Musings and Reflections – Winter 2019 Week 5

One phrase impressions

Boogiepop wa Warawanai– Aya gets deeper characterized – yay!
Sword Art Online: Alicization
Dororo –  War isn’t tasty…

Boogiepop wa Warawanai (Ep. 6)

Boogiepop wa Warawanai Boogiepop Kazuko Suema Aya Orihata

    • To tell the truth, the painting that here was called “Snow falling in April” is a substitution of another one of the light novels. I’m unsure if such a change is for better or worse, only a picture of a blooming tree is far more easy to analyze and look at than something more complicated in the light novels.
    • I can reiterate that I don’t really like the way Aoi Yuuki portrays Boogiepop, but she must be given a lot of credit for making Boogiepop’s voice easily distinguishable from Touka’s, even if it’s still the same vocal cords making the sound.
    • To be frank, I didn’t expect this anime to handle that scene with brief nudity as well as it did. Usually such scenes are either even more heavily censored or omitted in the first place. Props for sticking to the source!
    • Well, when I know the story already, this adaptation isn’t particularly interesting. Sure, there are some very good points made – take for example Suema’s conversation with Aya – the idea that people think up adversaries so they could blame them as well as the thought that no one can be perfect and that’s ok – these are very strong thematic elements that the franchise must be praised for.
    • My opinion about the anime-Aya is improving by the episode. Once she started apologizing more (for no apparent reason so far) and was revealed as a very insecure and not just a shy person, her portrayal became almost identical to the LN-Aya, and that’s great. Annou got sort of a bittersweet closure, which is also another positive.
  • But I don’t buy the overall visuals. When people spend lots of time talking, you have to be exceptionally creative to keep conversations interesting. Well,  I don’t expect a spectacle on a level of Monogatari, but visually the episode was pretty boring.

Sword Art Online: Alicization (Ep. 17)

Sword Art Online: Alicization Kirito pole

    • A super casual conversation while barely hanging onto swords somehow forced into a solid wall was cute. Talk about the suspense, the fear that the characters can fall down, their desperation… Nah, let’s just chat for a while… Last time I checked, competent masonry doesn’t provide such deep gaps between the blocks. But that’s not reality, so everything is allowed, right? One moment I was even afraid that Kirito and Alice will climb the tower by swinging one another up and thrusting their swords into the gaps between the blocks. Oh well, at least the endless talking scene didn’t happen in a café.
    • There’s no way Kirito could pull Alice up and don’t lose the balance. Standing on a stick and gaining angular momentum doesn’t make a stable system. Man, physics doesn’t work that way. It just doesn’t!
    • So Asuna still does exist!
    • After all, even swinging each other up happened. I don’t even.
    • But why on earth would you need a convenient edge in a middle of a plain wall? Even if those monsters had been put as guards, who would do that? Who would scale a plain wall so high?
    • I probably shouldn’t even bring out handkerchiefs, tsunderes and objectively dangerous situations.
  • At least the OST doesn’t disappoint.

Dororo (Ep. 5)

Dororo Mio Hyakkimaru

    • The giant bird appeared out of nowhere, the same can be said about the priest. Still, the bird fight was pretty nice, ominous soundtrack and all. Though when the bird finally hit the ground, apparently it hit the fire, so for a second I began questioning my senses – the crash looked like an explosion. And exploding birds are always weird.
    • Somebody needs sleep during daytime? It’s obvious then that such a person works at night. And if it’s a woman, and it’s wartime, and visibly there’s little work to be done via conventional means, so…
    • I’m no expert in animation matters, but somehow this episode looked very satisfying. Shot angle changes when Hyakkimaru changed position, various in principal superficial movements that add personality to everything – it might be that I just began to notice something that was always there. Still, previous episodes to me weren’t as satisfying artistically as this one, and in the end that’s all that I remember.
    • It seemed strange that right after the priest mentioned that there’s a demon out there, Hyakkimaru suddenly got up and went to face it. Even if he can hear now, he shouldn’t be able to understand words, right?
    • About Mio – what else did you expect? That’s war for you. It wouldn’t be unthinkable for Mio to end up with an STD – a sad ending would be guaranteed. Well, it’s already pretty sad, so I can’t say I’m happy about that but I have respect for the show for not to shying away from harsher sides of war.
    • So, Hyakkimaru’s voice is back. It looks like he’ll be able to learn to speak. But it’s a shame that he lost a leg that has already been regenerated. Looks like that doctor will still have to make prosthetics.
  • Thinking about the monsters, the sheer diversity of them doesn’t let them to be explored. I’d love to see the characters struggle to fight, then gain experience and strategic knowledge, and only then succeed in barely getting through. But I guess for that there’s already Made in Abyss. How I wish the sequel came sooner…
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  1. “tanding on a stick and gaining angular momentum doesn’t make a stable system. Man, physics doesn’t work that way. It just doesn’t!”

    But Kirito! He… well… Yeah, I got nothing…

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