Musings and Reflections – Winter 2021 Week 3

One Phrase impressions

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 3) – Ocean and eels
Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 3) – Just loitering around

Yuru Camp 2 (Ep. 3)

  • For me it’s always interesting to think about the fact that some people really love the sea (or the ocean). I’m quite a terrestrial being myself, because I was born and raised without seeing a really big waterbody. Sure, there have been some rivers and lakes, but like my country, they’re relatively small. I first saw the sea (technically it was a lagoon) probably during my middle-school years and my reaction was approximately „meh, it’s just a big pond“. It’s not that I actively fear big spaces filled with water, but I don’t feel any attraction towards them. A small cosy lake with a spring – sure, great, that’s what I’m all for. And something so vast that you can’t comprehend it? Nope, I’ll stay cautiously aside. So yeah, I appreciate Rin’s love for the ocean, and I do think that sitting in a cool breeze with a good book definitely is a great experience, but it’s just not how I would plan a cosy holiday myself.
  • Some of the pillow shots (like some random people walking near the ocean) reminded me of Nichijou. Weird, but apart from all that extensively odd humour there actually were some apparently random short scenes with people just living or showing kindness to each other. It’s great when one show you admire reminds you of another of your favourites.
  • Ah, it’s hard. I want to take a screenshot of Rin buying sweets, of Nadeshiko buying sweets, of the girls with the gulls, Nadeshiko trying not to see the eels, any time anybody enjoys food and many more other scenes… It’s just really hard to choose because every scene has its own comic flavour or beauty. The fact is that I’m not really sure why cute girls doing cute things seems so cute. But it just is. And thanks for that.
  • I hope we’ll see this Aya girl again. Not that she’s a developed character at this point, but she adds a bit to Nadeshiko’s backstory and seems generally a nice person. Just like each and every one of the other characters, actually.
  • To be frank, the eel scene seemed a bit much. Sure, it’s slice of life, but I didn’t expect such a bloody realism. Well, I guess that’s just realism, and such realism is not what a pacifist sort of guy like myself likes. I’m with you, Nadeshiko!

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Ep. 3)

  • Well, the show’s not going to win any Nobel prizes for literature with the lines like “I started this conversation because everybody says you’re boring” – “Eeeeeh” – “Now I see that you’re not boring”. I think I could write a better conversation. Well, I didn’t, and I also didn’t make a very popular manga, so one point for you, Horimiya.
  • My inconsistency detector is still buzzing. Ishikawa admits that Miyamura is kind to others. Well, you can’t be kind if you don’t interact with others at all. And it’s super weird that Miyamura’s kindness became visible to others only when he started interacting with people more. If he acts more or less kind to everyone (he does, he did take care of Hori’s brother for no reason) I just don’t see it as particularly believable that he managed to stay absolutely friendless during his time at school.
  • On the other hand, Miyamura’s worries about his friends being his real friends feel real enough. It does feel relatable being among other people and thinking what really connects you all. Are these connections only superficial? How much in common you should have with other people to deem them friends? What does it mean to have real friends?
  • If I didn’t know the show was about, you know, HoriMiya, I’d say it’s a pretty good romance between Ishikawa and Miyamura.
  • Well, I don’t really like short pink-haired girls with high voices generally, but there’s really nothing to like about this one. She’s either really interested in Miyamura (I doubt, since it would be for no reason (since she already has that red-head for a boyfriend), though it would reinforce my point about the weirdness of Miyamura’s friendlessness) or she’s trying to play with Hori for her role during the last episode. Either way, an unsympathetic character set-up – complete.
  • Well, they did held hands. Roll credits! Of course there’s more to do. I’m glad the show doesn’t stop after that. Though I’m worried it has to do better than this time to hold my interest for the whole length of its run.

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