Musings and Reflections – Winter 2021 Week 7

One Phrase impressions

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 7) – Solo-camping fun
Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 7) – Everybody has problems, eh?

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 7)

  • GlueGlue Maps, eh? Another one to add to WcDonald’s and the like.
  • That’s actually a very good educational strategy when teaching how to go camping. Pretty much 1,5 season of the show passively showed how to camp, then one episode was dedicated to establish an explicit bad example, and now Rin nicely summarizes everything in several neat rules, and then Nadeshiko explicitly flows them. Clever and practical, what else can I say?
  • And, well, it’s classic Yuru Camp. People travel, people have fun (a bit unusually separately, but that doesn’t matter), and the viewer (e.g., me) can just sit, get cosy, relax and have a permanent huge smile.
  • Japan sure is beautiful. GlueGlue Maps won’t always allow you to follow the girls, but more often than not it’s a really great alternative to roam the streets, roads and paths the girls take – the scenery is as beautiful as depicted here.
  • The food does make your mouth water, doesn’t it? Yuru Camp might as well be a culinary show, it still wouldn’t be able to depict food more appealing.
  • Quite surprisingly Rin got to interact with Nadeshiko’s sister. Seems like both girls have more in common than expected, though Sakura might be more of a casual sightseer than a seasoned camper like Rin.
  • And Nadeshiko still hasn’t reached her camp site. Yuru Camp isn’t the type of show that you want to devour in one sitting, but I do want to see the next episode as soon as possible.

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 7)

  • A different aspect ratio? What? Hm, nevermind.
  • Actually, no. It is important. Right from the start the episode looked a bit different for me, not like the rest of them. And yeah, I think the art direction changed a bit. I can’t really say that in this respect Horimiya has been better or worse than a typical romcom, but I just don’t remember it being not more or less generic. And now – the said unexpected aspect ratio, more close-ups, more camera jumps, focusing on visual elements important to the characters… It was just a very entertaining aesthetic experience. Thanks, Horimiya.
  • The story also was more interesting than expected. Last time I asked for more Yoshikawa, and here she is. Well, it’s absolutely expected that she also isn’t free from love problems, and, as also expected, is involved into a love polygon consisting of the main characters. I guess from the start Ishikawa was the best suited target for Yoshikawa (damn, their names are similar). I’m just surprised that it took half of the show to confirm that. Anyway, since she seems like a nice girl (or maybe I’m just biased towards thoughtful girls with medium hair, and also I can easily relate to people who’d rather hurt themselves than others), and Ishikawa also looks like a cool dude, I can easily root for the two them. The problem of course is that I also want to root for Sakura. Especially so, since she managed to act despite being rather timid by nature. So yeah, when two nice people want the same thing and only one of them can have it – it’s a bad situation, very bad. Hopefully, by the end of the show they would reach some sort of happiness. At least Ishikawa seems to be a bit more calm about his crush on Hori, which is definitely good.
  • By the way, when Ishikawa (and others) tried to encourage Yoshikawa despite her terrible cooking, that was one of the nicest depictions of comradery I can recall. Power of friendship!
  • I’m a bit surprised how inseparable Hori and Miyamura have become – so much that Hori alone is totally out of it. I guess I just assumed that their relationship wasn’t as strong as it actually was. Well, good for them.
  • However, I find it hard to believe that nowadays a dude could keep five days without his phone, even though you can buy a new charger rather easily, not to mention that in a large family meeting somebody should have a suitable one. Weird. And Miyamura seemed to endure the separation rather easily.
  • I guess the only bad thing I can say about the episode is that the last part about the couple watching the movie was sort of crudely stitched to the rest of the story. Technically it should make sense – the couple spends some time apart and then gets even closer. The problem for me is that the “separation” part ended up with the couple happy in their reunion, with a heightened sense of importance to one another. Theme: separation and happy reunion. And then suddenly we cut to Hori full of insecurities. So much that she even had to consult her friends and then clumsily try to act according to the advice. Theme: Hori doesn’t think she’s good enough. I just don’t think that both mini-stories and their themes connect. It’s just isn’t smooth storytelling to work with separation, reach a happy ending, then suddenly go back to emotional separation and then once again reach an agreement.

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