Musings and Reflections – Fall 2018 Week 1

One phrase impressions

RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida – Beware! Free cryo-sleep chambers everywhere!
Sword Art Online: Alicization
– The new game is pretty intriguing.
Shingeki no Kyojin 3 – Not really needed but a goof flashback nonetheless.
Banana Fish – Eiji (and much more) got on my nerves.
Golden Kamuy 2 – I don’t even…

RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida (Ep. 1)

RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida Mage

  • Yeah, there’s very little of ABe left. I’m not sure if I like the character designs. Well, Mage is truly beautiful but Derrida looks like any other anime protagonist from a stereotypical anime high-school.
  • Right from the start I’m baffled how that blond old dude doen’t even consider a possibility that the robots might do something bad. Come on, if it’s business, it’s far better to know for sure if there’s an easily patch-able bug rather than go with the flow and risk the hole damn business later on. Yeah, I get that if the product is already out, pulling it back isn’t the greatest idea at the moment but come on, think about the future!
  • I like the idea of a photo-pistol. Seems like a fun toy to have. Only probably not the most appropriate in time of war (according to the TV). Still a nice invention.
  • “Nathan” sound like “Nee-san”. I’m slightly confused. Or is it supposed to be a joke?
  • Derrida doesn’t only look like a high-schooler. He doesn’t let his father say a one complete sentence, he starts screaming himself, spouts accusations and runs away. Doesn’t look like a mature adult at all.
  • Well, what are the chances that during an afternoon walk a person might fall straight into a cryo-sleep chamber? And lay down in a capsule knowing full well of the possibilities because of the automation of, well, everything? And nobody throws him out during all the sleep time… Is society in that word so advanced that there’re unused cryo-sleep capsules around every corner and nobody cares about them anymore? It’s just both unbelievable and silly. What a great start.
  • The OST so far isn’t half bad. Good job, Maiko Iuchi.

Sword Art Online: Alicization (Ep. 1)

Sword Art Online: Alicization Kirito

  • It’s weird to see the updated character designs. The lines seem thinner.
  • I wonder what made Kirito and Eugeo try to cut down the tree. They’re clearly unprepared for that and there’s no feasible way of achieving anything – so why even try? At east get some obsidian axe or something.
  • Well, watching a bunch of kids trying to reinvent a fridge isn’t what I expect from SAO.
  • At first I thought that it was a roleplaying server of some game. Then it also seemed weird that the kid is certainly Kirito but he behaves like a kid Kirito – even his thinking process is childish – “the dragon wouldn’t mind giving us some ice.” Yeah, dragons don’t mind that. And if they’re so powerful, was it really a smart idea of going into the cave without even trying to be stealthy?
  • The dragon fight was kinda nice. Also, I missed Yuki Kajiura.
  • I know that Kirito is a human but I  don’t know that neither about Alice nor Eugeo. Alice could be an NPC since she has a father in the game. But then it’s an odd game that executes its own NPCs for going out of prescribed bounds. If Alice is human then it’s alright – she’ll just have to start anew if she dies, right?
  • That spectacular a sword vs a gun nonsense again? Oh well, I guess SAO can’t do without that…
  • Really, Kirito should share his harem with Klein. The guy deserves at least one girl for all his efforts.
  • Also missed Miyuki Sawashiro. It was a long time since I watched a show with her.
  • About microtubules and light, as someone who has some knowledge about bioelectrical signaling, I can say that it’s fringe science. The general outlook is that such ideas are a complete nonsense but still there’re scientists who believe that and research that. Is that true? I don’t know. I only know that at this point there’s no widely accepted evidence that would indicate such processes as truly happening. I should probably give some credit to Reki Kawahara for using ideas that are (almost) backed by science. The problem is that someone watching the show might truly believe that such things are unconditionally true, and at this point they aren’t.
  • Ah, SAO wouldn’t be SAO without a lengthy exposition in a café.
  • As in every SAO iteration, it feels super weird that kids that almost died in a video game are so inclined to play more and more of them. Even those that have to do with such things as souls.
  • It’s just a terrible business plan if a player doesn’t even know what was he doing while in the game. And if information can be sent into the brain (or soul), it can also be read and manipulated. I don’t think any sane person would allow such technology to exist in the world after the SAO the game incident.
  • Overall it was interesting indeed. The mechanics of this new game certainly raise many questions and I’m quite curious about the explanations. Of course, everything can go either way but at least at this point my attention is grabbed.

Shingeki no Kyojin 3 (Ep. 11 /48/)

Attack on Titan Season 3 Grisha Jaeger

  • Historia seems to be a fine queen, just as expected. I only worry that, being a queen, she won’t be able to participate in dangerous operations, or simply in any operations altogether. And that would be a waste of her development.
  • New recruits? You mean new meal for the titans? That and also new advances of technology against the titans can mean one thing – a bloodbath is coming. Maybe a confrontation with the Monkey Titan?
  • Usually when anime starts bringing the theme of being (or not being) special, I’m getting kinda bored because there’s only so much you can say about it. Yet, I actually liked this episode a lot.
  • I’ve never thought that Eren’s dad may be a titan originally. While it still doesn’t justify all the stuff he did, with this assumption everything becoms more interesting. Simply the position of someone who may have been sent to spy but ended up being completely assimilated is worth attention. And then there’s the conflict between the humans and the titans, and Grisha’s decision to choose not his native side.
  • I agree with Eren’s mom’s idea that being born is already pretty special (I wouldn’t object if the show praised “beign” as such even more) and you don’t have to try too hard. Still, I’ll side with the Commandant on this one – if you don’t strive at all, you don’t achieve anything. And that’s especially true in hard times. If nobody fought against titans, I doubt Eren’s mom would stay alive long enough even to voice all her thoughts.
  • The Commandant came off as a rather tragic person. Sure, in the grand scheme of things such a flashback episode of someone who’s only marginally important is pretty odd, but I liked it. Everyone can try their hardest but I really appreciate the Commandant’s decision to step back once he noticed that he isn’t capable of living to his own expectations, especially since there were more capable men nearby. And I can’t really agree with Hange – he still made himself useful by drilling the recruits and making sure that they are able to survive. A man who caused much death while leading, fully aware and repentant of it, is probably the best choice for becoming a teacher of the younger generations.

