Musings and Reflections – Fall 2017 Week 12

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (Ep. 12)

    I guess it’s as satisfying ending as there ever was going to be. The show started with two girls in a snowy field bickering and ended also in a snowy field, but now our pair exchanged confirmations of friendship. Also as in the temple episode it was Yuu who was scared because of the disappearance of her partner, now it’s Chi’s time to get worried. Both girls still remain unhurt and follow their journey upward. It’s clear that the world breaks all around and there will hardly be any way to come back down, so it’s literally the last tour of the girls with its fair share of hopelessness. The scene where the girls found out about the contents of the camera was quite sublime. I’m not sure how one person could’ve placed so much and especially so varied content in one piece of equipment, but it’s a sci-fi series after all. The only weird thing was that when we were shown an orchestra playing, the music (as good as always) featured only a piano. The truth about the blob(-mushroom)-creatures makes sense. Ability to neutralize thermally unstable equipment makes them ultimate weapons as well as ultimate threats to humanity. No wonder that humanity would build statues praising the omnipotent power that may grant peace. Still, any great power needs to be regulated so in this light it’s not a complete mystery about how the world became such a desolate place.

Kino no Tabi (Ep. 12)

     I’m sorry, this is wrong on so many levels. I mean, the whole show wasn’t great but to end everything like this? Ridiculous to say the least. For starters, why is Kino afraid of this sheep army in the first place? It’s not that they were that aggressive, they simply tried to come closer. It’s even weirder knowing that a motorbike should outrun them. And don’t tell me Kino couldn’t just go along the ravine for some time and then return to the road. It’s ridiculous – both the sheep and the choice to leave Hermes and go down. This left car poses another question – would a sane person abandon his vehicle and kill himself for absolutely no reason rather than sitting in the car and playing some sheep-bowling, just like Kino did? This sheep genocide by itself feels incredibly wrong (and I don’t need to be an animal rights activist), especially knowing that Kino could’ve easily avoided doing this. Multiple times. Let’s don’t even talk about the abysmal CG. The very last segment theoretically concluded the whole show and Kino’s ideals but in practice Kino and Hermes just reiterated the same two sentences like 5 times. Shut up already. Thanks. At least I had a blast laughing out of the sheep VA’s.

Mahoutsukai no Yome (Ep. 12)

    Is this a musical after all? The song definitely captured the mood but I wouldn’t say it seamlessly transited from Lindel talking to Lindel singing. I can still consciously notice that “oh hey, an insert song just started” and that means the integration wasn’t perfect. On the other hand the OP repeated during Chise’s flight didn’t have such a problem – I just realized in the middle of the scene that it’s actually the OP I was hearing. Well, the flight itself was great. It actually feels something worth of a season finale, both this flight and all the magic during the last episode. You may have different opinions about the show but I think no one can complain about the recent quality of the visuals. It also feels like a season finale because Chise was finally enlightened that her complexes about being unwanted by Elias are largely unfounded. Still there’s lots of space for further developments because I don’t think Chise has already come into terms with her past. She may be able to forget it for the time being and enjoy doing ordinary (or magical) stuff but inevitably I got a feeling that there still is a dark cloud hanging over her. When nothing exciting is happening Chise remains silent and anxious, her past fears mixed with her uncertainty about her future. After this trip to Iceland it looks like Chise is finally determined to breach her current wall of problems, but it will ultimately mean nothing if her past remains veiled and unconfronted.

Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau (Ep. 12)

     That’s a damn useless ending to a damn useless show. What’s the overall message in the first place? No matter how many people die, you’ll still get a waifu? Really? Well, this episode was just incredibly weird mess of everything that in my mind simply can’t connect the slightest. If we take this show as a story and forget for the time being that it’s just a (pretty bad) ad for the manga, it makes things even worse. What’s even the point in dedicating time for the villain? In the end he only gets a new ship and does absolutely nothing apart from participating in boring political games that mean nothing and talking big, and that also means nothing since at this point it’s only talking. That Masoo guy probably had been given the most time on screen compared to all other deceased characters, so think it only begins to border a minimum time a character must have for his death to have any meaning. Naturally it goes without saying that the episode with Chakuro’s dead waifu (whatever her name was) again felt meaningless. These two dudes trying to rebel at first ended their affair extremely unticlimactically, then resumed it and ended it again. Why feature it then? Lykos randomly getting rocked over the board and being rescued by Chakuro in order to affirm their waifu-husbando relations proceeded without any emotions, high stakes, or to be precise, any stakes at all. The only interesting thing I noticed was the fact that Chakuro writes in Greek letters. But again, it’s just a piece of trivia that has no meaning. I don’t know, I feel that either I’m incredibly stupid and just can’t understand anything about this show, or really it’s almost as a trainwreck  that Kino is. Which makes an interesting comparison – which one of them do I despise more?

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