Musings and Reflections – Summer 2018 Week 10

One phrase impressions

Shingeki no Kyojin 3 – Half action half puzzling developments.
– Boys do exist in this universe!
Yama no Susume 3 – Maintaining Hinata’s problems.
Banana Fish – Yeah yeah, manservice and stuff.
Sirius the Jaeger – Aaaah, boring. Once again.

Shingeki no Kyojin 3 (Ep. 7 /44/)

  • Yeah, action Attack on Titan is the best Attack on Titan. It doesn’t quite compare to the second episode of this season but for example Mikasa’s solo (among other things) was a feast for the eyes. Rap parts in the soundtrack were very unexpected, but even if I’m not the biggest fan of rap, the fights were too spectacular for me to think about it too much.
  • The crew seem to have convinced themselves that there’s no other way than to fight humans, and fight by killing them. Especially Jean had shown reluctance earlier but now even he looked to be able to do his task, albeit without any joy.
  • So yeah, the action part was very good, however, the story aspect remained very fishy. It’s hard to believe that the whole history of humanity was being kept by a single titan at a time. How about various accidents? You never know when a person can have a heart attack (no, it’s not a Death Note reference) or a brick my fall onto his head. It’s just a strategy that is extremely risky. Let’s say a probability to die during one year is 1 in 100 (seems a plausible probability for the time period and age according to little research I did) then probability of not dying is 1 – 0,01 = 0,99. During one hundred years a probability that the important person will survive then is 0,99 to the power of 100, making it 0,36, so it’s approximately one third. And that means that all the historical records stored in a head of a titan during 100 years are more likely to perish than not. Of course it’s a very vague speculation but the point remains that having no written record or some other plan B is quite silly.
  • The fact that Reiss blood is needed to access the memories seems extremely convenient. Of course, that puts Historia in a tight position but count me skeptical until somebody explains why Reiss blood is so different and how.
  • Also, do they really need those historical records? I guess having Eren as an ally would be more helpful than eating him and betting everything on a chance that these memories contain anything remotely useful in fighting the titans, which is not given. Unless everybody is a titan, but we don’t know that. Anyway, having Eren who can control titans should be enough to exterminate them, shouldn’t it?
  • Grisha’s idea to acquire the ability to control titans in order to revenge his wife makes sense, only why did he need to involve Eren in all that? And how did he learn all the stuff about titan transformation and who precisely he needed to eat? Especially since the Reiss can apparently use mind control.
  • I’ll have to think about Historia and her motivations (past and present). She had completely swallowed all the arguments of the papa Reiss so her change came as fairly abrupt. For now I have no idea what she intends to do at the moment about everything – herself, Eren, her dad (as a titan or not), all that becoming the queen stuff, fighting titans and so on.
  • So yeah, pretty much all my problems stem from the pattern that the show has come to use too often – I’d probably be quite alright with all these special powers if they applied to everyone, only there always appear to be weird exceptions so that a particular person can use it and the others can’t, and there’re no explanation (so far) why that is.

Hanebado! (Ep. 10)

  • Is it me, or this episode really tried to cut as much fat as possible in the visuals department? Several scenes did look good but simple ones like characters walking or conversing weren’t as thoroughly polished as in previous episodes.
  • I’d say that generally this episode was very redundant and superficial, even more than the previous one. To some extent I appreciate the idea that the only two boys in the club do receive their time to shine but was it needed? It’s not that their characters were developed a lot. Already a number of supporting girls had developments here and there so especially at this point I don’t think these two guys added much to the narrative. Yes, there exists a masculine side of badminton but did we really need to see their matches? P.A. Works for example have been making lots of only-girls kind of shows and nobody died because of that (I hope), so in my mind it would’ve been better to give more time to already important  (or at least semi-important) characters rather than suddenly remembering that there’re two guys who have been doing nothing so far.
  • On the other hand, there can be a parallel between these two and Nagisa with Ayano. Even if the boys didn’t play against each other, still one of them seemingly relied more on his talent and the other was a hard worker. I don’t know what more can be extracted from this. Was this episode a foreshadowing of Ayano’s win? Or did Nagisa watch and take to her heart the idea that she must do better, to throw all her strength against her almost invincible opponent? Because the story is still ongoing after the events of the anime, it wouldn’t be inconceivable for Nagisa to lose now (or resign because of her knees) and later on get her revenge on the national level. We’ll see.
  • Well, how would you feel if somebody told they liked you but then corrected themselves that no, it’s not you, it’s actually some kind of sport? Hilarious.
  • Yeah, Ayano is made to be as unlikable as possible at this point. I’d even say that she’s a bigger jerk than Uchika, and that’s saying a lot. Wonder how that proposition to cease fire will affect Ayano.

