Musings and Reflections – Spring 2018 Week 12

One phrase impressions:

Hisone to Maso-tan – Accaleration towards the finale.
SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online – Getting rid of any logic before the finale.
Piano no Mori
– A bit inconsequential little steps with no finale in sight.
Golden Kamuy
– A very unticlimactic finale.

Hisone to Maso-tan (Ep. 11)

  • Ah, Nao once again is left out of action. Why?.. Later on even being a substitute pilot wasn’t a good enough position for her not to be replaced by the yogurt grandma.
  • Yeah, Bones knows how to make action anime and that also means being adept at dynamically presenting things. The deity is so damn huge. Great work showing the scale of it as well as its otherworldliness.
  • Uhm, does that mean that the yogurt grandma didn’t love before and started loving her friend only when having flashbacks? Otherwise how couldn’t Masotan detect it earlier? And especially once the grandma was young – how could she be a pilot if she was in love? This mechanism of dragons being susceptible to jealousy feels shaky. Well, I probably shouldn’t ask for logic too much since feelings are concerned, but if it gets in a way of believability… It seems like Hisone didn’t need to forget Okonogi to be able to pilot, she only had to keep her feelings at bay and at the moment work with Masotan. I guess acknowledging that she has feelings for everybody is also a solution, if Masotan is able to accept that.
  • I also probably shouldn’t question how the dragons are able to probe human emotions (magic, I guess) but it seems like they aren’t able to detect what humans are feeling but rather what they consciously understand what they are feeling. It’s weird because I’d think it’s more difficult to read someone’s mind than to get the broad feeling about their mood. This again raises a question why Hisone simply wasn’t told not to think about Okonogi when piloting.
  • For a dragon that doesn’t respond to controls Masotan behaved in a surprisingly predictable manner – swallowing Hisone and stuff.
  • A sacrifice. I wonder how many viewers hadn’t guessed that already. I still don’t really like that the show needed a deity. How a grounded story like HisoMaso will explain why the sacrifice is needed? For a show that started with a completely normal girl working in a military (with only a slight twist), everything seems to be going out of control.
  • Hey, couldn’t it be that the yogurt grandma will decide to sacrifice herself in order to reunite with her friend? I could see that happening.
  • Overall I think the episode made too many plot points considering its slower pace earlier. The whole mini arc about coping with each other while stranded on an island didn’t carry as much information as an episode where suddenly the deity wakes up, the pilots pursue it, Hisone goes home, rethinks her feelings, changes her mind, participates in an operation to get into Masotan, flies into the deity and there sees some stuff. Are these plot points so unimportant that everything only gets glossed over?

SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online (Ep. 11)

  • I wonder if Star Wars could sue SAO for using THAT lightsaber. Now let’s think for a bit about that whole situation. Pito is pushing the lightsaber down on that guy. The guy is barely able to withstand that by pushing the lightsaber back. Guess what – wouldn’t it be easy for the guy to give a slight push to one side? Pito is trying hard so her momentum would definitely bring the lightsaber down somewhere sideways with absolutely no harm done and the guy, happily having deflected the blow, would get an opening. Easy, isn’t it? Standing in a lockdown and pushing against each other is the least logical thing to do any time.
  • What kind of question is it “Is it fun?” Well, it’s a game. It should be fun. Otherwise what’s the point in playing?
  • Tell me, how effective blindly shooting into a cottage can be? The cottage provides some cover while the open field around – none whatsoever. What are the chances of doing any damage then? And please don’t forget that there’s an anti-tank rifle somewhere. Why not use that one? Or throw a dozen grenades into the cottage? Fuka could definitely do that. What did the charge accomplish? What did they think it could accomplish? Apart from the whole team getting slaughtered for no reason at all. I’m no military strategist but unless someone explains to me how such a tactical approach makes any sense, I stand by what I say. The show tries to be flashy and even dramatic at all costs, and that includes throwing every last bit of logic away.
  • Well, it’s dumb. P-chan manifested again, Pito decided not to kill Fuka for no reason (come on, killing everyone is the objective)… Running someone over when you can safely hit the target from a distance? Why, man, why?
  • Oh come on, HP decreases when Llenn is effectively taking a bath? How can 20 cm of water do any harm?
  • The showdown was not bad (as not bad as two CG cars running can be) but I constantly thought about how easily such a scenario (Fuka’s return and stuff) could’ve been averted. What did Pito think? What else was Fuka supposed to do once she regenerated?
  • Using P-chan as a shield? Been there, seen that. And you tell me that after so many shots not a single one hit Llenn to, say, a leg? How incompetent everyone is?

