Musings and Reflections – Winter 2019 Week 3

One phrase impressions

Boogiepop wa Warawanai – New arc, maybe some improvements?
Sword Art Online: Alicization
– I’m slightly mad.
Dororo –  Lots of prosthetics.

Boogiepop wa Warawanai (Ep. 4)

Boogiepop wa Warawanai Jin Asukai drawing

  • The scene before the OP had the right feel of mystery. Actually, the whole episode more or less did. Either the show’s doing better or I’ve warmed up to it a bit.
  • Well, CG flowers certainly wasn’t what I expected to see. It’s pretty jarring when they’re rotated. And why roses? The light novel wasn’t explicit about the species, so I think a perfect opportunity to insert some flower-language was missed. Roses are overrated in the first place.
  • Imaginator stepping the air as if it were steps was a cool sight. KanaHana also adds much to her character. When KanaHana doesn’t try to sound like a little and forcefully cute girl but rather like a mature person, she’s one of the best.
  • Generally the show is again suffering for not being explicit about the characters.  I can get over the fact that it hasn’t disclosed that the green-sweater girl is called Kotoe Kinukawa. The problem is that an anime-only viewer has no idea about her and Asukai’s relationship – are they lovers of some sort? Are they simply neighbors? Are they childhood friends? Why the girl is so close to Asukai? Once again, the light novel is more than clear in this regard. Oh well…
  • I said that the atmosphere is generally good, but that doesn’t mean always. When Imaginator possessed Kotoe’s body, the backgrounds remained especially blank, contrasting a lot with the suspenseful OST and a bit unsettling dialogue between Imaginator and Asukai. I don’t know, maybe it was intended, but I prefer when all the elements – the story, the OST, the voice acting and, most importantly, the visuals work together and don’t clash with each other.
  • Non-linear storytelling is also good in theory but random jumps make the story more confusing than good.
  • We have a Light incarnation, haven’t we?
  • To everyone that has read the light novels (but not necessarily): that cutesy-ball isn’t Aya. She doesn’t remotely look like Aya.
  • Probably the one thing that I have absolutely no reason to be upset with (and never will) is the OST.

Sword Art Online: Alicization (Ep. 15)

Sword Art Online: Alicization Eugeo stabby girls

  • Kirito, are you reaaaally not good with kids? How about playing family with Asuna and Yui?
  • Well, I find this whole affair that lead to Eugeo being stabbed nothing but stupid. Kirito and Eugeo had come to the citadel of the enemies – what were the odds to find some completely harmless kids? It’s unbelievable that everybody was told to lock up in their rooms and two kids decided not to do that and rather check how do the monsters look. It’s either a horrible fail of the supervisors of the kids or an incredibly silly decision of the girls themselves – if there really had been some horrible monsters, they would’ve been left on their own against them. Of course, that didn’t happen, but I can’t fathom how could anybody come up with such a silly plan to incapacitate the intruders, and, even worse, how could anyone fall for such a trick. I guess both Kirito and Eugeo put their skill points into strength and agility rather than into intelligence stat.
  • I thought that Integrity Knights by definition lose any memory they had before becoming ones, but these two kids seem to defy that rule. On the contrary, they are just too happy to talk about their past. Because everybody loves exposition dumps about the backstories of unimportant characters, right?
  • Oh. Come. On. So Kirito thought “hey, let me recite some spell that will dissolve some poison if I were to be poisoned WHILE MY COMRADE EUGEO IS STABBED TO DEATH”. You know, if somebody has a poisoned knife, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll use it only to paralyze and not to kill. Knives can kill people, be they poisoned or not. Kirito had no way of knowing the girls’ intentions. And in the first place – if Kirito knew the girls were up to no good, why did he let them do the stabby thing? Couldn’t he just paralyze the girls themselves and be done with it? There was absolutely no need for Eugeo to be poisoned and that could’ve been avoided more than easily. And then Kirito could’ve used Eugeo’s help to fight the five knights. Not that he needed it, being a MC that he is.
  • I’m pretty mad at this point, sorry. So mad that I don’t even find the fact that all the knights did nothing and let the girls be paralyzed too offensive. Because how could they attack – Kirito is the MC, he must be given as much time as he needs to give an explanatory talk about how clever he is.
  • Hail Kirito – the savior of human race and bringer of piece and equality so that a certain woman could love and don’t be ashamed to put on some lipstick. No one else could treat that women seriously, but our holy swordsman did by telling that if a woman feels misjudged for not being treated as equal to men, she should first stop using that lipstick. God, that’s so cheesy…
  • I probably make it sound like this show is the worst thing to happen to planet Earth since HIV. It might seem offensive to someone who loves the show. And it’s fine if you love it. I envy you for being able to find elements that outweigh any negatives. For me it also isn’t a complete disaster – I love the soundtrack. So don’t pay attention to any grumpy details I dig up – watch the show, be happy and have a nice day!

Dororo (Ep. 3)

Dororo Cliff falling

  • Meaningless violence involving redshirts that no one cares about simply because the atmosphere should be set right isn’t working on me.
  • I’m fairly certain that prosthetics don’t really work by simply attaching a wooden appendage to a stump. By the way, why are there so many people trying to see the doc? Do all of them lack some arm or leg? Should I send Elric brothers to him as well?
  • Yeah, I get that the apprentice got emotional, but come on. Simply stating that guy served under a bad dude doesn’t mean he did something horrible. Maybe he was a perfectly peaceful swineherd. Well, he wasn’t, but I’m just saying. At least some rumors aren’t enough in any way to fault an individual for something that not necessarily he but his comrades did maybe tens or hundreds of miles away. And killing a person who is extremely useful simply because he wasn’t in the past is anything but counterproductive. Can a single rumor affect years of love and care? Yeah yeah, emotions always win against cool thinking, but that’s a bit too much. I just want to treat the show seriously. And I’m not able to do that at certain times.
  • I just thought about practicality of raising Hyakkimaru. Did Jukai replace Hyakkimaru’s limbs as often as he grew too big for them? Just like normal people change too small clothes of their kids to bigger ones? If yes, that must have been quite awkward. Does Hyakkimaru have his own hair? It would be weird considering he doesn’t have skin. Even weirder would be for Jukai to have an endless stock of wigs.
  • Seems like demons in this show come a dime a dozen. I hope the characters and the story will be able to compensate the lack of memorable antagonists.
  • Well, I want to like this show but it somehow never really passes the threshold so I could immerse into the story and stop paying too much attention to the details and nitpicking. Oh well…
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  1. I will admit, Alicization is losing me the more it continues. I want to like it but it is doing so many things to make me want to roll my eyes.

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