Musings and Reflections – Spring 2016 Week 7

Flying Witch (Ep. 6)

 photo MR7.1_zps2fqcratb.png

     Finally an episode about doing magic, not just fooling around. Well, not that I complain. The magic itself was no big deal, but this way it works better with the light slice of life setting – a little and funny spell with a subtle impact, but a spell nonetheless. It may have looked silly, for it was silly, but that’s just what a character like Akane would do while teaching magic. Using Chinatsu as a device to show the trick is a logical idea, since Makoto clearly is on an advanced level, and Chinatsu is as knowledgeable in witchcraft as the audience is. Again the show makes a joke (speaking about the final one) that was coming miles away, but still was funny, and that is quite an achievement. Still, the best thing I can say about the episode is the whole cosy atmosphere in the family. Everyone trusts each other enough to be themselves and just make up a very believable ensemble of happy cousins and siblings enjoying their life.

Joker Game (Ep. 7)

 photo MR7.2_zps6yfrasbj.png

     I’m slightly surprised how a single episode with pretty basic characters managed to be impactful after all. Joker Game can be a good show when it wants to. There were episodes  in the past that featured quite tragic characters, but I’m not even sure why especially this one just struck into the right place. Maybe it was some Enigma references, maybe for once  there was a clear outdoor setting, or just the girl was behaving very childlike. It just worked. Well, if I’m to nitpick, there are some details – like recognizing a person (who’s definitely no elf) from his ears or just a clearly loving mother abandoning her child so easily. Yes, she’s guilty, but how would anyone find that out? Maybe she’s afraid that she would blurt out her being a spy anyway, but entrusting her girl to a complete stranger just doesn’t sound like a very motherly thing to do.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Ep. 6)

 photo MR7.3_zps750bml8y.png

     Week after week Koutetsujou no Kabaneri remains the most stunning visually of all the shows I watch this season. Not to underestimate other aspects, but everyone at Wit Studio clearly does his/hers best. After such episodes I think it’s no strange thing that Attack on Titan got delayed. It’s quite amazing how even the CG is pretty well made. Yes, there is that shounen element when heroes get almost crushed by stones and even mention that it hurts or get almost eaten by Kabane (also, weird that Kabane didn’t bother to finish Ikoma off) and after some 15 minutes jump around energetically like nothing happened. Yes, they are supposed to be able to recover quickly, but come on, how quickly you can recover your stomach that’s eaten through? Also, I’m not sure how Ikoma always gets away so easily with a gun that can counter only one Kabane at a time and it takes time to aim and shoot, while during that other Kabane can pretty much devour him from head to toe. Still, the fight was very good looking, Mumei looks like she learned her lesson, what else could I wish for?

Sakamoto desu ga? (Ep. 6)

 photo MR7.4_zpswr9cvrl3.png

     First thing I noticed – the music this time was just spot on – both marching theme and slower and subtle melodies during the second half really improved the episode. Speaking about the stories, they were nothing exceptional considering what we have already seen –  just usual mildly amusing and not too boring stuff. Somehow this time stories felt a bit more personal and therefore a bit more enjoyable. However, when the girl was showing her photos to convey the ghost’s feelings, her photos managed to change their orientation with a guy next to Sakamoto appearing in them (or not) because of that. Also, Sakamoto’s  writing after the credits was in a pretty broken Engrish, if I read that correctly. So he does have a flaw after all! Well, overall we just saw more inhumane feats of the guy and I’m pretty content, even if the show doesn’t feel like the best comedy ever.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these shows so far. I really want to watch Koutetsujou no Kabaneri but don’t know where to access it at this point, however from all of the write ups on it I know it is the one show I really need to check out at some point. I didn’t like Joker Game that much this week but I’m still looking forward to what it shows us this week.


    • The only legal way of watching Kabaneri that I know of is on Amazon Prime. If you enjoy eye-candy-ish action stuff (and Attack on Titan in particular) the show’s definitely for you.
      Joker Game has been balancing between a hit and a miss every episode. It has to do something more profound and more inventive than it has done so far to rise above being just ok, I also hope Production I.G has enough means to achieve that.

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      • Amazon Prime? Great. So more waiting and hoping it becomes more widely available later then. Oh well, at least I can keep following what everyone else is watching.


        • As successful as it is, Kabaneri should become as available as any show this season, albeit the wait till then doesn’t become more bearable because of that. At least there’s a diverse variety of other shows to choose from.



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