Musings and Reflections – Fall 2018 Week 4

One phrase impressions

RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida – Time travel gets complicated.
Sword Art Online: Alicization
– Finally the story is starting, right?
Banana Fish – Praise Ash the almighty!
Golden Kamuy 2 – Some action and a healthy dose of boredom.

RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida (Ep. 8)

RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida Yuri Mayuka

  • Vidaux seems interested in the time travel abilities. I’d also be if I had a little kid and no wife around. It’d be no surprise if Mayuka’s mom will be revealed as dead. Anime moms have it hard.
  • My suspension of disbelief is tested hard when Derrida so conveniently manages to ensure having a defensive means against Donna. It’s quite a dedication to keep the gadget at all times on himself for this specific moment. And who can assure that a little random tweak in the past won’t, say, start WW3 or something worse?
  • I guess Donna herself is slowly being shaped into a sort of likeable character (all these Angelicas and stuff) but it isn’t quite working. Also, should I really believe that a competent assassin who comes after a person who can incapacitate her right arm at time will still use her right arm to wield a weapon? And why the weapon is some knife and not a gun? I’m really unsure if Donna is really as good as we’re made to think.
  • So it’s rather casually revealed (how exactly?) that Derrida can travel back to a particular moment only once. Why is that so? And if a time travel completely changes a whole timeline, does that mean that he can’t travel to any point from the last time jump because otherwise he’ll inevitably have multiple memories of some particular moment? Well, this time travel mechanism is defined very vaguely and my mind likes uncertainties with only a limited number of possibilities.

Sword Art Online: Alicization (Ep. 4)

Sword Art Online: Alicization Eugeo wounded Kirito Selka

  • The first boss – that being a tree (as weird as it sounds) – is defeated. Yay!
  • Well, it’s a rather packed episode. After a way slower start episode 4 provides some contrast – just as we needed.
  • I didn’t believe that Kirito would even attempt to do everything alone. Well, there’s Eugeo, but he’s inexperienced, and to wish for some Deus ex Machina power to appear out of nowhere probably was too convenient. In reality Kirito’s plan to slam into the goblins wouldn’t work, seeing that their build is much sturdier compared to lean humans. I guess in a game a strength stat does all the work. What was convenient, was Eugeo’s artificial light. It’s eyebrow-raising to think that the goblins use fire like it’s no big deal but for some reason become scared of some little glowing stick.
  • Anyway, it feels fresh that after becoming practically unbeatable in all these other games, Kirito now still can be cornered. Apparently feeling pain gives a completely different experience, such that even Kirito has to struggle with. The victory was inevitable in one way or another but still it was entertaining. The visual effects reminded me of some stuff ufotable or Masaaki Yuasa’s flash animation are known for. I’m not the biggest fan of such a sterile aesthetic as everything starts looking extremely clean and calculated, something completely dissimilar to the old style hand-drawn bursts of rough and expressive animation. Still, it was a spectacle, and I’m grateful for that. And also for you, Yuki Kajiura. A lot.
  • Speaking about Kirito’s performance, I started to wonder why do Kirito’s Swords Skills work. Why skills from a game that has been already deleted some years ago would be transferred to another game based on an entirely different principle? That also comes with a far bigger question of how did Kirito end up getting into the game in the first place, so I guess the answers will have to wait. At least I hope it’ll be faster than 20 episodes or so. Asuna in real life should be doing something, shouldn’t she? And that’s probably the best lead we could have since Kirito seems quite content marching to the Central City with Eugeo rather than worrying about his own situation.
  • Goblins do have a very low morale. Kirito defeated about 14 (including their leader)  (yeah, I counted) and Eugeo managed to keep at bay 3, but after all the hustle and bustle I counted no less than 25 CG goblins escaping one sleeping girl, one unconscious kid and another slightly wounded kid. Come on, numbers can make a difference even with a difference in skill, can’t they?
  • Kirito praising Selka didn’t feel right. I fully agree that she needs to be encouraged not to try to copy Alice, but come on, the girl ran alone into a cave full of goblins, got herself and two of her friends nearly killed, and she gets praised for that? Dude…
  • This “Calling” thing seems shady. It looks like everybody has some work to do (Eugeo is a lumberjack, Selka and Alice were taking care of others) and only swordsmen like Kirito can do nothing. Why everybody has some strictly regulated chores and swordsmen can go adventuring out of the blue?
  • As a random thought, I feel sorry for Klein. He was original one friend Kirito had. And now he’s almost forgotten and his role is usurped by some lumberjack dude.

