Musings and Reflections – Winter 2021 Week 5

One Phrase impressions

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 5) – Showtime for the background girls
Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 5) – Guess it’s officially a relationship.

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 5)

  • If the creators of Yuru Camp and Yama no Susume ever thought about a collaboration (they definitely should and have to and must), the moment for that was perfect when the girls visited the store near Fuji and noticed that there’s lots of hiking gear. Just a simple tiny glance at some other girls looking for gear or walking around – I don’t need much, just please – make it happen.
  • I had the feeling before, but it was especially obvious this episode – the feeling that I mostly care about Rin and Nadeshiko. Other girls are just fine as well, but they somehow are not as fun to watch as my two favourites are. Hm, maybe I’m just not the biggest fan of Aki’s a bit forceful personality, at least not as much as I enjoy Nadeshiko and especially Rin doing stuff. But again – no matter who does what – the show simply can’t not provide its more than required amount of comfiness.
  • Getting a picture of friends in trouble and only then helping them? Failing to leave hot water in cold weather? Having that particular smile when you fail a bit or greet a co-worker you barely know? That’s relatable.
  • Well, polite pinecones are nice, but screaming pinecones are some nightmare material.
  • By the way, Google Maps already is an amazing place, but when you can visit places the girls tour, it’s more than great. In reality this campsite is called Misaki Camping Ground, and the view from here to Lake Yamanaka and Fuji is just as spectacular as expected.

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 5)

  • Ah, teen drama 9000. I have to admit that Horimiya certainly is aware what it isn’t that original compared to hundreds of other romcoms, and some expectations-breaking remarks make it better. For example, Miyamura calling a girl by her first name because he doesn’t know her last name. That’s’ some fine comedy, but that also doesn’t change the fact that the context of the joke still is teen drama 9000. Hori has enough brains to think that she might be overreacting, but again, she overreacts, nonetheless. And I’ve seen such overreactions countless of times – somebody assumed something, then needlessly overthought that, assumed more things, did something stupid and so on and so on and so on. Well, I can’t say that such stories are baseless or outright unbelievable – it’s definitely hard to control your hormones when you have very little experience. The problem however is that I’ve seen it before, so count me unimpressed. At least everything got sorted out rather quickly and didn’t last any more time than it had to.
  • Hori’s dad seems extremely random. Oh well, it’s not that he had any significant effect on anything, except facilitating Hori to call Miyamura her boyfriend. Cool. The night sky looked beautiful enough, hand-holding was also nice enough. Four out of five romcoms would have ended at this point, but I’m pretty glad that Horimiya still has more than enough time to develop the story more. I guess the next level is to reveal the couple’s relationship to their friends and to Miyamura’s parents. Some drama might ensue but I guess the hardest part is already over.
  • The other parts weren’t that memorable. I guess it’s good for Sakura to make baby steps, but it’s a long way for her to make something happen. I guess we’ll see.
  • I think the level of jokes has stabilized. I remember quite liking the first episode for its funny parts, and now it seems that there’s enough comedy not to get me bored, but, on the other hand, there’s nothing really hilarious. It’s just like the whole show’s fine, but not great.

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