Musings and Reflections – Summer 2018 Week 13

One phrase impressions

Shingeki no Kyojin 3 – Kenny becomes (sort of) interesting.
Hanebado! (#12)
– Preparations for the finale.
Yama no Susume 3 – All things as comfy as expected.
Sirius the Jaeger – Finally it’s over.
Hanebado! (#13) -I guess it’s ok.

Shingeki no Kyojin 3 (Ep. 10 /47/)

Friends Attack on Titan

  • Maybe I was in the right mood but the episode seemed to do little wrong in my book and came off as very touching. I was doubtful if the show could pull off a stunt of making Kenny likable enough. Well, it did. Maybe not exactly likable but at least he was made human, far removed from the flamboyant one-dimensional villain he was at the start. Sure, he still is flamboyant (*was) but now there’s more than that.
  • It’s strange how deeply Kenny was involved in the government system while still retaining his reputation as a murderer. He probably was useful but was he controlled not to cause chaos? Or was his friendship with Uri so strong as to keep him relatively harmless? How could he gather such following by simply being a guy who killed people?
  • An interesting question posed was that of what makes a friendship if both people are so different. Can it be violence? Can it be peace? It seems that the answer is both: each person must show the best they can and also speak the language the other is most used to.
  • Levi’s past was tied in pretty well. Such a cheerless upbringing, though was to be expected, makes believable his bursts of violence. Still more interesting is the emergence of his moral values. Being on his own all the time, he still managed to at first find a way from the underground (literately and figuratively) and then side with the righteous guys. Well, maybe it was Erwin’s strength that initially sealed the deal but it’s fascinating that such a lawless and wild creature that Levi was at the time was able to become most of times likable and, well, a generally good human being.
  • Ackermans (or should I say Ackermen?) are (for some obscure reason that the show forgets to reveal) immune to that memory control power? That’s very convenient. Still, it comes with very interesting implications and possibilities – Levi and Mikasa might receive some important roles. As much as I appreciate Levi, I hope it’ll be Mikasa doing all the heroics this time. On the other hand, if it’s only Historia who has that power, I don’t really see a situation where her and the Scouts’ motivations could diverge to form a serious confrontation. Still, I can bet almost anything that this power of countering memory control will come into play some time.
  • Recently I rewatched some stuff from the first season, and I was surprised myself how much the character designs have changed. Well, not the designs themselves, but the outlines. Then they were much thicker, giving the characters a flatter look, something that made them more like cartoon characters. At some point the outlines got back to normal, just like in every other anime. It makes the characters more connected with the environment but I found I prefer the uniqueness of the initial variant.
  • Monkey titan is back! And maybe some hints about the basement? Please don’t tease us anymore and show something!

Hanebado! (Ep. 12)

Hanebado match Ayano scary

  • That’s really interesting that left-handed players have an advantage because of the way the shuttle is made. Never would’ve thought about that. On the other hand, on a highly competitive level each tiniest bit of advantage you can get may be a game-changer.
  • The soundtrack gets 10 points out of 10. I should give even more.
  • I’m disappointed that Uchika’s motivations turned out to be that shallow. Parents do wish best for their children but how low your IQ should be so that you could leave your own child traumatized supposing that for some reason she will become a good athlete? It’s such a simple no-no scenario, I’m getting confused. Maybe Uchika is nuts. I don’t know. Also, her argument that “doing sports makes you feel great” technically goes along with the main theme of the show that fun should be the most important thing. However, Uchika somehow chooses to forget that you don’t have to be a professional in order to have fun playing something. All these other badminton club members, no matter how terrible they are compared to Ayano, – does Uchika really think that they don’t have enough fun to justify playing?
  • I don’t remember who exactly mentioned that Ayano is starting to look like her mother more and more. This episode proves that hundredfold – there’s not a single drop of cuteness left in that determined and angry face. Usual Ayano’s voice as well seems not to belong to this cruel person.
  • Please reassure me that it’s really a sports game and not a final fight for the world dominion. Just look at these faces!
  • Say what you will, but I’m having lots of fun with this match. The core goal of a sports anime is to make matches enjoyable, to make a viewer wish they could play as well as the characters. The show has me completely devoted to Team Nagisa, cheering for her every successful move. And if the show makes me do that, the show is good. It’s that simple.
  • I guess nobody can escape the power of friendship. Badminton lovers in this anime are just a bunch of exceptionally nice people. Everybody should’ve seen and remembered that Ayano during her run to the finals wasn’t the most kind-hearted person. And, well, as far as I know, the public catches on these things pretty quickly. If someone is overpowered, naturally a huge chunk of the audience will cheer the weaker side. Moreover, in the eyes of the audience it’s hard to rank and remember players based only on their skills. Thus moments showing a good (or bad) conduct and sportsmanship in general are vital for getting support. And for someone who should have such a negative image, Ayano is cheered beyond belief. Well, the same had happened earlier with Connie when she was cheered on despite her awful actions, but even with this precedence the situation still comes off as not the most likely scenario.
  • Anyway, the last game is left and Nagisa’s lead, while huge, doesn’t mean anything at this point. Ayano has regained her composure and Nagisa’s knee has been talked about too frequently not to become a huge factor later on. In other words – anything can happen, and it looks to be quite promising. There’s the only thing I ask – please, please make Uchika understand her misbehavior and learn some humbleness.

