Musings and Reflections – Fall 2018 Week 5

One phrase impressions

RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida – Rather bleak…
Sword Art Online: Alicization
– A real world segment – good, except for Yui’s part.
Banana Fish – Tell me more about that science part.
Golden Kamuy 2 – Inu… dOOOOU!

RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida (Ep. 9)

RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida Yuri Mayuka fireflies

  • Who was on these cars? Donna? That self-proclaimed government-dude? Does it matter?
  • The visuals have been consistent. Consistently mediocre, I mean. That scene with the fireflies could’ve been magical. Well, it wasn’t. The yellow dots (that were supposed to be the fireflies) just floated in a 2D space without any sense of depth. Yeah, it’s still functional to a degree, but since I’ve seen such scenes embodied far more beautifully elsewhere, I’m not affected by this one at all. Sometimes there’s a sudden shot of a background and it’s clear that much work must have been put into it. I guess not all of ABe’s concept art was completely scrapped. But such moments of inspiration last mere seconds at best, and we’re soon back to the usual bleak aesthetic.
  • Yep, as expected, Vidaux’s wife is dead. I don’t know, dead anime moms are probably more abundant than alive ones.
  • Whoa, does that mean that Mayuka isn’t Vidaux’s kid? I must agree that this is interesting. Still, Vidaux seemed to be quite respected among his peers, so if he had told them some of the information he had gathered himself, I doubt they would’ve objected. Or he could’ve written an anonymous letter explaining all he had found about the killer. But yeah, that’s only in theory. A grieving man may do something he himself wouldn’t approve of in other circumstances. Maybe Vidaux learned how to really choose the optimal way only later on, after the accident.
  • The robots as a whole truly aren’t worth a single nickel. Apparently people created them to be efficient war machines but a whole bunch of them can easily be wiped out by one wounded guy and another who probably hadn’t even touched a gun before. And the damage that the robots did? Nope, nothing. Both guys not even scratched, the car not even dented. I don’t know, if you want to stop the car, maybe try shooting the tires and not somewhere high above any possible targets?
  • Now ¾ of the show is finished. The problem is that I don’t feel that RErideD has progressed any further than any other show this season, even though the latter had time only for about 4 or 5 episodes. This series just doesn’t go anywhere, or rather doesn’t have a clear aim. I get that Derrida is trying to find Mage, but then what? Would the encounter magically solve all the problems somehow? I think at this point a better show would have established virtually everything – the characters, the goals, the ways to achieve them, and would be heightening the stakes as well as moving towards the climax. RerideD? Nope, I don’t see anything like that. It’s just a bowl of cold soup and not an interesting anime.

Sword Art Online: Alicization (Ep. 5)

Sword Art Online: Alicization Eugeo Kirito fanclub

  • When put back to back, the old character designs in the flashback and the new ones in the present look even more distinctive. Sure, you can argue that SAO the game had a different graphics settings than well, reality, but at the end of the day I don’t think that the change was for the best.
  • By the way, I’d think that every single player who participated in SAO should’ve been accounted for. I mean, even solo players like Kirito got involved into stuff simply because they all had 2 whole years to play together. And even then nobody bothered to check every single survivor to make sure that no player-killers escaped unpunished? How hard can that be? Or was that the case of “what happens in the game, stays in the game”?
  • What I like about this arc is that it successfully tries to be darker than previous ones. Well, it’s hard to be darker than “people die if they’re killed” (in the game that is), but even then Aincrad arc didn’t feel like the danger was as imminent as it is now. Then there was no blood and somehow abstract death threats don’t seem as realistic as statements like “his heart had stopped, he could have some permanent brain damage”. Well, we all know that Kirito will be just fine but I really appreciate these more realistic developments.
  • Last time I said I was worried that Klein was given so little screen time. And now during a crucial meeting considering Kirito’s status, he’s still absent. I can understand why guys like Tiffany (oops, I mean Agil) are excluded, but Klein should be concerned, shouldn’t he? Is he demoted to a simple convenient driver when in need?
  • But yeah, we finally got more Asuna, which kind of rectifies things.
  • I started to think how Ordinal Scale feels out of place looking how things are. In that movie people seemed completely absorbed in the enhanced reality. Then everything crashed, but I find it weird that nobody seems to miss that now. No alternative company appeared to fill the niche of something that looked to be no longer removable from people’s lives. In other words, the idea that Ordinal Scale could be as ambitious as it was and at the same time fit into the canonical storyline is not achievable. The film will always remain as a spin-off that doesn’t really have a place in the grand scheme of things.
  • Having Yui is no fun. If she can sidestep any kind of security to put Asuna’s photo in there, what can’t she do? Couldn’t she then dug in all kinds of emails, terabytes of camera footage and records of phone calls? That would be a lot easier, wouldn’t it? I also don’t get what Asuna believes she can accomplish by revealing herself right from the startto the guys of questionable intentions. Why would anyone listen to her and tell anything about Kirito? At worst case, the security could grab her (and the scientist, if need be) and lock them in some kind of cage without anyone being able to do anything. Unless of course Yui could pull something off. Ah, I don’t like overpowered characters…