Yama no Susume 3 (Ep. 10)

  • Oh, so we are continuing this “Aoi actually can have fun without Hinata” stuff. To be frank, I’m with Aoi – it’s fairly un-Hinata-like not to be overcheerful and little thinking, so Aoi’s assumptions that Hinata would encourage her to be more sociable aren’t unfounded. Well, even objectively it’s a far better choice to expand your circle of friends if that circle so far contained only 4 friends at best. And from Aoi’s perspective everything went ok. It wasn’t smooth (and that’s natural) but she has become far more sociable, and even if Hinata may not feel that way, it’s primarily due to her efforts.
  • The fact remains that beneath this facade of Hinata that Aoi can’t get through yet exists a more thoughtful girl. This Inner Hinata worries about her relationship with Aoi and fears that it may cool off. She also is concerned whether Aoi can survive on her own. That’s all good and well, but as always – you need to talk to sort out anything that isn’t clear, and do that both with yourself and people that are concerned.
  • It looks like truly it will be mountaineering that will dissolve all the misunderstandings and reunite all the girls. This season really has divided them into various subgroups and showed that Aoi has grown much and Hinata can’t really keep up with that progress. But yeah, a cup of mountain coffee is probably more than enough to set things straight once again.
  • The character animation has stepped up a lot. It’s really a joy to watch those slightest movements that otherwise could be easily excluded but now make the watching experience so much more fulfilling.

Banana Fish (Ep. 10)

  • I still find the biggest problem the working principle and effects of Banana Fish. The woman did accomplish her job as an assassin but who can guarantee that a stronger minded person (such as Shorter for example) won’t reveal all the truth to the authorities?  In first place if someone known to be quite sane kills someone while shouting “Help me” and such a story repeats itself after a while, wouldn’t it seem at least a little bit fishy? Especially if the targets follow a particular political ideology or are somehow else connected. The bottom line is that I don’t believe that such a drug as Banana Fish would be a very good way of dealing with unwanted people. I don’t know, even planting a simple bomb should leave less suspicious leads.
  • Somehow I fail to believe that a respectful mafia boss would leave his armory totally unguarded. Guards? Why? Security cameras? Who needs them? I don’t know, an entrance code that changes constantly so that all kinds of shady people (like Ash) who somehow could’ve acquired it wouldn’t be able to enter? No, man, why on earth would anybody think about that?
  • It doesn’t help that Golzine’s gang seems a bunch of simple amateurs. In my mind security of a mafia boss should have some plans for a possible invasion. You know – best places for taking cover, some grenades or, well, just anything that could stop at least one man with a single gun.
  • About everything else, well, it can be simplified just as “Ash slaughtered everyone” and that’s it. Sure, I miss Shorter but overall I somehow was more interested in listening to the soundtrack rather than intently following every single line of dialogue or every sway of Ash’s ripped shirt.

Sirius the Jaeger (Ep. 9)

  • It took me some time to remember what is happening and why was Yuliy battling these lolis. That’s way OPs are better played before anything that is meant to be important or spectacular.
  • It’s quite frustrating that for the plot convenience the old man outright refused to give absolutely any information about the Box/Arc. Yes, he promised that he won’t tell anyone but why not at least tell about the promise itself? Something like “Hey, kid, I would tell you but I can’t because I made a promise”. And that’s all. Maybe say a few words about the father himself so that Yuliy would be grateful – and that’s all. And in the first place, why telling Yuliy at least what the Box/Arc actually is and what can it do would make any difference to him? Telling that the Box/Arc has been “taken care of” is the same as saying nothing. What’s the point in being killed by the vampires and not passing the least bit of useful information onwards to people who really need it? Yuliy (and us viewers) still has almost no idea what the Box/Arc is and what can it do. Even after he changed his mind, the old man said surprisingly little.
  • At least now I can completely emphasize with Ryoko. It’s not the chatterbox part, it’s the part where she has no idea what’s going on despite some particular key words used a lot without actually telling anything.
  • I admit that it’s a neat idea that Yuliy may know his father only through everything that Mikhail has been. It should be very hard to discriminate which part of Mikhail was his own innate and what he copied from the father, but Yuliy should be able to get some vague idea how a father should behave. Well, at least to some degree because some father figures (Mikhail included) are known to join the Dark Side.
  • If the vampires seriously tried to kill Mikhail, what’s the point in leaving him alive once the assassination plan was revealed? It’s not that he’ll be more loyal because of that.
  • Well, there’s nothing much wrong with the show itself, I just somehow can’t get invested into it.


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  1. I’m just happy Attack on Titan is progressing the story. The actual plot holes which you’ve pointed out (or at least logical issues with the plot) aren’t so much hampering my enjoyment of it because it is at least going somewhere and I’d prefer slightly shaky logic but forward movement over feeling like things aren’t going anywhere.
    I do agree that Golzine’s security was woefully inadequate given his position, but I also thought it was nice that Ash didn’t get kicked for an entire episode while he was down and he did get to go on a bit of a rampage. Overall I’m still really enjoying both Attack on Titan and Banana Fish this season.

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    • That’s fair. Especially since it’s an action-based show, slowing down too much would be the least sensible thing to do. And, well, since the show isn’t done yet, all the logical issues might still be explained. That may not make a very elegant narrative but yeah, it’s good that things are moving.

      I guess there might be some problem with the show if it’s a good thing that a character wasn’t abused as much as he could’ve been by the show’s standards. Where other crime-solving-based stories try to solve problems by thinking, for my liking Banana Fish relies too much on a method of brute force. But now, since everyone is finally free (except poor Shorter), I hope the show will try to be more subtle.
      Anyway, I wouldn’t count these two among my favorites of the year but yeah, both of these have some very appealing sides.

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