Yama no Susume 3 (Ep. 13)

Yama no Susume Hinata funny

  • A pretty fitting ending of the season (I hope that of the season and not of the whole show). It didn’t do much but the essence of what’s important was there. All the important characters made an appearance, the memories of Aoi entering her high-school and meeting all her future friends were also pretty heartwarming.
  • Hinata’s birthday brought an idea that even if the girls have reached a better understanding about each other and their friendship improved, the ceiling is still sky-high. There’s lots to be learned yet, and the important thing is communication and constant hard work to maintain and beautify their friendship.
  • So yeah, nothing too amazing but just a good stuff that could’ve been expected from this show. The next Fuji expedition has been an underlying theme pretty much all the season, so the material to be adapted is certainly there. I don’t know how well the show is performing financially, but if it managed to get even a third season, I think there’s a decent chance of getting the fourth. I hope.

Sirius the Jaeger (Ep. 12)

Sirius the Jaeger Yuliy thoughtful

  • Well, when it’s a final episode and a climax of the whole series, and I’m yawning not even halfway through, there’s probably something wrong with the show. I kept yawning through the whole thing, stopping only to think about how much sense everything should make.
  • Why didn’t they use guns against this sparkling-ass super-vampire? Maybe fighting over a distance would have been wiser than jumping around and getting hit pretty hard while doing negligible amount of damage?
  • I’m not even willing to try to analyze the whole thing. Stuff happened, the good guys won, the bad ones lost, the story is complete but the possibility for a second season (unlikely as that may be) is left and everyone can forget this show and hope that both P.A. Woks and Masahiro Ando can do (and will do) better than that next time.

Hanebado! (Ep. 13)

Hanebado match Nagisa finale

  • To be frank, I expected something more. The final game played out too by-the-book for my liking. Sure, the animation was definitely impressive with a few truly stellar shots, the change of style during the vital moments also was a plus, but I might have been desensitized by stuff the show has already shown earlier. Hanebado had been elevated from a conventional sports show by the high stakes and very lush and intense emotional background. However, the final episode was rather conventional.
  • Last time Ayano played normally, then was discouraged, and in the end found some new strength. Her transformation thus was completed and the girls needed to finish the competition playing badminton only for fun, as neither the final placement mattered, nor neither of the girls had anything to prove. Playing for fun has been an underlying theme for the whole show, but as rich emotional undercurrents were always in the background, this game felt a little too stake-less.
  • What I didn’t like at all was the scene between Ayano and Uchika. Apparently Ayano now is completely alright about having been abandoned because she had fun playing badminton. Yeah, that’s true, but dear girl, are you not exchanging a dime for 100 dollars? Uchika also seems to have been given a pass about her behavior by pretty much everybody. I don’t think that such a message should be promoted by any show – it’s completely alright for a mother to throw her child away. Well, in by book it’s not. If Ayano is what she is now, how better she could’ve been if a loving and understanding mother had stayed by her side and taught her such stuff like sportsmanship?
  • Also, Ayano again made a very sudden transformation. Even if her change from a kind child to a psycho could be partly justified by the influence of Connie, I fail to find any substantial reason why Ayano immediately reverted back. I don’t think it’s that easy to get rid of an idee fixe “I’ll get acknowledged by my mom and everybody can go to hell” by a road of “damn, I actually like this sport” and end up being “Oh brothers and sisters, I love you all!”.
  • The ending felt rather unfinished. Nagisa’s knee didn’t come into the story (I guess the manga might), Connie and Kaoruko were left hanging, as well as pretty much every other relationship. Oh well.


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  1. I agree: In the end Kenny did became a bit of a likeable and symphatetic character and it’s almost sad that he is gone now. I’m with you: as I once said Mikasa really was one of my favorite characters on this series, and I am really hoping that with the rest of the season moving forward she will be taking on a bit more of a leading role: fingers crossed. The ending certainly was very interesting: let’s hope the rest of the season is going to be just as interesting as the first half was 😊

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  2. Yeah, that is a flaw of worldbuilding if they have guns available but don’t use them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s not the least common flaw in anime. If somebody gave me a dime every time someone in a show wouldn’t take advantage of the most useful attack/weapon right from the start…

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      • One of my pet peeves is talking while in the middle of battle. I can’t remember how many times I yelled at Deku from MHA to stop talking and fight.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh, definitely that’s a huge problem. For me it’s especially frustrating when the protagonists pause a battle and have a peaceful team-talk while the antagonists just wait conveniently.

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