Blogger Appreciation Award: Saying 1 Positive Thing About Myself

     Thanks to Spooky Red Head (please do check out her blog!), here’s another award post. Usually award posts tend to be Q&A sessions and this one turned out to be a bit different. Well, by its nature, asking to write something positive about yourself is also a question, but a comparatively open one, so all the better.

The rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, link back to their site
  2. Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself
  3. Nominate and notify as many bloggers as you wish
  4. Use the award image (it’s the one above, not below)

     I thought about it for a while and it was pretty hard. As I said to Spooky Red Head, it seems like such a post can easily turn into a self-gratifying round of boasting. I’ll try to be as humble as I can. Of course there’re many character features that I’d like to be called. That also includes praise for blogging abilities, of course, but I don’t think I’m any exceptional in that regard.

     Over the years (well, it sounds like I’m some ojii-san, though I’m definitely not) I came to think that even though it’s a human nature to account yourself among the best, the more realistic stance would be to attribute yourself among slightly better than average people. As the joke goes, there definitely are at least 100 Asians that can do some particular job better than you, even if you think you’re an absolute expert. Speaking about averages, they’re a funny thing. I remember it very vaguely but there was a situation when some politician said that it’s unbelievable that one half of hospitals in the country get a below average financing. Well, that’s how averages work, dear. So, if you take a great number of people, being better than average means you’re better than at least half of the population. And in many ways for me it’s more than enough. For example, I’m not a particular sports buff. I had my fair share of basketball practice at school (yeah, my country is obsessed with it), but other than usual morning exercises I don’t participate in any sports events or anything. Many people find me skinny, so I guess I’m not fat. And I think that’s enough. I believe I’m healthy enough and I don’t feel the need to get exceptionally muscular or anything. Hearing reports about how many people in the world suffer from overweight, I simply think that in terms of sportiness and healthiness I’m somewhere near the average, hopefully slightly above it. And that’s enough for me. The sort of moral that could be drawn from this would probably be something like “don’t try to be better than somebody else – be better than yourself to a comfortable degree and it’ll be ok”.

     Whoa, quite unexpectedly that was way longer than it should’ve been. Anyway, it’s not the thing I actually wanted to talk about (and should’ve), though I guess such an attitude connects a bit with the character trait I think I have. And that trait is patience. Once again, I’m definitely not the most patient person in the world but I guess I’m somewhat better than average. Sometimes I’m not sure that too much patience paired with cautiousness is a very good thing but, as a saying goes, measure twice, cut once. By the way, in my country we say “measure 9 times”. That can lead to some overthinking but I guess it’s a better extremity than rushing head-on and doing something you might regret later.

     From the top of my head I recall an incident that sort of concerns patience, especially the endurance side of it. One time at Uni some of my friends asked me to participate in their experiment. Getting enough volunteers is always a big problem so I gladly agreed. It turned out that the experiment concerned human physiological response to various kinds of stress, and that involved putting the volunteer’s hand into a bucket of an icy-cold water for several minutes. I did that and while it clearly wasn’t the most pleasant experience of my life, I simply endured it. Later on these friends of mine said that some of the volunteers couldn’t endure the required time. Speaking about the physiological responses, apparently mine weren’t particularly pronounced. I was told that it seemed like the water had little effect on me as if I was some sort of a plant or something. It’s quite funny since my studies at Uni have some connections to plants.

     Someone has told me that females are constantly thinking about something and making lots of connections between various even hardly related ideas. Males on the other hand tend to concentrate on one particular thing and, what’s more interesting, have a particular little room in their brain with a name “nothing”. I don’t know how accurate such ideas are but that certainly works for me. I am able to enter the “nothing room” and stay at it while thinking absolutely nothing. Not a single stray notion. That’s quite convenient if there’s a period of time you need to spend but there’s no way of doing anything useful. I guess such a “room” sometimes helps me to endure situations of uncomfortable waiting. And generally, I think I tend to look at things more optimistically with a mindset that everything eventually should turn out well, so I can wait and see what happens.

     So yeah, probably too long and too boring kind of confession, but that sort of  just happened. Oh well.

     Now, finally moving to the nominees of whom there’ll be three:

     Thanks again, Spooky Red Head! Hope everyone will find a minute or two to think about positive things.


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  1. Congratulations!
    I’m not sure if it’s human nature to think yourself the best – I sort of had the oppposite lesson instilled in me. Either way – I love it when people can appreciate their own strenghts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks!
      Well, you say yourself that it was instilled, so maybe it wasn’t innate. I remember there was some scientific research where various people were asked how good they are at driving. It turned out that even those who have caused lethal accidents thought they were rather good. I don’t really know, it might be a coincidence but I think as confidence sometimes may compensate lack of skill, overestimating oneself might be an evolutionary advantage. Well, might be. I’m no specialist.

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  2. I sort of assume everyone is at least as skilled as me or better but i also think I’m great…
    I live in a wonderful world

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, that’s actually a very healthy mindset. Well, if other people are able to live to the expectations.


  3. Thank-you for sharing! You seem to have a very good mindset and that’s wonderful to read about 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Contrary to the connection between the words ‘confession’ and ‘jucy’, you’ve shown how an insightful one speaks otherwise. 🙂 Congrats!
    Also that’s a couple of new things I learnt today, about the ‘nothing room’ and the interesting human physiological experiment.
    Thanks for sharing, and optimism is awesome!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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