Musings and Reflections – Fall 2018 Week 8

One phrase impressions

RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida – Thank goodness, it’s the end.
Sword Art Online: Alicization
– I was going slightly mad. It finally happened…
Banana Fish – I’ve seen that already.
Golden Kamuy 2 – The plot thickens.

RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida (Ep. 12)

RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida Derrida Mage

  • Yuri is really worried that after a time reset she’ll no longer have her memories. I understand, but come on, that’s the price for the life of her best friend’s dad as well as hundreds of other people and basically the state that the world had descended to. And 12 episodes didn’t convince me that Yuri keeping her memories is remotely as important as world peace. Not that I care about that futuristic world that much in the first place.
  • To be frank, I have no idea since when time travelling also erases memories. It’s either me being inattentive (which I am since the show isn’t a masterpiece anyway) or RErideD has descended especially low. Also I’ve no idea why travelling 10 years back was “too far” for Mage. Or how did she find sleeping Derrida in the first place. And didn’t wake him up or contact him in any other way to ensure fruitful collaboration. I’d guess that cryo-sleep chambers should have a manual stopping mechanism, just in case. Otherwise it’s a dumb technology – you can accidentally freeze your pet dog for 1000 years without an opportunity to wake him earlier. Maybe Derrida’s chamber was outdated since Mage needed only a phrase “Wake up” to open her eyes, but such excuses would be pitiable.
  • If you think I posed too few questions, I have more, many more.
  • Why is Mage’s room (and chamber) filled with flowers? Why is Mage naked? How does that bad dude’s voice reach Derrida who is in the middle of a concrete tower? (Who’s that dude in the first place?) What’s the mechanism for Mage being able to grand Derrida time jumps?
  • I don’t know if it’s more funny or sad that Yuri’s song doesn’t feature even one mouth flap.
  • How is Derrida’s ghost able to see how his final act changed the past? Why couldn’t he do that during all the previous times? What’s that ghost anyway?
  • Well, I got to admit that seeing all these characters living pretty well after Derrida patched things up left me feeling kinda warm, even if I didn’t really cared about any of them. Still, technically, Derrida erased all the events that the show was about, so it also feels like in the end no matter how developed the characters could’ve been (they weren’t, actually), everything was inconsequential. After watching Steins;Gate I still felt that going full circle was meaningful, and there… Well, it doesn’t seem so, when the conclusion simply wipes out every single development leaving only Derrida and Mage conveniently able to recall other timelines.
  • Ugh, I feel sorry for Yoshitoshi ABe.

Sword Art Online: Alicization (Ep. 8)

Sword Art Online: Alicization Beautiful fight

  • Guess who might be important. I can disclose that’s it’s probably one person, you should be able to pinpoint him after some rigorous thinking.
  • Uhm… “Converting sword strength into blood”?.. And “feeding on it”?… Uhm… Should it make sense? I hope it doesn’t because it doesn’t. Or, at least, such random abilities come from absolutely nowhere. Isn’t that convenient that not a single individual even mentioned sword skills or that magic in this world is used more than for healing, and then bam! –  Kirito runs into an antagonist who – bam! – possesses a very vaguely defined sword skill (I assume it is) that is powerful enough for Kirito to be unsure about his victory. And to this questionable mix you can add the fact that apparently imagination can amplify the power of sword skills. Good to know, good to know. Dear show, maybe you should define rules from the get go, and not invent everything only when it’s convenient? It is really, really vaguely defined fantasy setting, and vagueness invites many instances of Deus ex Machina, and nobody wants that, right? I didn’t really like No Game No Life, but that story was basically based on the idea that rules are strictly defined and the heroes must find a way to bend them. That’s a really great idea for a story (until it becomes repetitive). And vaguely defined powers in SAO? When you don’t know the limits, the hero doesn’t need to strive in order to surpass them. It would be far more interesting to see a man find a kangaroo in an apparently empty room than in the whole continent of Australia (yeah, I know I should work on my analogies…).
  • Well. Liena encourages Kirito by saying that Kirito isn’t a person to fall easily. Well. As far as I remember, Kirito managed to reach Liena’s level at best, and the girl earlier told that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t ever defeat the guy Kirito is facing now. So, by the simple idea that if A>B and B=C… Of course this line of thought doesn’t account for Kirito’s sword skills that are unknown to Liena. But that’s again precisely my point – how could Liena baselessly say that Kirito will be alright if she herself wouldn’t be?
  • Kirito and that dude stood like 5 minutes with their swords interlocked. Nobody ever did that in any real swordfight. Nobody. Ever. It’s a terrible idea – when swords are interlocked and one person simply tries to retain the lock, the other can simply move his own sword vertically, using the lock as a fulcrum. If the opponent still tries to retain the lock, he ends up having at least his face cut. No matter how often filmmakers use interlocked swords (I got to admit it does add drama), it’s unrealistic as hell. That’s not all – the final attack that was stopped also felt very artificial. First, what kind of swordsmen would attack if that also meant receiving a fatal blow? What’s the point in killing the opponent when you also die? The point in any fight is not to kill the opponent, it’s to stay alive and only then, if possible, kill the opponent. So, Kirito and the other guy started their blows, a teacher interrupted them and they just… stopped? What kind of blow can be stopped? Does that mean that both fighters used only as much force as was needed to stop their blows before hitting each other? What’s the point in that? When you chop wood, you chop it hard, as hard as you can, and without even a thought of possibly stopping the axe before a piece of wood. A  sword shouldn’t be much different, should it?
  • I’m sorry but I want to laugh real hard. Was anyone smoking weed when the episode was being made? I appreciate the Ghibli-like eco-message as much as anybody but Kirito acting like some flowers are his only friends is something. (Oh dear, is Eugeo doomed to the same fate as Klein?) Well, it’s on a similar level of asking other flowers to lend some strength and, with the power of love, no, friendship, no, better still – with the power of imagination to revive Kirito’s half-dead green buddies. It’s just like a strangely twisted  hero myth with flowers for a loved one and an unavoidable Deus ex Machina involved. Because come on, does anyone really think that power of imagination is a well-defined and encouraged means of driving the plot? Dude, if such a power works, why can’t Kirito simply imagine logging himself off? Nobody said that wouldn’t work. Especially with the help of some flowers. If this was Mahoutsukai no Yome, I’d definitely cut such a scene some slack, and probably even commend the show, but it isn’t. SAO never cared about nature before. And, if I may guess, will likely never will, once the flowers will have fulfilled their plot purpose. And isn’t that simply hypocritical that Kirito cried over his plucked flowers, and later on plucked them himself? It’s the same damn thing! Is this what other flowers lent their strength for? So Kirito could give some of their dead bodies to his pixel senpai? Flowers do have feelings! Liberation for flowers! Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!
  • Yeah, I should calm down.
  • Well, yeah, it’s a fantasy setting, so who needs realism? Well, I do. It’s far more interesting to see a world where physics work the same way like in the real world, or at least where the rules a clearly and strictly defined and characters have limitations. That again goes back to my musings about the vagueness. Right, I’d better stop that train of thought.
  • Yeah yeah, that’s about time to start looking for Alice. Two years spent doing everything possible but doing what they came for seems about right. So let’s go. But first let’s add two new kouhai girls to Kirito’s harem.

