Musings and Reflections – Winter 2021 Week 6

One Phrase impressions

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 6) – Camping sure can be dangerous
Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 6) – Change of style and Kirito-chan

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 6)

  • Last time I complained that I wasn’t that interested in the adventures of Aki, Inuko and Ena. Well, I have to retract that statement, and I do that gladly. It’s actually wonderful how the same episode can seamlessly morph from being comfy to being sort of intense and back to being comfy.
  • Speaking about the low temperatures, it seems like near Lake Yamanaka during January and February (seems like it’s somewhere near mid-January in the timeline of the show) it usually gets cold up to -10 degrees (Celsius, of course) with records being around -20. In that regard, the weather in winter seems to be similar to where I live, give or take, maybe a bit warmer – for about a week now during the day we now get about -12 or so. That -12 doesn’t seem that cold when you have appropriate clothes and move a bit. -2 might even seem a bit warm in January, so Aki’s surprise took me by, well, surprise. Still, I doubt there would be many volunteers to sleep outside with -10 or so. So yeah, it might not have been excessively cold for the girls, but being outdoors for long and sleeping outside? No, thank you.
  • It’s pretty great that the show also underlines that camping isn’t always only fun. You definitely need to check the weather and be prepared for it. If not for the thoughtfulness of Rin and kindness of some strangers, the girls might even had some badly frostbitten fingers or toes, and that’s certainly not recommended. Amputations aren’t cool.
  • And, well, people have invented power-banks to help you in longer travels when your phone asks for a meal. Always good to have.
  • Anyway, I’m glad everything ended well and last moments were also filled with usual relaxing joy. Hopefully that will be a lesson well learned.

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 6)

  • It’s probably not what I should be thinking while watching the show, but my mind constantly revolves around the (yet) unexplained things. For example, I’m getting more and more interested into the Hori family circumstances. What’s the deal with Hori’s dad? It seems like he has some sort of weird love-hate relationship with the family, and Hori Kyoko herself is the best example of it. You have to agree that a daughter calling her dad by his first name isn’t the most common thing in the world. Yet, they all still seem to function (more or less) as a family, which is commendable, but I still wonder what led to this particular situation with Hori (again, Kyoko) having to do in essence all the chores that are usually reserved for the adults. I also am interested in that Yoshikawa girl. She’s positioned as one of the main four friends, but she’s just there to be a girl friend to Hori, but that’s more or less it. I have no doubts that she’ll also come into the spotlight eventually, but I prefer it to be sooner rather than later. Well, at least she seems more interesting to me than Sakura, if I remember that green-girl’s name correctly. Miyamura’s parents are another black box that waits for its reveal. One brief glimpse of Miyamura-mama isn’t enough by far.
  • The Hori family taking in Miyamura is probably one of the nicest things that had ever happened to him. Miyamura said that he values Hori’s unjudgmental attitude as one of her best attributes, but the fact is that the whole Hori family has that trait. They all may be exceedingly normal (like Sota) or weird as hell (as the father) but they all see Miyamura just as a good person he is, and that’s nice.
  • So, Hori is pretty open about her new relationship, which is pretty nice. The bad part is that Miyamura in this case is far more sensitive and susceptible to peer-pressure. I think the previous hairstyle suited Miyamura better. Then he looked like a nerd, now his image changes to a “nerd who doesn’t want to look like a nerd”, and that is worse. The apparent clumsiness is a nice change to the gloominess long-haired Miyamura might get associated with, but still.
  • Hm, a kiss? Unexpected, unexpected. Horimiya really moves faster than a usual romcom. Good, good.
  • This new girl is annoying. At worst, she interrupts stuff and does that looking just like Kirito. Yep, SAO’s Kirito. Well, Clover Works did start as another studio of A-1 Pictures, so… Anyway, Kirito-chan has some good qualities – it’s not always that a story introduces a yuri storyline that’s not the main focus. On the other hand, she has absolutely no chance against Miyamura, so her advances story-wise are more than useless. Kirito-chan seems to have quite a backstory with her dead brother, and that can definitely be explored deeper, but at this point I’d rather see more focus on the main characters. And in the first place, even if I can believe that Miyamura has been oblivious enough not to notice that his neighbour is a girl that goes to the same school, Kirito-chan can’t be as blind as that, can she?

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