Musings and Reflections – Winter 2021 Weeks 10-12

One Phrase Impressions

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 10) – A camping trip to best all camping trips
Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 10) – Is it really about Hori and Miya?
Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 11) – Sleepy Rin and lots of food
Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 11) – Inconsequential fooling around
Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 12) – Izu’s pretty picturesque, isn’t it?
Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 12) – A Christmas episode? Whut?

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 10)

  • Ah, yet another super relaxing episode.
  • A bit unusual to see all the girls together. Most of times there’s probably three or four girls interacting between themselves (unless it’s a solo-camping trip by Rin or Nadeshiko), so now all of them seem to make a little crowd. Of course, Nadeshiko slept almost all the time, so she didn’t cause as much ruckus as usually, but still, it’s a huge bunch of camper-girls. Having many characters naturally means that each of them has less time to shine, but, seeing that this trip will most likely be the final one this season, it’s very fitting to have a multi-episode journey with everyone. Except Chikuwa, sadly.
  • Wasabi ice cream? Sounds very weird. Well, I do like wasabi, and ice cream also isn’t bad (separately), but combining these two things? I guess it should work somehow.
  • Nadeshiko sleeping quite a lot and later on getting terrified for apparently missing the whole trip was so very Nadeshiko-like. Yuru Camp just knows how to play with the characters and make tiny little funny scenes that just work.
  • Somehow watching this I started really missing summer and my weekend bike trips. I don’t own a fancy bike like Rin does, but a simple bicycle is more than enough to go around in the countryside. And, yeah, seeing the girls so happy is actually a double-edged sword – on one hand, you feel happy (for them), but especially now, during the pandemic, it also makes you feel a bit depressed because chances of visiting, say, Izu, are pretty much infinitesimal.
  • Oh dear, another perfect opportunity for a crossover with Yama no Susume was missed. Oh well…

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 10)

  • Isn’t it a bit bad for the show when the main characters are basically relegated to the supporting cast and you almost don’t notice that? Well, I can’t say that there’s nothing happening between Hori and Miyamura, it’s just that their problems don’t seem to be that pressing. The couple got together surprisingly easily – there weren’t any major hurdles and even their personalities aren’t too extraordinary to cause serious problems or prolonged misunderstandings. Sure, there still are things to tackle – the whole Hori getting jealous angle and that thing I wrote about last time – Hori forcing Miyamura to behave rudely without giving much in return, apparently. Well, I get an impression that even these problems aren’t really problems and the couple have a strong enough bond to sort everything out eventually. I think that even if the show ended right after this episode, nobody could say that Hori and Miyamura’s relationship isn’t clear. Thus, when both of the characters are safe and sound, their relationship immediately becomes rather mundane, and thus the whole show loses its reason to be called, you know, Horimiya. Well, in general, when there are too much artificial problems for a romantic relationship to flower (think a usual romcom when the end result is the glorious act of hand-holding), it’s getting unrealistic super fast. On the other hand, if everything becomes too realistic and there aren’t many problems for the characters to solve, it becomes too mundane. A good show should be able to balance well between these two extremes. Horimiya? Don’t really think so.
  • Yoshikawa’s problems of self-hatred and emotional confusion now seem to be far more relevant and interesting. And somehow I like her and cheer for her far more than I ever did for either Hori or Miyamura. Might we rename the show IshiYoshi? Or YoshiIshi? Or Yoshi Finds Happiness? It doesn’t sound as good, but…
  • Very metaphoric about melting snow and sakuras… Well, nothing else to expect from a couple of teens in a romcom.
  • It’s definitely sad that Sakura ended up with a short end of a stick. I guess that’s life – you can’t win at everything. Still, it’s pretty mature of her to know that she’s better off not fangirling over Ishikawa for too long. I really hope that she’ll manage to find some other person to be happy with.

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 11)

  • I guess this episode was a little more subdued than usually. Well, even a huge dip in quality (it wasn’t by any means, really) for this show would still make a decently pleasant experience, so a bit less engaging activities this time was noticeable, but not bad.
  • Once again Rin was shown to be just a simple and normal girl, despite her rather solitary personality. And it is pretty funny that much effort brings sleepiness to both the most active people (Nadeshiko last time) and the calmest ones – as shown by Rin. Rin’s constant and inescapable wish to enter the world of snoozing no matter what was pretty cute and funny – and probably the highlight of the episode.
  • And, well, that’s pretty much it. The teacher forgot not to drink, the girls set up a camp, made some food, talked about nothing, explored the surroundings and that’s it.
  • Well, actually, the food-making part didn’t interest me that much. Well, it’s fine, but unless I wish to make a similar meal myself (I don’t plan at the moment), listening to the detailed explanations can’t compete with, say, exploration of the Izu landscapes.