Banana Fish (Ep. 17)

Banana Fish Ash Eiji hug

  • Yeah, everything always comes down to the inherent differences between Ash and Eiji. One thinks it’s keeping the other safe, the other feels hurt for not being told the truth. And I don’t think there can be a balance that would satisfy both of them. Yet, conceding some territory is inevitable in forming a strong relationship.
  • Looking from a dramatic perspective, the hug could’ve been more effective, if used later on and not only a few minutes from the start of the episode. The viewers need time to bet back into the show after a whole week of waiting.
  • Yut Lung sure aims high. Well, once you start climbing to the top by eliminating someone, it’s either a way down or a way up, so he hasn’t really got a choice now.
  • It’s a bit funny (though mostly sad) that Eiji insisted that Ash should tell him only truth, but right after that Eiji found himself withholding his affair (wait, that sounds wrong in the context of this show!) with Yut Lung.
  • “Maybe Banana Fish isn’t purely chemical?” What? Please explain yourself, Ash. What else could there be in a drug but some neurochemistry? If the show tries some spiritual nonsense, I’m dropping it.
  • Making sense of a chemical by doing theoretical research? I don’t believe that’s so easy even for a genius like Ash. And what was he looking for in the first place? I assume that chemical analysis on Banana Fish has been done before (when somebody told that it’s similar to LSD) so the formula is clear. Well, I assume it is. For example mass spectrometry comes relatively cheap these days, so with a few connections Ash should’ve been able to get the answer. Is Ash interested in the synthesis then? Well, nowadays you can even make gold from lead so making a drug from anything (the same LSD for example) shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, the only limiting aspect then is money, but knowing how rich Golzine should be, that’s also not a problem.
  • I don’t believe that fat dude didn’t recognize Ash. Ash’s been on the stage for so long that it’s unthinkable for me that one of the people who should be primarily concerned with Ash doesn’t even know his face.
  • Another thing I don’t get is why the assassin killed the fat dude and not Ash. Let Golzine think what he wills, I think at this point for everyone on his side dead Ash is far better news than captured, tortured and killed Ash simply because they can’t capture him. When you have such an excellent opportunity, kill the guy and get your own damn world dominion. How can I think the protagonists are working hard if the villains don’t even want to win?

Golden Kamuy 2 (Ep. 5 /17/)

Golden Kamuy Season 2 Sugimoto defending

  • I’m afraid all these language-based jokes didn’t reach the target. Well, they never could, at least not on me.
  • Didn’t expect for this fake prison boss to be shot so quickly. Oh well, less supporting characters mean that the remaining ones can be more developed.
  • I probably shouldn’t even be surprised by random hot air balloon thefts and all that Western-like stuff. What I am surprised by is the fact that Sugimoto and his gang had to work pretty hard trying to push a single man from their balloon. If you opt not to shoot (I think I would’ve risked that), with a bayonet you have a longer reach than the guy has with his sword, so what was the problem?
  • About the rest of the episode, it feels very cheap to tell about demons who make people run naked and mere seconds later Shiraishi does exactly that. On the other hand, a more tender moment between Sugimoto and Asirpa was pretty good. Golden Kamuy almost never tries to show inner selves of the characters and everyone seems to be participating in some madmen show. Well, they all might be mad but only such more introspective segments can make me appreciate the characters more. Good job on that one.


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  1. “And even then nobody bothered to check every single survivor to make sure that no player-killers escaped unpunished?”

    I’ve always wondered how, if, they accounted for every single survivor… The GGO arc kinda hints that they didn’t. But how anyone could survive two years in a coma without medical support escapes me.

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    • There are things that are better left unanalysed. Or maybe people in the near future according to the series are supposed to be thinking way differently somehow.

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