the only person who could help you by doing some purification? And of course shepherds can retire like all normal people. I guess they also get an old-age pension. The new huge-ass dragon talking in a female voice somehow doesn’t fit. And the best part is that ufotable delayed the last episode a month. A month! They better do their best unless they want a similar success like they had with God Eater. All the brownie points from Nasuverse are almost completely spent and while visually ufotable is able to achieve more than many studios, it’s content is getting too much style over substance.

Little Witch Academia (Ep. 12) 

 photo MR13.2_zpszwviqcrr.png

    A bit disappointing that after all the setting up of the bigger story last time this week everything barely moves forward. Another festival is going to take place and once more Akko wants to prove that she’s the best. The trick with the mirror also felt very similar to the episode about the love-bee – it’s just standard silliness with only explanation that it happened because it could and because it’s magic. Nevertheless, Akko has progressed from the start of the show so she understands (although still sometimes manages to forget) that there are people more capable and talented than her, though through her connection with Chariot she’s also able to advance, albeit not in the same pace and direction as everybody else. Ursula also looks to have finally chosen to look after Akko not only as a random teacher but as the real although disguised Chariot. Somehow seeing the flashbacks and all the love Chariot put to her magic felt heartwarming, though the scene practically came out of nowhere. The episode overall felt a bit disjointed but with the grand story around I hope it’s not long when the real action will start to pick up the pace.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka (Ep. 12) 

 photo MR13.3_zpshi908ifa.png

    In retrospect, the show did have to end in this or a very similar way. The spirit of Acca ultimately stayed true to itself but even if all the buildup was practically flushed down the toilet, I can’t say that I’m disappointed with that. Mauve was certainly a character to play a role in all this coup thing and not necessarily as she was instructed. Jean probably would’ve been not the best king around – just not caring about his nation enough and doing his job only as much as necessary and not a tad more. For some time it seemed to me weird that no one even tried to talk to the prince about his future decisions, but even knowing that everything was staged in this way so that Lilium and his dudes would lose, was it really necessary to go that far? Furawau still declared independence so what worse than that could have happened? The ending notes like the resources found in Pranetta sounded like also going on a very fairy-tale-ish route – too much happy coincidences and stuff compared to the realism the show was striving to maintain. The fact that Jean’s boss was in fact Abend wasn’t the most satisfying one. Well, Abend had to be one of the usually seen characters or at least something else had to be revealed about him. The idea about the possibility that the boss is the guy just wasn’t elaborated as much as everything else in the story. I mean I have changed my stance towards the main characters not once during the show and to have a random dude revealed to be quite a prominent one just isn’t that compelling.

Kuzu no Honkai (Ep. 12)

 photo MR13.4_zpsdjlm7v3h.png

    Kuzu no Honkai managed to provide one of the most satisfying endings of the season. I was worried that Mugi and Hanabi might relapse into their previous relationship (albeit without such toxicity), but I think the decision to leave both of them untied is the best one. Hanabi and Mugi have been doing nothing but entering and leaving all sorts of relationships but I doubt any of them could be called healthy, so now our couple get so needed fresh breath of air and an opportunity to sort everything out in their heads before deciding whether to invest into some kind of relationship in the near future. Especially Hanabi looks to have grown into appreciating the idea that you don’t necessarily need to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and sometimes it’s really for the better. Hanabi’s rejection scene shows how much Hanabi has learned through the course of the show – sometimes the best decision is to be kind and think about other people beside yourself, even if you don’t get any visible profit from that. I’m still not sure if Kanai’s and Akane’s union would be able to withstand a disaster that is called Akane’s urges. Well, Kanai could endure anything, but that doesn’t mean retaining a good relationship. Still, out of all possible outcomes everything that the show gave offered me very delighted I chose it to watch.

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