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 11)

  • Hm, so, yet another marginally important character (the green-haired one) gets a little spotlight? Well, I guess that’s good for someone who’s rather invested in the whole show and/or have been devouring the manga. But from a story-telling perspective it doesn’t make much sense to introduce some green-haired dude who will have no importance later. Well, he might be important later, but that “later” surely won’t be covered by the anime. I’d say at this point in the series with only a few episodes left some serious problem should finally become clear and all the effort should be brought to solving it, making the last episode the highest point. But, as I wrote about the last ep., Hori and Miyamura basically don’t have problems and the show just slowly fizzes out instead of preparing to go with a bang.
  • The same goes for the whole meaningless conversation between all the guys. It just seems like a wasting of time – the amount of information transferred is approximately zero, level of comedy is infinitesimally low. I guess my problem is that I haven’t started to love the characters, so such slice-of-life-y situation seem more boring than endearing.
  • Oh hey, Kirito-chan reappeared. And she’s as clingy to Miyamura as ever, except when she was absent for an episode or two. Can’t say that I missed her.
  • Little sisters of inconsequential characters are inconsequential by default.
  • The problem of the episode is that it doesn’t achieve anything. Characters just fool around and do nothing. I bet if this episode simply disappeared from the show for some reason, nobody would notice.
  • Another problem with the show is that it already used all the potential it had in the start. Hori having no time for herself since she has to completely take care of her family? Miyamura being this gloomy friendless guy who outside of school is kind of a punk? Well, we don’t see any of these traits anymore, it’s as if they never even existed. Now both Hori and Miyamura seem to have lots of time on their hands (even to teach inconsequential little sisters) and lots of friends (who are pretty inconsequential) and no worries in the world. With the unique-ness factor dead in the dirt, Horimiya becomes just another romcom where nothing really happens.
  • Well, yeah, I might be too harsh. Both of the green-haired siblings are fine people. I just don’t see a point in their story suddenly becoming the focus of a show that should have a firm focus elsewhere, especially when the ending isn’t that far.

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 12)

  • Maybe I watched the episode while pretty much half-asleep, but it’s hard to remember much about it. Sure, it was a fine episode, just like the last one, only I can’t praise it as much as some others.
  • Izu really seems like an interesting place to visit. I don’t know, maybe it’s really Izu itself that’s so captivating, or each and every corner of Japan has these tiny corners of beautiful nature. Either way, visiting even the most boring Japanese places seems pretty unrealistic now for the foreseeable future. Oh well… Well, at least there’re enjoyable shows to showcase the beauty.
  • Well, it should be pretty cold to go into the water. In my country some lakes are still frozen right now. Sure, the ice is getting thinner and thinner, the temperature from time to time climbs higher than 10 degrees (Celsius), and there’s a general feeling of the spring approaching, but even so, I wouldn’t be so bold to risk getting a cold. But oh well, the girls know what they’re doing. Luck to them.
  • The rest of the episode? Well, it was just some mild and cosy entertainment. Birthdays are fun most of times, and now’s not an exception. Tasty food, good company, fresh air – great. Maybe not the most memorable experience the show has offered, but a nice one nonetheless.

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 12)

  • Did I miss something or is this really a Christmas episode? It’s very weird to have a Christmas episode now. Many Christmas episodes feel like OVA-like material which isn’t really appropriate knowing that the show will end so soon. Also, the time of the year is completely wrong. I guess the episode should be treated like some sort of a fan-service for manga readers. Still, it doesn’t really make much sense.
  • The conversation between the guys concerning Ishikawa’s change of crushes was surprisingly entertaining. Somehow wherever somebody uses that “ehhh” anything becomes far funnier. Well, it might not be as funny as some brilliant “Eeehhhh” moments from Nichijou, but it’s still very good.
  • So, it seems like IshiYoshi is a thing and will be a thing. Somehow it doesn’t feel very satisfactory, even it should, especially knowing that I rather like Yoshikawa. Maybe it’s because this ship was obvious right from the start of the series?
  • I might have softened a bit towards Remi and Sengoku. I might even tolerate them enough to say that they are not bad people and I even wish luck to them. But still, I don’t really care that one has a giant insect collection at home and the other is scared of it.
  • Getting back to the weird feeling about the episode, usually all the more important characters make a return in the last episode so that everything can be wrapped up and the whole journey is made clear by reminding the viewers of all the arcs. But I’m not really sure what’s the point in having such mentions in the penultimate episode. It’s not the end, I presume. Unless the last episode will be focused solely on Hori and Miyamura. I just don’t get the point in trying to evoke this “look how far we’ve come” feeling at this particular moment.
  • “Let’s get married”? Really? How about holding your horses a bit longer? Well, yeah, both Hori and Miya seem to be head over heals for each other, but hasn’t anyone told them about such stuff as problematic teen pregnancies and the like? It’s not that Hori could spend time attending to her new family with Miyamura when her current one can’t survive without Hori’s effort, as was emphasized in the beginning of the show. Well, I’m not saying that such early marriages are inherently bad, but you know what happened when some Italian teens became intoxicated with love in one play by one Englishman William S.? Sure, go for it if you wish, but my conservative guts whisper that first love doesn’t always end in a successful marriage, so rushing things might not be the best of ideas.
  • P.s. somehow I liked the similar hand-holding scene in some previous episode more. Maybe because it was novel and now it’s basically the same, only Miyamura talks about bigger things?
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  1. Glad I’m not the only one who wants to see a crossover between the Laid Back Camping Girls and the Mountain Climbing Girls!

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