Musings and Reflections – Fall 2018 Week 0

     A few days lately have been rather hectic and then I wanted to restart my brain so eventually it go to this point that the first week of the Fall season is already over and I haven’t even written a post about what shows I’ll watch, let alone started watching them. I probably should’ve resisted the temptation to finish all the 7 volumes of Hone ga Kusaru made. A pretty good manga, but still. Well, the season for me seems likely to be rather tiresome, at least in real life. Of course I’ll try to be consistent but oh well, time is limited and when new responsibilities arise, something must be sacrificed. Anyway. Once I started to hunt for the likely shows, initially I thought that there’s nothing good. Then I found some PVs, some staff lists, and it turned out that the season is clogged with shows that do have potential and I’d actually gladly watch them. Only the thing is that there’re also shows that are sequels or continuations and they are plenty. Eventually I found that of the my must-watch shows there’s only one that’s completely new. Well, at least there’s always a possibility to catch up with something that turns out to be good later on, and there are some clear candidates for that. Anyway.

RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida

RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida Mage

     I know that I’m probably getting into something I’ll regret later. There’s a reason why so very few people even mention this show. And the only reason they do is Yoshitoshi ABe’s character designs. Well, I’m also there for them. Also, I read that ABe had some ideas planted into the show, and I’ve always loved shows that he’s associated with. This one will probably not be the case since from the PVs it’s extremely hard to see anything left from Abe’s designs, and his other input may also be rather subdued. The production studio GEEKTOYS also is a new one so sakuga shouldn’t be expected. Well, I just hope that ABe’s ideas will manage to lift the show up from a baseline that otherwise seems to be quit low.
I’ m not sure how should I cover the show. 4 episodes have already aired before the start of the season. Maybe I’ll catch up along the way.

Enjoyment expectations 50%

Sword Art Online: Alicization

Sword Art Online: Alicization Kirito

     Another SAO thing. I know almost nothing about this one except the fact that everyone seems to be inclined that it’s the best part of SAO period. Might be, might as well not. As a completionist, I have no choice but to satisfy my urge to find that out. I’ve no idea how the change of the director will affect the show’s quality. Character designs are already updated (they feel just different – neither better nor worse) but some time will definitely be needed to see if Manabu Ono’s SAO is any different (for better or worse) from Tomohiko Ito’s.

Enjoyment expectations 65%

Shingeki no Kyojin 3

Attack on Titan Season 3 Grisha Jaeger

     I read somewhere that Attack non Titan after episode 12 will make a break and will continue who knows when. Don’t know about that but if it’s the best for the quality, let it be. If only it doesn’t take as long as it took the second season to succeed the first. What do I expect? Again, more of the same, only with heightened stakes. And a bit more of titans themselves. I hope there will finally be some questions answered. For example Eren’s Basement was ripe since the first season already. But I have confidence.

Enjoyment expectations 75%

Banana Fish

Banana Fish Ash sunglasses

     I’d be surprised if Banana Fish did anything different compared to the first half. The same Ash, the same deepening of his relationship with Eiji, same bad guys, same struggling good guys… Somehow I’ve been mostly out of sync with the emotions the show has tried to convey and the story hasn’t been super interesting. I hope I’ll find that connection with the show, I’d really love to like it.

Enjoyment expectations 60%

Golden Kamuy 2

Golden Kamuy Season 2 Sugimoto

     What can I say, Golden Kamuy should once again bring its own unique mix of Ainu culture, cooking, action and its trademark comedy that I don’t like at all. If I had moderately high expectations before the first season, I don’t now. It’s probably going to be more CG bears, more mean jokes, more meme-worthy facial expressions, more laughable villains and only a bit of story progression. Yeah. But I’m still slightly interested. The show is certainly unique and even if I could probably spend my time more efficiently than watching anime I most certainly won’t love, there’s really nothing similar to be found. And there can’t be enough segments about Ainu culture – that part I do like.

Enjoyment expectations 50%

     And with that I already have 5 shows on my list – just a number I think I can deal with. Of course there’re others that in another season I’d gladly watch right away, but now I’m afraid they’ll have to wait.

  • About that Slime thing – I peeked into the manga a bit and it didn’t surprise me. I found that the only original thing was that the protagonist became a slime (he might as well have turned into a vending machine. Oh wait, there’s already a LN about that!). And as soon as he became a slime, he started getting all these powers that basically made him invincible. And then there’s no difference – slime or no slime, an overpowered protagonist is no fun. Well, I can be wrong, but that will become clear only later on, and I rather not get too invested into something so basic (at this point).
  • Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru was written by the same author who wrote Fune wo Amu, and I quite enjoyed that one. Production I.G seems to have gathered quite a talented bunch of  staff so that’s another plus. A sports show that doesn’t (hopefully) feel like a usual sports anime should always be welcome in any watchlist.
  • Goblin Slayer is made by people of White Fox. The director Takaharu Ozaki should celebrated for Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou as should be the OST by Kenichiro Suehiro. I just relistened to the OST of the said show – it’s simply mesmerizing. Of course, source material is completely different, but it might become an interesting show. At least the production should be more than average.
  • Tsurune is made by KyoAni, I don’t think there’s anything else that needs to be said. Sure, it might not be one of their more ambitious projects, but KyoAni is KyoAni.
  • I’m worried about Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara because the previous P.A. Works show Sirius the Jaeger was a big disappointment. Well, the studio should feel far more comfortable with cute girls. The PVs look beautiful though somehow I find the tips of  noses of characters to be positioned too low. Oh well.

     There’re other possibly interesting shows as well –  Yagate Kimi ni Naru is adapted from a rather successful yuri manga, Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san seems to be a pretty ok slice of life show, Release the Spyce may bring back some nostalgic feelings about Princess Principal (the more I think about that one, the more I like it) and  PVs of Akanesasu Shoujo simply look good. Oh dear, there’s just too much of everything.

     Did I miss anything substantial? Should I drop something and pick up something better?


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  1. PA Works has done some *spectacular* work… But there’s always the spectre of one of their equally spectacular flops lurking. Seems to be all-or-nothing with them.

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  2. I found the first episode of Irozuku really beautiful and it made me want to see more so I guess we will see!

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