Musings and Reflections – end of 2018

     Yeah, the final post of the year, no matter that it’s already 2019. It’s hard to remember all the things that happened during the last 12 months but it seems like the year was eventful enough, with all the appropriate ups and downs. For example, finally getting your driver’s licence doesn’t happen that often (I hope), nor taking a break from reading posts (I also hope that). As with some previous years, I took a look in MAL and what do you think – 14 anime of 2018 now have a place in Top 100. In 2016 the number was 16, and in 2017 – 15. It would be fun to make a probabilistic prediction until when Cowboy Bebop will remain in the list. I guess there’s still some time until the list is completely changed, since after two years there’s only 9 2016 anime left. Still too much for my liking though. The multitude of Gintamas doesn’t deserve so many high places, at least in my book.

Yuru Camp

     Speaking about anime in 2018, I don’t even want to remember Junji Ito: Collection or Fate/Extra Last Encore – these two with a pair of SAOs and RErideD form my least favorite  anime Top 5. And it’s a pity because not a single one of these shows deserved that. Well, maybe GGO did, pretty much being a money-milking cow for Keiichi Sigsawa, but that’s his own business, not mine. Kinoko Nasu and TypeMoon also might be overbloating Fate (to put it mildly), so something of lesser quality also inevitably occurs from time to time. Even so, neither Junji Ito nor Yoshitoshi ABe deserve what they got. I hope such shows won’t discourage them from anime in general.

Violet Evergarden

     As usual, the majority of the shows didn’t blow me away neither in a good, nor in a bad sense, but with as many anime as are produced now, some of them reaffirmed why I keep loving the medium. Yuru Camp and Sora yori mo Tooi Basho were way more fun than expected, but it wasn’t enough to get to my Top 3. Hanebado was far more faulty than I dare to admit, and Violet Evergarden also had slips here and there. Still, Hanebado’s drama spoke to me, and Violent Sabergarden’s artistic quality probably blew off more than a few dozens of jaws. Yet, these two were no match for Koi wa Ameagari no You ni, a show that could’ve been a total disaster, given its not the most comfortable premise of a love story between a teen girl and a middle-aged dude. Contrary to such expectations, the story found a safe and also satisfying path to grow both characters, and that was certainly helped by some masterful directing. It’s always so much joy to watch an anime, to like it, then to think about it, and find so many little details that initially could be skipped consciously but definitely make the story more nuanced and deep. It’s no wonder that I had the most thoughts to write about KoiAme (at least I hope that my negative rants about other stuff weren’t that long). Hell, even my most successful post of the year (and ever) was about it.

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

     Outside current anime, I tried to patch my gaps of general anime knowledge, and though it’s not much, I can now participate in conversations about the original Macross, the entirety of Attack on Titan, Death Note, Nausicaa and Akira among others. Probably less well-known but still remembered (I hope) Omoide Poroporo and Princess Principal turned out to be quite a find. As were the soundtrack of Hisone to Masotan and I am a Hero manga. Thinking positively, that was quite a good year.

     Speaking about last year’s goals (wisely very vaguely formulated), unfortunately I didn’t find any new 10/10 anime (yeah, I’m quite demanding), but several strong 9s were more than enough. My account on MAL accomplished the task of getting fatter by ~100 new entries, and Kimi no Na wa finally was one of them.

     So yeah. Speaking about the next year, I hope not to get into an empty period like I did  during several previous months. I think that reaching 500 entries on MAL might be several dozens too much of a task, but one can hope. And, well, generally I just hope to keep doing what I do and improve at that, simply trying to be as honest, as observant and as eloquent as possible. Yeah, probably as each and every other aniblogger. Maybe some post will manage to surpass the success of my KoiAme insights? Well, only time will tell.

     So let’s have a great time! Anime is plentiful, so let’s get to work. Sorry. To hobby and the source of joy. Let’s have a fruitful New Year!


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