Musings and Reflections – Winter 2020 Week 4

One phrase impressions

Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! (Ep. 4) – First episode that I can’t wholeheartedly like
Dorohedoro (Ep. 3) – Zombies, huh?

Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! (Ep. 4)

  • Actual (and pretty serious) problems with keeping to the schedule. I guess that’s bread and butter of all the animators, sadly. I wonder how the real animators felt while drawing a story about how animators have to cut lots of corners to keep up with the pace of production.

  • Eizouken is smart enough, so I begin to wonder if these contemplations whether it‘s necessary for an anime to have a story are completely innocent. It‘s not given that the show itself will start to have a story that is something more than “the girls doing stuff”. Not that I mind the current state of things. Even the pure educational quality is enough to keep me watching.

  • It’s quite sad that in today’s hectic world it’s extremely hard to do things in whatever pace you want. There’s probably not a single person who would say they have too much time to do stuff they like. And it’s even more sad that usually people tend to accomplish their tasks using minimal amount of effort because otherwise it wouldn’t be accomplished at all. I guess bad quality product is better than no product at all. Can’t we all just collectively decide to live slower lives and leave enough time for everything?

  • Somehow the stance of the student council was a complete turn off for me. Is it too hard for a show that revels at making the three protagonists such nuanced and sympathetic characters to add even the tiniest pinch of realism to the completely one-dimensional members of the student council? Just a small one-liner of self-doubt and not a complete and arrogant dismissal of proposals even before they are presented? It’s probably the idea that some people are too quick to judge without any evidence, but that doesn’t make me like it. There are villains that make you love them as much as the protagonists, and there are those that make me consider skipping an episode. Complexity of such confrontation (the girls vs the council) is on a level of grade-schoolers at best, and completely good guys vs completely bad guys was never fun in any story to begin with. What’s the point of a confrontation if the opponents don’t seem to offer any substantial and legitimate challenge?

  • Again, the result of the girls’ work was the highlight. It wasn’t the best animation I’ve ever seen, but that was obviously the whole point. Some of the scenes look very ambitious, and even with the intended (by the Yuasa’s team, not by the girls) choppiness it’s still something to watch. I think with more frames and more polishing the girls’ project could attempt to be a decent anime short in real life. I still hold firmly my belief that story is essential, and only the shortest of shorts can be excused from it (or if the animation is truly masterful, but that’s more or less rare). By the way, the choice of music felt very amateurish – a pretty much last-minute effort, as it just filled the silence without feeling like an essential part of the short. But that’s a project of three schoolgirls we’re talking about – everything’s still great, for their level.

  • By the way, +10 points (at least) for animated backgrounds in the short. That’s very rare nowadays, and for that even more commendable.

Dorohedoro (Ep. 3)

  • Zombies, huh? It somehow seems both cliché as hell and almost fitting, knowing what kind of world the Hole is. At first, narratively there was nothing that interesting – just Caiman and Nikaidou meeting Shin and Noi. Their fights were ok, just not something I’ll remember after a few days.

  • Talk about showing not the most realistic body images… Both genders are culpable.

  • At first, I thought that the idea of Caiman’s head regenerating (and not, say, a tail) was a mere plot device, something a lot of unimpressive shounen anime do: “He’s dead! Wait, no, by the power of friendship he’s alive again!”. Turns out the head itself is a part of quite an interesting mystery, I could even say it seems like the most interesting segment of the show, not only the episode. Still, I‘m not really impressed by the fact that in the Hole anything can happen and be justified by a simple “it’s because of magic”. Undefined powers never look like a good decision, but so far Dorohedoro hasn’t done anything I couldn’t live with. Yet.

  • Nikaidou seems to have some kind of a hidden backstory. That’s nice, since so far she’s just a cool beauty with a gyoza shop, nothing that substantial after all.

  • A new ED? Unexpected. Doesn’t seem like too much effort was put into animating it, but I guess EDs rarely are that impressive in the first place.

  • I look at all the character profiles as they appear in the manga and once again sigh with a realization that standard CG (at least of this show and its peers’) isn’t ready yet for character animation. I don’t expect anything like Gantz: 0, but there’s a lot to be desired.

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