Musings and Reflections – Spring 2019 Week 1 and 2

One phrase impressions

Carole and Tuesday (Ep. 1) – I’m hooked.
Carole and Tuesday (Ep. 2) – As slice of life as it’s going to be.

Carole and Tuesday (Ep. 1)

  • There’re lots of positives, to be sure. It’s a very feel-good show, and it works well at what it attempts.
  • Clearly not every last bit is completely original – a backstory of a high-born girl running away from home leaves something to be desired, but as it’s only the setup, it can evolve into basically anything.
  • I’m not really a fan of those little chibi moments and rapid transitions between them and characters looking normal. But it’s almost unnoticeable. I just hope it won’t be an often practiced thing.
  • The moment the girls started to improvise just worked. Of course it’s an anime and Tuesday naturally mastered the melody way sooner than expected. The improved animation during the song sequence also almost distracted me as it looked too different compared with the rest of the show. Also, the girls who sang the song in English clearly aren’t the same voice actresses of the girls, so that’s another minor drawback. But in the end it’s just a nice piece of music, well tied with the context. More of it, please!
  • I’m really sad that it’s not Yoko Kanno doing the OST (unless I’m gravely mistaken), but so far I can’t really complain. The OST is there (though not particularly noticeable) and Carol’s song also feels a part of it. What else could I ask for at this point?
  • If I had to guess, I’d say that the blond drunk dude will somehow become the girls’ manager and that Angela girl – their (sort of) rival. Some conflict will happen because Tuesday’s brother will try to bring her back, but overall the show can how in many directions.
  • Knowing that it’s a Shinichiro Watanabe show, and it’s set on Mars, I have a tiny tiny amount of hope to see Spike making a cameo. Hell, I’d be ecstatic to see even Ein’s tail!
  • Overall it was a really pleasant and enjoyable experience. So far there isn’t much indication about what the show will become, and it can become anything from an idol show to a sci-fi flick. Maybe it will become everything. In any case, I’m on this ride.

Carole and Tuesday (Ep. 2)

  • Almost nothing happened, no conflicts, little events, not many character-developing moments… But it’s fine.
  • The OP started somehow underwhelming but soon convinced me it’ll be worth watching every time. The animation seems very naturalistic – bodies do have mass and inertia – something anime chooses to forget way too often. The song isn’t anything to write home about but the whole pleasant atmosphere and song that mixes with the visuals that well is definitely a big plus for the show.
  • Interesting view into the possible future of music industry. Even now it’s said that AI can write music indistinguishable from real people writing it, but it’s a bit scary to think that neuromarketing (or, to be more precise, neuro-audio-marketing) could become so prolific in the future. Scary, but probably inevitable. I’m just curious about the performers. If AI can make best pop hits, can’t somebody make best AI idols? We already have vocaloids that can do pretty well and even have their own concerts. But I guess there’s still hope for the humans in music industry.
  • Actually, Hiroshi Kamiya sounds way too good playing a gloomy and (sort of) menacing guy. Is there a role he can’t do perfectly?
  • Is Carole actually trying to find a job? Any job you do, you need at least a tiniest bit of passion to do it correctly. At least passion to get everything through and get the money. Carole seems to have too many hard edges and too little consideration about others, no matter how ridiculous her job might be. And, girl, you probably know what kind of job you get into and whether you could do it beforehand, don’t you? Carole would greatly benefit from using her gentler side more (relationship with Tuesday should definitely help), and somehow finding a job that would suit her character and her talents. Music industry, for example.
  • I can see Tuesday becoming a big problem for her mom. Imagine, you’re trying to become elected to take care of thousands of people, and somebody finds that you can’t even take care of your own family so your kids run away.
  • Somehow the same girls’ song last time left a bigger impression. I guess now girls have longer solo parts while last time the atmosphere was cosier and they sang together more. And there’re less duos playing that kind of music than soloists (actually, any kind of music), so they lose points for starting to sound more commonplace. The song’s still fine though. If they retain the intro (which this time was omitted), it’ll definitely be fine. Harmony of two good singers (even though they are still recognizably not the same as the normal VAs) sounds really cool.
  • It’s kind of creepy how one photo on the Internet can find the location and almost identify people. Hope privacy will remain a known concept in the future. And I guess Tuesday’s family will find her in two seconds now.


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