Musings and Reflections – Spring 2016 Week 5

Flying Witch (Ep. 4)

 photo MR5.1_zpsi000fmoq.png

     First and foremost – the scenery is damn beautiful. Every sakura petal seems to have received a special treatment, and it perfectly accompanies light, cheerful and relaxing mood of the show. While previous two episodes were made of two unrelated segments each, this one tells one cohesive story, and I think it’s for the best. Yet another character is introduced, but this time she shows more personality than the other two did in their respective episodes and the series also manages to include Akane, Makoto’s sister, again, which helps the show’s cohesiveness. Flying Witch achieves just the right balance between the viewers’ interest about the new girl, some pretty random (or sometimes expected, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing) jokes, eye-catching surroundings, warm interactions of already familiar characters and some little insights into their personalities and, of course, some pretty half-baked magic, that provides probably my favorite scene after the mandrake from the first episode. Well, I just can do nothing but like the show.

Joker Game (Ep. 5)

 photo MR5.2_zpsa18sgzwe.png

     Again an episode with pretty much no one to be called a character even marginally. It’s not a new thing in the series, but this time the story itself wasn’t that unique and interesting, so some other not so shiny features were a bit more apparent. There were some instances of not that believable outcomes in the past, but this time coincidences were pretty hard to stomach for me. I doubt anyone would feel safe to bet that an escaped spy would randomly find just the right door when he just seemed to have come to a dead-end. Not to mention that apparently no one bothered to question why a certain door in the citadel of spies has such an obvious marking on it. And if that’s not enough, a certain double agent came to the rescue just when he was needed. After that, I’m not even impressed that he managed to get to search the exact corridor and do that alone. Who sends searching for a dangerous person solitary men in the first place? On an unrelated note, the show used to portray characters quite realistically. That is, until now. Who came with an idea to have such a deformity of a character design that the English spy-daddy is?  I guess, Joker Game can be blamed for many things, but some of them came from the source material (and its type) and there’s nothing to be done about it, for better or worse.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Ep. 4)

 photo MR5.3_zpsrednjewc.png

     Well, nothing too impressive in the story department this time. Looks like everyone finally decided that Kabane and Kabaneri are pretty different things after all and the latter are worth to have at least some faith in. To the whole taxonomy of Kabane and their like a sword-wielding (and not badly) type was added. I won’t be surprised if it’ll turn out to be an intermediary species between Kabane and Kabaneri. The ending of the episode looked as if it could be a half decent ending of the whole series. Does it mean that a new arc will start? Possible, and it wouldn’t be too unwelcome. To be frank, the episode may be memorable only for a nice OST and fighting scenes that probably is the best thing Wit Studio can offer. However, albeit animation was nice, I think a bit fewer camera movements and choreographic feats for the sake of them would have made the scenes more immersive. Still, more times than not I can’t complain.

Sakamoto desu ga? (Ep. 4)

 photo MR5.4_zpseahuycws.png

     I guess for me the show has already showed pretty much everything it could. I appreciate that all the stories (this episode and other ones) manage to differ from one another and achieve the ending by various sometimes really original and amusing ways. Nonetheless, the end result is always the same and, to be frank, after 4 episodes of it I’m feeling a bit tired of that. Well, I think I remember pondering the same thing about the manga, and even if many details escape me now, the story with Hayabusa (that is, the content of the next episode) was somehow different in a good way. Considering another topic, the OP seems to have been growing on me. I guess I just like that artstyle and music that progresses very randomly, but, of course, in a cool way (pun intended). Suddenly I got an urge to relisten both of the Nichijou OPs.

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