Banana Fish (Ep. 20)

Banana Fish troubled Ash Yut Lung fight

  • “It’s impossible to control all your subordinates”. Yeah, tell that to Arthur. The guy had a hard time because of that, and, moreover, he’s dead. So is it really ok?
  • May I question the plan of getting Ash back? First of all, who thought that giving Eiji a gun and making him shoot will be a great idea? Ok, the guy might participate, but definitely not as the key figure. I assume the assault was planned and it must’ve been known that Golzine will have Ash near himself, so from my point of view disposing of the old gangster would be a logical step in freeing Ash. So, how do you do that? Maybe take your best gunman and make sure that he’s ready and knows precisely what to do? Nope. Send Eiji who can barely hold a gun and tell him to shoot. It would’ve been definitely interesting if he did (stuff a la Godfather, maybe?) but I can’t fault him that he didn’t. So, was it that hard for anybody else to aim at Golzine? Come on, the assault was made not by 1 or 2 people but a whole gang. Surely there must’ve been someone capable of killing the sole reason of everyone’s problems at this point?
  • When the sewer segment began, I started thinking about sewer scenes in anime. And what do you know, I’m quite happy because I remembered Jin-Roh. In that brilliant movie sewers were really something. Sadly, Banana Fish doesn’t even compare with that. Well, the same can be said about scenes in museums and Ghost in the Shell.
  • Ash is too perfect, too overpowered and too reckless. Everybody else is too incompetent. Even after a month of IV-only Ash is miles away from any of the bad guys. And that’s definitely not helping to build any suspense or sense of danger. Ash and Eiji will definitely survive no matter what. Maybe Sing as well. Others – I don’t really care.
  • Where’s the police? People are shooting people here!
  • And well, another episode that started with a stalemate and ended with a stalemate. Nobody (important) was killed, and just as some time ago – Ash is free, everybody is free, Golzine and Yut Lung still want to capture them. I see no difference between this arc of Ash-gets-imprisoned-and-rescued and that one in the hospital, where everything happened almost identically. Why do we need two almost identical arcs that don’t solve anything?

Golden Kamuy 2 (Ep. 8 /20/)

Golden Kamuy Season 2 No homo

  • I don’t mind romance between Inkarmat and Tanigaki. It’s a far better option than forcing Asirpa and Sugimoto together. If the show feels the need of romance and manages to be subtle about that, I’m for it.
  • Oh no, somebody save me from CG locusts! At my Uni some programs have laboratory work with locusts (electrophysiology of wing stretch receptors if anyone’s interested). I’m not involved in that business usually but I had plenty of time to satisfy all my curiosity about locusts. I don’t have locust-phobia but even so, I prefer other animals – be it in real life or anime. But yeah, CG locusts are something worth screaming about.
  • No homo, eh? What kind of anime is this?
  • The plot thickens. Kiroranke has been staged as someone not entirely good since his first appearance, while Inkarmat’s motives aren’t known in the first place. Whom I side with? Well, I’ve always loved Mamiko Noto’s voice acting, so yeah. Anyway, more uncertainty and distrust in the group makes it many times more interesting. I’ve complained previously that many characters are very undeveloped, but apparently all the flashbacks were enough to make this suspiciousness from everyone towards everyone work, simply because probably no one is completely faultless.
  • I guess the post-ED scene suggests that we’ll have yet another short-lived and completely mad temporary villain. Oh well…
  • I’d love if this cour would end the story. I’m afraid that, if running longer, the story might overstay its welcome. Well, stopping doesn’t look likely – the manga is popular and nobody wants to end a popular manga sooner than absolutely necessary.
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  1. Poor Abe indeed 😦

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    • At least his other series will always be there. I hope he won’t turn away from anime and have projects more suitable for his level of skill.



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