Musings and Reflections – Spring 2018 Week 13

One phrase impressions:

Hisone to Maso-tan – Every character must be paired!
SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online –  Biting is a legitimate martial technique.

Hisone to Maso-tan (Ep. 12)

  • I’m not really sure what to think about this episode. On one hand, everything sort of was completed and finished and resolved but I don’t really feel a satisfaction that usually an ending of a great series brings. Maybe it’s because everything ended sort of unticlimactically? I’ve no idea how destroying that rope around the deity’s braids (?) worked and how exactly the deity was put to sleep. The ritual itself (when everything still went along the initial plan) felt weird. Why all the formal Japanese clothing was necessary? Why all the singing and stuff? It’s not that the deity has eyes to look inside itself, is it? I guess it can be accounted as a pure tradition but still – what’s the point? Hisone did pretty fine without any chanting.
  • I don’t like how every at least marginally important character was used in one pairing or another by the end. What is it – a dating show? I guess it sort of is a good ending for everyone (except Natsume though if she loves mechanics so much, she still might try Nao) but did we need that? Especially it’s underwhelming in Hisone’s case. What’s the point in a sacrifice if 5 minutes later she’s completely alright? Well, yes, she did choose what at the moment looked like a certain death but to the viewers any gravity of these actions is lost once she reappears safe and sound. Such an ending does promote the idea that a woman may choose both career and love and overcome all the struggles just fine but the resolution to me didn’t come out as natural.
  • So that’s that. I’m not completely satisfied about the direction the show took, but I guess it finished alright. Cheers for that.

SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online (Ep. 12)

  • Well, yeah, in terms of being a game, SAO definitely wasn’t the best one.
  • I guess Llenn is more sick than Pito is. Whenever you hear your gun talk to you, you go see a doctor.
  • I’m no gun expert and I have absolutely no idea how did P-chan misfire. And not seeing a bullet line doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not being targeted. Remember M’s sniper skills?
  • Another reason why Star Wars could possibly file a suit.
  • I do appreciate the inventiveness of how Fuka cut Llenn’s hands. But come on, what could possibly have been the reason of keeping Fuka alive this long? I can understand that it was useful to M but how could he explain that to Pito? How could Fuka be more useful alive than dead? And in the first place, if Pito is portrayed as such a ruthless a person (she isn’t actually, it’s a only a killing game) who butchers each and every opponent mercilessly, why did she leave Fuka alive not once but twice? Especially since the first time already had backfired.
  • I wonder what kind of developer it was that decided that biting is a legitimate way of inflicting damage and even killing a person in the game.
  • At least one team is able to play the game like a game, don’t get slowed down by drama and kill opponents when they are vulnerable. Congrats, team T-S, you might be the only competent players out there.
  • Oh, Pito is Elsa! It’s soooooo unexpected, it was totally not foreshadowed earlier in any way!
  • I probably could find the precise numbers but that doesn’t matter. I can believe that Elsa isn’t underage but still she looks like a child. M being in love with her doesn’t feel comfortable in the first place but let’s not forget that he’s been her manservant for long enough time not to care anymore and lose lots of weight, and that doesn’t happen overnight. And probably he wasn’t caught the first time he stalked her. The further I go, the more uncomfortable it gets.
  • In the end, Pito’s problems weren’t addressed. I highly doubt she became completely ok just like that. And that’s very disappointing. Well, I didn’t expect anything of the show in the first place after the inconsequential first half. Oh well.

Still haven’t seen the last episode of the season of Piano no Mori, but I guess I’ll just attach it to some post of the Summer season.


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