Banana Fish (Ep. 16)

Banana Fish Ash dumbfounded

  • So, you have infrared cameras everywhere but you can’t notice that Ash dealt with the guard, and pinpoint his exact location after he left his cell and has gone somewhere? When the elevator was stopped with Ash clearly inside on a floor that had all the exists closed, the guards once again showed their competence. Where else Ash could’ve gone except to the top of the elevator?
  • Max and Ibe were very confident that they could spy and remain uncaught. At first they theoretically could’ve used an excuse of becoming lost in search for a toilet but after openly attacking one of the guards they didn’t have any more ways to play it safe. It might have been their only chance to find Ash in the facility but I might call their actions too reckless. It’s incredibly easy to get caught and get drawn into a serious trial after the attacked guard recovered. There should have been some filmed footage of Max and Ibe behaving not exactly like lost people do. But oh well, the guards were really as incompetent as their actions while trying to catch Ash showed them to be.
  • Actually, I quite liked the elevator scene as well as the majority of this action-based episode. Ash surely recovered quickly and started doing Ash-like things. Such strength isn’t something an ordinary person possesses even while being absolutely healthy. However, my enjoyment was mitigated by the other elevator scene with cross-dressed Ash being harassed. It’s just too silly and immature to be in the same show that tackles complicated and serious themes. Or my sense of humor is not particularly compatible with such stuff.
  • Yeah, the world stops without Ash. People don’t know who to love, people get lost, people get caught in bad business, people become missing, people don’t know who to chase, whom to compete with, who to worship and who to praise.

Golden Kamuy 2 (Ep. 4 /16/)

Golden Kamuy Season 2 Sugimoto Shiraishi

  • After listening to the full version of the OP like 10 times I think I can admit that this is one OP I really like.
  • Otherwise I don’t really have much to say. As much as I enjoyed the first half, the second bored me almost to death. Even if rather simplistic, the band of protagonists is still pretty entertaining, and action always has been one of the better things the show does. Shiraishi’s abduction probably means little since soon he’ll be rescued (or will escape himself) so that’s a not that necessary detour. Oh well, at least the show still moves on, no matter that it happens in a pace of a snail.
  • Inkarmat and her two companions could do something. Simply travelling isn’t entertaining enough. I guess they’ll ultimately join Sugimoto and Hijikata’s group, but it looks like they’ll still wonder alone for some time.
  • So yeah, the second half. Tsurumi is one of the characters that I care the least, and his soldiers (legless and with legs) are even less fun. There can be many new random characters thrown in but if nothing happens, it’s just boring.
  • At least we were able to rest a bit from cooking segments. Stale comedy also was used quite sparingly this time. Slowly getting better, aren’t we?


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  1. This was definitely a wholly different episode from Sword Art Online, than the previous ones. It’s nice to finally see some action…and it was cool action as well. I have been wondering about those sword skills myself as well. But then again, Kirito in the beginning of this season was younger in the game (if it IS a game that is), so maybe he still has some memories from previous experiences in the game? That’s my take on it anyway 🤔🤔

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    • Yeah, at this point we can only speculate. It’s a good question whether a game that interacts with a player’s memories directly is really a game.
      I’m glad that Kirito and Eugeo left the town eventually – this world looks very interesting and a small town just doesn’t provide many opportunities to capitalize on that.

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