Musings and Reflections – Winter 2021 Week 4

One Phrase impressions

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 4) – Wait, Nadeshiko isn’t only a mascot?
Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 4) – Complains (mine) and a confession (Miyamura’s)

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 4)

  • That was wholesome. Well, that’s the usual reaction to this show, so nothing unexpected.
  • Nadeshiko-pole was one of the funniest things I’ve seen recently. Good job!
  • It’s great to see people being passionate about random stuff. Sometimes such a passion can become overconsuming and one can think that the said person is becoming obnoxiously overenthusiastic, but that’s clearly not the case for Nadeshiko. It’s very fulfilling to know how long she wished for that lamp, how she worked and waited, and now finally got enough money to buy it. Slowly you become attached to such things, and the moment when Nadeshiko slipped was actually scary. Thankfully, it’s not that kind of a show – our girls couldn’t possibly get a bad ending.
  • A dog-tent! I wasn’t sure if such a thing can exist in real world but turns out it isn’t a joke – just google it. And yeah, dog tents sure look cute. And there’s always a market for cute things, so…
  • Quite unexpected development is that Nadeshiko is thinking about camping alone. Only Rin seemed like a person whom solo camping might suit, as other girls clearly prefer company. Nadeshiko especially has always been in the middle of things – she’s a cute klutz, and apart from making every scene more lively, she’s also a very good comic relief. Because of that it’s unusual to see her alone, even if it was, for example, only during her trips to the train station this episode. Because of that and her character it’s hard to treat Nadeshiko more than a mascot of the show, but clearly, she’s more than that. Not satisfied with her group identity, she seriously thinks about camping alone, and I think that would be a great development for her. Sure, she would make many mistakes (which would undoubtedly be very funny), but I think she would be able to survive and become a better camper (a camper-person, not a camper-car, obviously) as well as more interesting and layered human being. Go, Nadeshiko, go!

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 4)

  • Do you really need to ask if a person is alright if he saw some papers flying? What on earth could’ve happened? Could he had a heart attack because he saw someone littering?
  • Well, if I were the one who was framed by someone (all that Hori-(not-really)-losing-some-papers incident), I’d stay far from such people. Apparently, Hori is either an angel, or has absolutely no memory since she seems absolutely fine hanging out with the student council. Well, they have an AC, and they might not be bad people, at least not all of them. So far I guess I can objectively dislike only Remi (and I sincerely do). Sengoku seems just like an average guy who hasn’t had enough time to show his true colours, and the same might be said about Sakura, though so far her presence has been even less visible. She might be an ok girl after all.
  • You see?! You see?! Miyamura did have at least one friend from his previous years in school. That’s why for me his backstory that makes him totally secluded and friendless makes sense less and less. I don’t even need to use the argument that for a person who had no friends, he’s acting terribly natural with just everyone. And such social skills just don’t develop overnight, they just don’t.
  • Well, some jokes hit the mark, but sometimes it just wasn’t as good as the first episode was. You can go just so far with teases like “Oh, those two might be a couple, huehuehue”.
  • Meanwhile more and more of Miyamura’s sides are getting revealed. Despite who he seemed to be initially, he’s surprisingly normal. He’s neither a recluse otaku, nor a tattooed hipster or punk. He fits right in with just anybody – sometimes he’s flustered, sometimes angry, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes dumb… he’s not necessarily showing all his sides to everyone, but he definitely has everything. And, well, that’s nice and all, but if Miyamura is hardly broken, then there’s not that much room left for some extensive character development. I think I would’ve liked more if the period between friendless-Miyamura and Miyamura-now would’ve been extended. It’s nice to see him hanging out with his friends, but you can always have that once you have made friends, so the very process of making friends in my mind is more important and more interesting.
  • Wait what? Miyamura says he’s not going anywhere and saying lot’s of romantic stuff to make his argument stronger, right? And what does he do in the very next scene? He leaves, dammit. Leaves!
  • Ok, the scene with the leads together was kinda cute. Miyamura’s backstory got its time, so I was a bit surprised to learn about Hori in this very episode. Well, it wasn’t a shock that she feels hurt by her mom not being there for her (constantly), but the fever showed the extension of her feelings. It’s good that Miyamura was there, Hori really needs someone she can rely on, and for once not be the one who does all the work. About the confession, well, at least Miyamura is pretty open about that. Hori might need some time to deal with her insecurities in order to move on, but at least she knows the situation and it’s only a matter of time before she and Miyamura get together. Otherwise, I’m all for Miyamura-Ishikawa (b)romance.

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  1. “Quite unexpected development is that Nadeshiko is thinking about camping alone.”

    She camped alone in the final scene of the last ep of season 1….

    Also, pretty much agreed on Horimiya’s inconsistency.

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    • Oh, somehow forgot about that – the first season seems to have been released ages ago. Thanks for reminding! In my mind Nadeshiko has always been associated with being in a group.
      Looking from a perspective, that scene ties in pretty well with more individualistic camping in this season.

      Liked by 1 person


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