Banana Fish (Ep. 13)

Banana Fish Ash sunglasses

  • So that’s the story how Arthur got his fingers injured. It’s a sad life that whenever your hand comes into your vision, you’re reminded of a pitiful past. At least this reminder Arthur brought to himself so he can blame only himself. And if he’s intelligent enough, that’s also a reminder how silly he was then. Anyway, I thought that the show concentrated on the injury too much, almost making it seem that precisely it and not everything else was Arthur’s biggest problem. And it wasn’t the best idea to disclose Arthur’s backstory only at the last possible occasion instead of making a villain that you can understand and agree with to some extent right from the start.
  • Is it so easy to hijack a train in America? And do it in such a way that nobody even blinks an eye? Anyway, I have some problems with the fight. To be frank, it didn’t feel like one. Actually, I felt the same during a fight in episode 6. There isn’t a sense of everything happening simultaneously: we see some dude do something while everybody else watches, then another dude moves (while everybody watches) and so on and on and on. Come on, it’s not a turn-based RPG, it’s supposed to be a depiction of realistic dynamic events. And it’s just silly at times. Would Cain’s people really come without any cover when they heard gunshots? Would Arthur’s guys, watching where the pistol was flying, just stand there and fake absolute surprise when Ash appeared seemingly from nowhere and started shooting? Why didn’t any of the bad guys do anything to keep safe and not get killed like it’s nothing? Such a scene felt surprisingly static and artificial – a ridiculous counterpoint to the harsh reality the show tries to portray.
  • The fight in the train with Ash wiping out dozens of guys also didn’t feel right. How many bullets did he have in the first place? 200 or something? If Ash is so dangerous, why would Arthur choose to attack him from both sides? That’s a surefire way of getting into a friendly fire. Just pick up some real guns (you had those in the station, right?), make a barricade on one side and just fill Ash’s wagon full of holes without any scruples. Why am I made to think that Arthur deliberately tried to lose? Why is everyone except the good guys so incompetent?
  • Right, these dudes that were supposed to escort Eiji surely knew how to keep secrets. It’s true that Ash may need emotional help but it’s about time that everyone understood (and Eiji in particular) that in a battlefield he isn’t a soldier and he can’t be at this point – he’s just a trophy that can do more harm rather than help. What would Eiji do in a gunfight? What can he do anywhere when Ash is in danger?
  • Eiji was passed by police cars but he arrived first. How? Didn’t anyone notice that the police were just around the corner?
  • Eiji is a complete idiot. Who on earth sees their friend fighting for life and then shouts to distract them? Dude, Ash got injured precisely because Eiji was such a dimwit. He needs to be deported as soon as possible.

Golden Kamuy 2 (Ep. 1)

Golden Kamuy Season 2 Sugimoto

  • First episodes always try to impress. And I’m very worried if the staff thinks that such a level of animation is anything impressive. It’s serviceable and not much more. Sure, there are no CG bears (yet) but as usually production quality decreases as the season goes on. I’m really concerned.
  • This episode is clearly spring-ish. Weird that it happens when we actually have fall there (Hello there anyone from the Southern Hemisphere! (Damn, it rhymes!!)) but it’s at least something that differentiates the first season from the second – the events of the first one happened strictly in winter. Still, knowing that the first season had a non-ending, it’s only a lesser bad rather than good.
  • I have to give credit to the staff for making stuffed people feel real. When the taxidermist was talking to them, something seemed clearly off and it took very little to understand what’s really going on. Effects on the voices of the dead also were a nice addition. I don’t know how the scene looked in the manga but I bet the anime improved it.
  • So yeah, except the action there’s usual Golden Kamuy stuff – Ainu culture, cooking, unbelievably weird and silly guys and, of course, (mostly vulgar) comedy that I usually don’t stomach. It feels just like the first season.
  • Didn’t expect Sayuri singing the OP. At first I thought that with her sings Taka from One Ok Rock (check them out (as well as Sayuri), they have some pretty cool tunes) but it’s actually Taka’s brother with his band. I guess that’s not a far miss. If the visuals are at least passable, the OP can easily become one of my favorites.
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  1. The first episode of the new season of Sword Art Online, has really been very entertaining indeed. Yes it wasn’t perfect (and certainly the long explanation about the new system I really could have done without, seeing as I still don’t understand it lol 😂😂), but I really did enjoy watching it. And of course we had to have a cliffhanger. It will be interesting to see how the show will progress in the upcoming year….yeah…I just realised that we will have a year’s worth of SAO….with a 50 episode count. Oh well…no complaints from me 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • The new concept of the game feels fresh. Although I doubt I’d be brave enough to put myself into a situation when somebody can easily tinker with my brain, I can’t deny that the idea of such a hyper-realistic game sounds fascinating.
      SAO is a really strong franchise if the producers are willing to commit for such a long period of time. Even My Hero Academia (among other shows) announces new installments season by season, and these days even getting a second season is pretty difficult.

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