Musings and Reflections – Winter 2021 Week 8

One Phrase impressions

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 8) – Solo, but not alone
Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 8) – Supporting cast having their time to shine

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 8)

  • Ah, a weekly dose of comfiness. I already feel I missed the show. Hope next season I’ll find something similar. Yuru Camp is just too good.
  • Off topic: I just realized that Nadeshiko’s look with a cap and one bang escaping it looks really good. I might prefer this look to her usual one.
  • Some scenes are just great not because they are funny, but because they somehow emit a particular type of energy – endearing and working like a cheering-up charm. Take, for example, the unimpressed cat that watched Rin during her massage session. It just sat there, all poker-faced and did nothing. Hilarious? Not in the least. A great moment nonetheless? Definitely. And there’s plenty of such moments – a random deer being more polite than necessary, before that Sakura trying to google recipes, Rin on a suspension bridge – these are all great moments that really don’t mean much per se, but somehow have their place in the show and make it so much better.
  • Ah, these small acts of kindness are another part of the show I really really like – Nadeshiko making friends with random kids and showing that you don’t have to be a super chef or have as much experience as Rin does to make a successful camping trip and make some food. Rin checking out Nadeshiko was also a nice moment. Or the one when she bumped into Sakura. Though this one was totally expected. Well, it’s just such a good iyashikei. Thanks, show. Thanks a lot.

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 8)

  • Seems like pre-Shindo Miyamura was really gloomy and had some good reasons to be that way. It’s really encouraging to see how much different he is now from that sad kid. On the other hand, it’s portrayed like everything just happened. Like Miyamura did absolutely nothing (and in most cases he did precisely nothing) and then somehow he ended up having friends. I don’t know if that’s the right outlook on life. Sure, sometimes you may get lucky and accidentally make friends, but I’d say that everyone also should put at least some work into it. It’s far easier to make friends when trying compared to when you don’t.
  • Hey, more side-stories about characters that I don’t care about (at best)? Well, actually it turned out to be quite a nice story. It was hard to believe that both Remi and Sengoku were so much into reading. And, well, even if I still remember how baselessly antagonistic they were towards Hori and Miyamura in the very beginning, I may slowly start to maybe not like them, but for now – tolerate them. They might be jerks (sometimes), but at least they are happy together. Good for them.
  • That sort of SM part between Hori and Miyamura was everything but expected. Well, again, good for the characters if they get to do something consensual that makes them happy. And, of course, I can’t deny that it was funny. Not hilarious, but funny indeed.
  • I’m always for more Yoshikawa, even if this time it seems to have been a rather inconsequential story. I wonder if this new dude will join the supporting cast. I guess having someone from time to time to poke fun at is always welcome. Of course, I’d like more serious developments to the Yoshikawa-Ishikawa storyline, and “let’s do a 5 min pretend” doesn’t really count. But the show isn’t finished yet and the two of them have all the opportunities to fulfil my shipping desires. Luck to them!

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  1. Every time I think Yuru Camp can’t possibly sustain itself… They turn out an episode like this. It just never disapoints.

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