Musings and Reflections – Fall 2018 Week 9

One phrase impressions

Sword Art Online: Alicization – Sooooo slooowww…
Banana Fish – Repetitivetivetivetivetive…
Golden Kamuy 2 – MANSERVICE!

Sword Art Online: Alicization (Ep. 9)

Sword Art Online: Alicization Eugeo girls

  • Is it possible to have even less developed and clichéd antagonists that are powered on simple arrogance?
  • Can a technique be really called secret if it is demonstrated publicly? What’s so secret about it then?
  • Yeah yeah, the sparks sure do look beautiful. But if I wanted beautiful CG effects, I’d go to ufotable. When it’s them and TypeMoon, the sparks even have some purpose. There? Oh come on, does this fight between Eugeo and ClicheAntagonistNumberOne matter in the slightest?
  • May I guess that that unfortunate student of ClicheAntagonistNumberOne was told to hold hands with a guy? Or would such an order be too extreme for her to feel that such actions are only “inappropriate” for a woman and not a straight blasphemy? Ok, that wasn’t that. SAO isn’t as dumb as that.
  • Oh well, maybe I wasn’t as wrong after all. “Maybe I can sit a bit closer” probably sits (pun almost unintended) even earlier in Awkward Japanese Dating Steps List than “Can we hold hands?”. Awkward jokes aside, it’s quite a revolutionary idea in SAO that not only Kirito can have a romantic subplot. Of course, the problem is that the redhead girl was introduced only last episode and hasn’t done anything yet, so cheering for her is difficult. On the other hand, Eugeo hasn’t achieved anything either. Apart for cutting down one tree. In terms of romance, the only possibility for Eugeo is Alice, so the redhead will have her expectations crushed. But she’ll probably be alright and Eugeo in a true disciple of Kirito fashion should be able to start his own little harem.
  • This arc is incredibly slow. So slow that only one fight (or something like that) ever happens in one episode. To some extent it’s to be expected if A1 really wants to retain the production quality for the whole year of SAO. And, while by itself I’d say SAO looks competent (but most of times not better than that), such a consistent level of quality for 4 cours straight would be an achievement. Long-running (and without interruptions) shows usually look pretty bad. So, the slow pacing. It’s just that hardly anything happens apart from endless talking. A chat during a picnic, a chat before a fight, a chat after a fight, a chat with some girls… At least this world doesn’t seem to have cafes, so SAO trademark “exposition in a café” thankfully is modified. Oh well, still nothing too interesting to me. Yeah, there’s a message that some laws are unwritten and it’s morality that matters, but that’s really very basic. I guess I need to look for food for thought elsewhere.
  • By the way, to think that Alice was taken in the first episode and even after 9 weeks Kirito and Eugeo don’t have any better idea where to look for is worrying. Oh well.

Banana Fish (Ep. 21)

Banana Fish troubled Ash ominous

  • Well, I think I’d care more about Sing’s gang members if I actually had any idea who they are. Killing a bunch of nobodies isn’t the best way of heightening the stakes. Resolving the problem in a matter of minutes also doens’t make it any more interesting. The thing is that already there have been plenty of kidnappings, bashings, escapes and Golzine’s evil plans. The show’s starting to get nothing but repetitive.
  • And then – even more hostage drama elements. If mafia isn’t enough, then the next level is professional military, isn’t it? Yeah, you can advance a level but if everything else stays the same, there simply isn’t enough reason for that. And in the first place, what did Ash’s gang expect to do against professional killers with bullet-proof vests and up-to-date technology? Ash (and everybody else) would be far better off in Japan.
  • By the way, Golzine is really going overboard. Yeah yeah, Ash is perfect in every conceivable way but do you really need a squad of real soldiers to capture him? Especially such soldiers who first shoot everyone and only then think about possibly capturing someone.

Golden Kamuy 2 (Ep. 9 /21/)

Golden Kamuy Season 2 Manservice

  • How convenient is that along the way the group is taking roams a tattooed bandit? Not even some miles away but straight along the way? Good guy bandits always try to be the most useful to the plot, even coming with greetings…
  • Am I to believe that such a tongue clicking actually can be used to make blind people “see”? I know for sure that conventionally for humans it’s nonsense but some animals do precisely that. But I’m not sure even exceptionally trained human ears can pick up the differences of echo when specific things are there or aren’t. I think I’m leaning more towards the skeptical side. Especially since dudes were able to learn where a lamp was put but didn’t notice the entrance of a dog who clearly walked not without a sound.
  • At the least, I must give some credit to the originality of this adventure. Sometimes stories include blind villains who are somehow able to see, but a coordinated group of blind people is something I haven’t seen before. Still, these guys were overpowered (for being blind ones) but in the end it did feel like a fitting episode in this mad series. And probably one of the better ones.
  • …If all the bears could be waved off by falling buttons…
  • Yeah yeah, all we need is manservice (manservise is all we need!).
  • But we certainly don’t need Hijikata ex Machina. Certainly.


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