Musings and Reflections – Winter 2019 Week 2

One phrase impressions

Boogiepop wa Warawanai – Aliens and stuff.
Sword Art Online: Alicization
– At least the fight was spectacular.
Dororo –  Best Dororo is silent Dororo.

Boogiepop wa Warawanai (Ep. 3)

Boogiepop wa Warawanai Kei Niitoki Echoes

  • So apparently they cut out one of the characters who had a POV chapter in the light novel. On one hand, the story is still comprehensible, but I don’t like such a move. I liked that character quite a lot, and through his eyes Naoko Kamikishiro got some spotlight. Now I don’t even know if anime-only people even remember her existence, let alone her name, and she was one of the key characters in the light novels. It’s sad.
  • The fight was fine, but it felt like both Echoes and Manticore were weirdly moving in a vacuum. I get that interaction with the environment a la Sword of the Stranger isn’t necessarily easily achievable for a TV anime, but I’d like to see people fighting on a roof (if that’s their place of choice) rather than in an undefined empty space.
  • Honmono no Yurihara mou shindeiru. Nani?
  • Well, everything played out by the book. Both figuratively and literally. The animation and art got better where it needed to be, so at least that’s good. But I don’t think this Boogiepop arc got what it deserved, it simply wasn’t as impressive as it could’ve been. The multitude of characters and a fairly fast pace didn’t leave much time for any characterization. I simply don’t any reasons why would anyone care about anyone. Boogiepop might be mysterious, Nagi might be cool, Kei might be cute, but that’s about it. I’m just watching everything with the famous “OK” expression, clearly unimpressed.
  • Anyway, most of my thoughts about this arc went to this more general post.

Sword Art Online: Alicization (Ep. 14)

Sword Art Online: Alicization Crimson Knight

  • Ah, if only looking for a lost sock in real life would be as easy as finding a confiscated sword in SAO
  • Does that particular part of the new OP really show how the fight with the red knight happened? And how long will the show try to ride on the coolness of that complex greeting between Kirito and Eugeo? And I don’t remember them doing that greeting outside OPs/EDs.
  • Well, the fight was really impressive. Yuki Kajiura as always was on point. Thanks, A-1. That’s SAO I like. Even if Kirito making his sword spin in front of that fiery bird (is it a special skill, called by screaming “Aaaaaaaaaah”?) made little sense. Why do some skills require spoken command but not others?
  • I start to wonder if this story really needs Kirito. This arc doesn’t necessarily need to be a part of SAO altogether. I think Kirito hasn’t done anything that anyone else couldn’t have. Eugeo could easily carry the weight, being pretty much a less clichéd version of Kirito. He even has a girl to rescue. That Kirito-less kind of show wouldn’t be the most original, but it could be decent.
  • I’m confused. Why was this Red Knight told to keep Kirito and Eugeo alive, but the knights on the 50th floor were ordered to simply kill them? Why? What does the Administrator really want? Does she know herself?
  • I started to wonder about how much thought did the Administrator put into everything. For example, there’s always a non-zero probability that her knight might meet someone who known him in his past life and activate the memories thus effectively ruining everything. And there’s no safety mechanism. If the Administrator is capable of copying souls and erasing memories, there should be something that would make the knight completely bound to her, shouldn’t it? Because how much worth is a knight who after a defeat spills all the beans instead of retaining his loyalty? So basically if you confuse a knight, you have all the chances to make him betray the Administrator. Seems like a flawed security system, don’t you think?
  • Yeah, Kirito. Talk about strategic planning. Do you even want to win?

Dororo (Ep. 2)

Dororo Hyakkimaru Dororo monster

  • “Hyakkimaru couldn’t see nor hear Dororo”. Oh, the blessed one! I get that Dororo’s supposed to be annoying brat, but it’ll be a very hard show to watch if he won’t shut up more frequently. I hope that Dororo’s character arc will involve him learning to appreciate the silence.
  • I’m surprised at how respectfully the villagers treated Dororo. Yeah, equality and stuff, I’m all for it, but somehow I don’t think that a vice-chief of a relatively well-off village would intently listen to a kid who might be just spouting lies left and right. “Slay the monster and then we’ll talk, maybe” – that’s what I’d expect from a important medieval person.
  • Yoshihiro Ike did great with the soundtrack, and I’m not surprised.
  • I probably should’ve said it last time, but I wonder what that doctor is thinking giving false body parts to dead people. Aren’t there enough maimed alive ones? Did  he already take care of every single alive person who’s missing some body part so he can take care about the dead?
  • Dororo’s reaction when the monster entered the shed was pretty realistic. Good. Even though he still didn’t stop blabbering even then.
  • Do you expect me to believe that several villagers managed to restrain Hyakkimaru when he was prepared to fight the real monster even thought he single-handedly dealt with that huge monster last week?
  • Well, these monsters look good and stuff, but there’s barely any fat (figurative fat, of course figurative) to them. I don’t think that a story of a emotionless dude slaying 1D monsters is inherently interesting without developing the characters, and that’s a road the show should definitely take. or please make the monsters more interesting.
  • I don’t see a point in making a narrator explain how Hyakkimaru sees stuff and later on have the Priest basically repeat that.
  • I also wonder about Hyakkimaru’s future – will he lose his ability to see the colors of everyone’s souls once he regains his real eyesight? On one hand, it’s a cool power, but the Priest also has it, and we don’t need any duplicates, do we?. And such a clear notion of good and evil should make Hyakkimaru’s choices always really easy and thus his character couldn’t be developed that much. Well, we’ll  see.
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