Piano no Mori (Ep. 11)

  • Well, I certainly didn’t expect a mention about Lithuania. Good for me.
  • The choice of music reminded me strongly of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso and a live action film Pianist. Both used this Chopin’s ballad extremely well. To be frank, any other attempt (for example this very one) to use the piece to evoke strong emotions will have a particularly hard time to succeed. I more or less get Shuhei’s struggle but that in no way is comparable with anything that happened in either Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso or Pianist.
  • Animation seems quite limited this time. I guess the second cour will be even a harder struggle. I’m still impressed that the CG fingers are hitting the right keys and CG pianists move in a realistic way, only it’s painfully clear that it’s CG.
  • The blond guy turned out to be Polish and not French despite all my expectations. Still a generic European guy from the viewpoint of the Japanese.
  • Otherwise, an episode like any other. Strong performance in the sound department with everything else staying pretty much average. The tournament arc is getting a bit boring. It’s ok to have high stakes but I’m worrying that numerous characters will leave the spotlight without achieving anything. But yeah, I already had talked about that before.

Golden Kamuy (Ep. 12)

  • It’s a terrible way to end the season. The episode itself wasn’t bad but I didn’t even think that a competent show could end a season with a filler. Random horse races? Why? What’s the point? I’m already familiar with all the comedy relief that Shiraishi can offer and most times it’s already getting stale. What’s the point in introducing a completely new character? Well, it might make sense in a grand scheme of things but that’s just not how you wrap up the season. Such an inconsequential episode it was that I have nothing interesting to say about it. I’ll write whatever.
  • Apparently we’re getting a second season. I can’t say I was the biggest fan of the show, but a continuing story of the same caliber is always better than an unfinished one. At least that’s a good thing. The protagonists are left hanging, so many characters have been introduced and discarded (by dying or becoming irrelevant to the story) that there’s no way a single season can be a satisfactory experience. I guess it’s the journey that counts but crude humor and eternally jumping atmospheric focus (that unintentionally sounds like something from a weather report) didn’t make it an easy show to watch and enjoy. Oh well, it might be only me that thinks who way.
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  1. I really need to get back to SOA-Alternative. I have seen only two episodes of it and then I lost track because of my hiatus. I have been hearing so many different opninions on it, but most of them are pretty negative. The things you are describing here though really do sound quite stupid. Shame really as I am a huge Sword Art Online fan. Oh well. There is always the original show to rewatch I guess. 😊

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    • Let’s just say… it’s pretty obvious that SAOA:GGO is a fanfic. 🙂 At this point, if I weren’t a SAO fan, I’d have probably dropped it.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I have seen the first two episodes, and I already had the feeling that this wasn’t as good as the original (but quite honestly I did not really expect that anyway). It’s a shame: I will still finish it though: for exactly the same reason: It’s SAO 😊

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      • It definitely is.
        You don’t have to be a fan to watch this, you can be a completionist. Still, the outcome is the same…

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    • Don’t be very discouraged. I think right from the start I found out that I’m not that interested in the story and I’m also not a fan of guns, so many of my complaints might come simply from having nothing better to do but nitpick. As you said, some people find the show fun enough and there’s definitely enjoyment to be found at least from the action scenes. It’s not the smartest show out there but I think with the right attitude there’s fun to be had.

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      • I just read a post about the final episode over on Cactus Matt’s blog and he was very positive about the series in general. So that gave me some more hope that I will enjoy it. I plan in completing it maybe the upcoming week, so I will let you know my thoughts on it eventually 😊

        Liked by 1 person

        • I also read that post and while I don’t see the things as positively, it’s clear that someone can find the show very engaging, which I hope you’ll also be able to do. Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

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