Musings and Reflections – Spring 2019 Week 3

One phrase impressions

Carole and Tuesday (Ep. 3) – Cool second song.

Carole and Tuesday (Ep. 3)

  • These mini recaps each episode and the mysterious and pompous “These girls will change history” feel like a waste of time. My short-term memory isn’t that bad, so I don’t forget so easily what I saw last week. By the way, that part about becoming history might not be that unexpected – Cowboy Bebop also had enough courage to state that it will become a new genre itself. History proved that to be true (more or less), so I’m still optimistic about Carole and Tuesday, though this show still has to earn its share of praise.
  • Hey, that’s one pretty impressive fireplace here.
  • It’s one of Shinichiro Watanabe’s strengths to provide a broader world than is necessary to tell the whole story. Something like references to contemporary music could easily have been avoided, forming a sterile (but not necessarily bad) musical landscape of Mars. Now it’s weird but also really interesting to see how the creators think contemporary artists will be viewed a generation (more or less) later.
  • Angela so far provides an interesting dynamic of being a happy-go-lucky idol on the screens and a grumpy teen when there’re no cameras around. So far so good, but she needs interactions with someone more important than people nobody cares about.
  • I get that Gus narrates the beginnings with his “the girls will change history” with some knowledge of what will happen later, but do the girls really think it’s generally a good idea to get involved with someone who lives in the past and has a damn big beer belly to show? I’m not even starting with him being an alcoholic…

  • Hey, that’s a really nice second song. Also, it was seamlessly integrated into the show, which is also damn great. Especially since it also involved that totally random dude who seemingly had just as much fun as the girls. They should probably give him an offer to help sing the chorus. The visuals once again didn’t disappoint as the song about rolling laundry naturally evoked the imagery of multiple round objects – from clocks to balls to, well, everything. So yeah, it was a really nice section of the episode.

  • I’m just going to call that famous DJ Mamoru Miyano. I wonder if at first the personality was written and only then the VA chosen, or was it the other way around. Anyway, it feels weird to try to seek help from such a dude. Sure, he is famous, but his music style is completely different from the girls’. It’s just like an aspiring composer with disco and electronic music in his portfolio would try to get famous through an opera house. And, well, it’s sad but Mamoru Miyano isn’t wrong that in the age of AI humans just aren’t able to compete, no matter how passionate they are.

  • So yeah. It feels great to watch some anime I can really enjoy.

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