Musings and Reflections – Spring 2018 Week 10

One phrase impressions:

Hisone to Maso-tan – Run, Hisone, run!
SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online – Ugh.
Golden Kamuy
– Unexpected though unexplored development at the end.

Hisone to Maso-tan (Ep. 9)

  • Well. Several earlier episodes and the head-on plunge into romantic and deity-related matters had me very unsatisfied. I’m not sure why, but this time I had absolutely no problem with that. Weird. Maybe my problem was precisely this forceful approach that didn’t let the events unfold naturally. Sure, I’m still not sure that HisoMaso needs romance or that this deity thing is a good turn of things but at this point neither of these seem that threatening to my overall enjoyment of the show. I guess character interactions and their facial expressions are the cream of the crop and best the show can offer, so these moments between Hisone and this new Natsume girl turned out to be to my liking. Enough goofiness, enough expressiveness, enough everything I may like. I must take back my words that this love triangle will definitely be a bad idea.
  • Uhm, was it implied that something not that pleasant will happen to (at least) one miko?
  • I’m surprised how I don’t find the Hisone-licking joke old yet. I probably should, but I don’t.
  • Run, Forrest, Run! Man, Hisone’s reaction was nothing short of spectacular. With train sound effects and stuff. That was probably my favorite scene of the season if not the whole year. It’s not just the visuals – it’s clear that Hisone also tries to run from herself, that her feelings can’t be contained and controlled once everything became clear. Man, that’s HisoMaso I love.
  • Well, to consider everything more rationally, this emotional-bonding failure due to love seems a rather shaky concept, but it could’ve been worse. About the couples, I’m not against them, as for example Hisone and Okonogi do have chemistry. Still, Okonogi isn’t that grounded character that I could care about him more than a random good-natured supporting dude. Thus, I’m not that supportive of his pairing with Hisone, though I don’t disapprove of it, either. We’ve seen very little of their interactions, especially when nobody is watching and they both are at ease, and I’m not sure how exactly Okonogi himself feels about everything. This Zaitou now seems a bit more understanding and less jerky or annoying, so I can give him that, but his pairing with Hoshino has even less my support. Well, sure, he started his advances rather early but they were downplayed as jokes, so I don’t think he’s serious enough guy at this point to be considered a suitable match for Hoshino. And, well, Hoshino certainly could find better options.
  • Wait, why is the chief unhappy about the girls falling in love? That was the plan initially, right? Or didn’t they suspect that the dragons could be so jealous?

SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online (Ep. 9)

  • Oh come on, throw a damn grenade intro the waterfall!! I don’t know how well physics works but shooting into (or through water) isn’t the best idea. And why would all of them need to do that? You can’t see anything but think there’s an enemy inside? Man, grenades are made for such a situation. Also, if you think that the enemy is so powerful that you need a cooperation of 7 teams, what are the chances that all of the enemies are crouched in a single hole and waiting for you to come? Why is that I’m forced to believe that the heroes are so adept while actually they might be only sub-average players? Why their opponents seem like it’s their first day of playing?
  • The more I think about it, the sillier it gets. It’s an MMO, not a real life. What’s the point in trying to help a teammate if you’re going to lose? Save your ass and buy a sniper rifle, that’ll make more sense. It feels like the show is expecting me to believe that the game is something real. Well, it isn’t. It’s a game. I doubt anybody would run screaming out of fear if they encountered a very powerful opponent. Imagine someone doing that while playing, say, WoW. Ridiculous isn’t it?
  • Somehow I find Sigsawa’s attitude that guns are fun and killing is fun more than a bit concerning. Well, guns are alright if you know your limits but such an evident pleasure in violence doesn’t seem right. Sure, Pito is a psycho but the show isn’t doing a great job emphasizing that. I think I heard that Sigsawa’s political views tend to lean towards right, sometimes a rather extreme right. You know – pro-gun policies and stuff. Judging from the story I can believe that. Anyway, I’m just a very peace-loving guy who couldn’t even fire a single shot playing paintball first time (and at the same time the last time) in my life.
  • Llenn’s invincibility is boring as hell.
  • Why only the protagonists are able to dodge bullet lines? How could Fuka fail at firing at a close range? As far as I remember, even when sniping, bullet lines do the job so you can be totally unable to aim but still get kills. And why wouldn’t Fuka’s pistol show the bullet lines? Did she not use them (why then?) or are pistols not equipped with them (also, why then?) Both solutions seem silly, unless there’s something I can’t comprehend. And do we really need a damn pervert who doesn’t even bring a knife? Or a gun. Man, you have an inventory!
  • That last encounter also isn’t anything I could like. “Resigning beats dying!”? Why is that? Why would the girls go on such great lengths conversing with a random person? Simply consider pragmatic reasons. It wasn’t clear at first that she (I guess it was she) could offer any magazines. It’s not that one bullet is worth all the trouble. Or if you are really niggardly, use a knife. All that exchange – magazines, kisses and stuff – to me doesn’t seem like the likeliest thing to haven in an MMO. Oh well.
  • I guess it’s another milestone – my opinion about the show hasn’t been lower. I wonder if it’s already at the limit. Will it be worse? Possibly…

Golden Kamuy (Ep. 10)

  • It’s not uncommon for anime characters to voice their thoughts but in this show it feels even more unnatural than usually. Maybe making these thoughts not so expository would work better? Or making them audible thoughts and not spoken words? It’s strange that a person starts to talk explaining things when he has no need to, and that may even give him a disadvantage.
  • Why, hello again, Mr. Bear, nice weather we are having! I didn’t care about the soldiers in the first place so their lot being diminished rather brutally didn’t affect me that much. Well, in a sense that it didn’t make me care about them more. I was affected by the needless violence that I didn’t really approve. If Tsurumi treats his soldiers in this way, it’s only a matter of time before he gets his own brain spilled. Especially since he baselessly believes a person who just had betrayed him to kill one of his comrades. No, why on earth would anyone try to sort things out in a civilized manner when you can simply gut some dudes simply for the sake of it.
  • People getting blown away by getting shot but later on acting as if absolutely nothing happened, people getting molested by bears for an extended period of time and coming out of that only mildly bruised… Ok, the ear does count, but that’s a ridiculously low price. Why should I care about anyone suffering at the moment if after a few seconds everyone is fine and healthy? It’s not a football match, you know? You don’t need to act all the time.
  • Well, I didn’t expect that the main antagonist apparently is Asirpa’s dad. From a dramatic perspective it does make sense though. Still, the show rushes through the fact, doesn’t letting Asirpa to dwell on it. We were given a plain statement, and that doesn’t carry emotional weight it could and it should. Similar can be said about basically everything Golden Kamuy introduces. This new Ainu dude – just another shady person that might or might not be an antagonist. This random woman in the post-credit scene? Also a shady character, probably with over the top murderous intentions, but in all likelihood that’s all we’ll ever know about her in depth. The show doesn’t breath, it just races against time for who knows what. It doesn’t help that a single episode still has these not that cohesive comedic, brutal, taste-testing and shooting segments. I can’t bring myself to get fully invested into such a constantly changing messy mix of everything. Oh well…


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  1. I too wish that Gun Gale was treated more like how people actually play MMOs.

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