Musings and Reflections – Fall 2018 Week 11

One phrase impressions

Sword Art Online: Alicization – Security levels – over 9000…
Banana Fish – Towards the finale…
Golden Kamuy 2 – Here also – towards the finale…

Sword Art Online: Alicization (Ep. 11)

Sword Art Online: Alicization Eugeo Kirito Alice

  • Am I a bad person cause I found funny Alice’s especially warm response to Eugeo trying to touch her?
  • Nobody seriously thinks Alice can execute the protagonists, right?
  • It’s actually quite interesting that the kouhai girls decide to work hard in order to save Kirito and Eugeo later on – it’s the same exact thing Kirito and Eugeo swore when Alice was taken.
  • Oh, finally somebody remembered that there’s Asuna to show. But oh well, it’s just in order to remind everyone that she still exists somewhere and is forced to participate in boring exposition scenes that don’t reveal anything remotely useful or interesting.
  • Anybody explained what exactly would happen if Kirito got executed in the game? Maybe it’s his only way back? And why exactly can’t Asuna also get into the game and try to communicate with Kirito?
  • Who the hell constructed the prison and oh-so-conveniently forgot that anyone with high enough ability level can easily break the chains? Why did no one check whether it’s safe to put Kirito and Eugeo in that particular cell? And why are they together? It seems like breaking these taboos is the harshest crime in the society, so I’d expect our protagonists to be put in the deepest dungeon separately with no way of escaping. You had one job, smart-ass prison guard… It’s the same as putting a bird in a cage with no top or confining a lion in a cardboard box. Yeah, it definitely was a clever way to escape but I simply can’t believe that no one has ever thought about that before. How incompetent can you get? I guess below all the records there’s still one level – that of this show.
  • On the same note – do you really expect me to believe that a high-security prison has only one (sleeping) guard and not even a single door? Man, the poorest dude living in a forest shack has more security…
  • I’m afraid that due to this season and this show in particular I’m transforming into a grumpy guy who is not contented by anything and only cynically dismisses any joy that could be salvaged from any show. I think I need a good anime, one that I could love from the bottom of my heart.

Banana Fish (Ep. 23)

Banana Fish Ash Eiji reaching

  • Well, I feel out of loop somehow. I’ve no idea why did Sing insist that he should fight Ash and what good that might bring. I get that technically Sing is responsible for everything his gang does and thus it’s his fault that Eiji was shot. Still, why would he need to fight? Wouldn’t it be better to make Sing understand his responsibilities and consequences of his gang’s actions (which he clearly does by the way), put all the blame on Yut Lung (which is the truth) and still retain the alliance in order to strike down the common villains? More people trying to achieve something should improve the chances of success, no? Sure, Sing asked to fight after everything’s finished but would any other person be better at the head of the Chinese gang than Sing?
  • Similarly I don’t get why this Lao guy is upset that Sing feels responsible. Or is it really Ash’s fault that some poorly-managed dudes betrayed everyone? Come on people, determine your goals and your means to these goals, and then go along them: if it’s Sing’s gang, then everyone does as Sing wills, otherwise they can go home. If not, then why Sing is still in the place of the leader?
  • Yeah, Yut Lung’s feelings towards Ash have been one of the better part of the series. The Chinese both wants to become Ash and to surpass him, while seeing that it’s virtually impossible, given how different they are. While Ash seems to want to put his darker side and terrible past away and simply live a peaceful life, Yut Lung tries the same, only not by refusing the power, but rather acquiring all the power. These approaches are opposite though the goals are similar. I guess no one needs telling which of the two is closer to the truth. On the other hand, I’d appreciate if the series ended with Ash defeated and Yut Lung becoming what Golzine now is. But that’s not going to happen, is it?
  • Pretty weird how Yut Lung let Blanca leave as if it’s nothing. A player of such a caliber could easily be a game changer, and even if you can’t retain such a trump card, you should at least make it impossible for your opponents to use it, right?
  • Blanca’s words sounded like the truth. Well, it might be a coincidence that Ash managed to find Eiji, and Yut Lung wasn’t as fortunate. Maybe that’s the whole difference between them? One had somebody to love during critical moments, while the other found no one. Somebody find Yut Lung somebody to love!
  • So, the plan to capture Golzine was coined in two minutes, and Golzine was shot in another two. That briskness makes wonder why hasn’t anything like that happened before? It’s not like Golzine changed his bodyguards to more incompetent ones. It’s not like Ash gained more powerful allies. I see no reason why Golzine couldn’t have been captured before. Like 10 or 15 episodes earlier.
  • The fact that Golzine was shot to me was rather unexpected. In the hindsight, it’s not the least common type of death for mafia bosses. But still, why only now, why didn’t somebody kill him before?
  • Anyway, the final episode looks to be quite interesting – Ash being in a stalemate with that military dude and Yut Lung stuff also unresolved.

Golden Kamuy 2 (Ep. 11 /23/)

Golden Kamuy Season 2 Nopperabo Wilk blue eyes

  • Well, that’s probably as epic as the show can be. Or, rather, as epic as the show can attempt to be. I think this small scale battle and all these kinda dramatic events were portrayed pretty decently, though I can’t say I was in awe, far from it. Probably no anime TV series can attempt anything of a similar scale and avoid using stills and various other shortcuts. At least this wasn’t a full CG episode – I already had enough of CG bears (thank you kindly). Stills, however disappointing, still aren’t as jarring. Another shortcoming is a chronic problem of the show – I don’t care about the characters enough. That blind dude was killed? Oh well, I never expected to shed any tears for his sake from the beginning. I don’t even need to mention all these nameless (and some not) guys, both prison guards and the soldiers, tearing each other apart – never cared about them, never will.
  • What did feel right, was the soundtrack. It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of the show, something that I can say nothing negative about. It’s probably hard to imagine, but I think the show with another and less fiery soundtrack would be far less enjoyable.
  • So yeah, last time I said that the climax started way too suddenly, but I think now I’m more forgiving. It’s no secret that Golden Kamuy isn’t my favorite show, but it’s true that I’m looking forward to the last episode. The board is already set, the pieces are moving together and I hope that everything will bring a more satisfying ending than that of the first season. Otherwise it really would be a shame.


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  1. “I think I need a good anime, one that I could love from the bottom of my heart.”

    Rewatch Yorimoi!

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