Musings and Reflections – Winter 2018 Week 14

One phrase impressions:

Fate/Extra Last EncoreFinally the end. Oh wait…
Violet Evergarden
Could the existence of the whole show have been avoided if Violet opened a dictionary and looked up what “love” means?

Fate/Extra Last Encore
(Ep. 10)

  • Hakuno randomly gaining Unlimited Weapon Stash? Isn’t that convenient? And why only now?

  • Isn’t that great…. “That shouldn’t be possible! How does that work?” “I won’t tell you”. From the perspective of someone who’s new to Extra stuff, I call it the laziest plot hole covering ever.
  • If you need Hakuno and Saber in the Dome then why wouldn’t you tell them so instead trying to kill them?
  • I find it highly unlikely that a computer (if Moon Cell really is that) wouldn’t be able to find a victor if its goal is to find one. If it’s so good, didn’t it foresee what would happen if a draw was announced? I’m not sure if I understood that correctly but the problem was that there were two masters on the floor and only one could ascend. So, they invited the third one (how was that allowed?) so he killed one of them. And we still have two masters on the floor, right?
  • At least Rani, Rin and their actions make more sense than before. But was Rani’s death supposed to be sad?
  • And, in a true Shaft fashion, the rest of the series will be released sometime in the far future. It isn’t disappointing the least bit. Oh no.

Violet Evergarden
(Ep. 13)

  • Was it really necessary to glue the ending of the story of the last episode to this one? Anything relevant to that lasted for less than 5 minutes so surely the last episode could’ve been adjusted to fit that? Violet’s heroics didn’t make much sense. I would very much like to know in what way Violet’s mechanic limbs are attached to her body because it seems that boundary between flesh and metal can withstand higher tension than metallic parts themselves. Is Violet made of diamond or something?
  • The episode seemed to be all over the place – ending of one story, Violet interacting with an old dude, Violet remembering things, Violet dealing with Dietfried and his mother, every kinda-important character hanging out, Violet bidding farewell to Gilbert and finally Violet doing some business. Does it sound like a cohesive story? Neither to me.
  • Some parts were really heartfelt – Gilbert’s frustration of being unable to reform Violet, mother’s moment with Violet or the farewell letter for example. Various backgrounds of places Violet visited or sudden appearance of that plushy Claudia bought Violet in the beginning also were a nice touch. Yet, other times some elements felt out of place. I already mentioned the end of the last episode’s story, the same goes for the forced reunion of all the supporting characters. Throwing jokes around when almost at the same time we’re told about Violet writing the most important letter in her life feels jarring to say the least. And who came up with the idea that you spill your heart and then planes throw your (and everybody else’s) letters for everyone to see? Seems like a very bad way of dealing with your personal information. Or was such an event the predecessor of Facebook in that world? I could understand if the letters were thrown into the sea but straight into the streets? Nope. And is it normal behavior to dig up people’s drafts from litter bins and read them aloud?
  • So yeah, the episode felt like it was trying to wrap everything up too hard. A simple story somehow tied with Violet’s current feelings probably would’ve been a better idea. Oh well.
  • Why do subs have Diethard while characters pronounce it Diefried – loud and clear?


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  1. It is finally on Netflix today so I may watch it. I want to keep up with more of the spring anime though so it just depends. When you mentioned that she should look up what love means it made me get that song suck in my head, “What is love? Baby don’t hurt me…” Ha sorry for the ramble.

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    • Yeah, sometimes there’s just too much stuff to watch.
      Maybe in that universe Violet will write such a song eventually 😀 ?

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  2. Fueled by Smiling

     /  April 6, 2018

    I put Violet Evergarden on hold after the first episode, thinking that it might be better to watch it all in one go. Your post makes me wary of it though, because I kind of felt like while the show is beautiful to look at, the story did come off as forced.

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    • Yes, you can certainly say so. Still, I think it’s better to be experienced rather than skipped. Just for the beauty of the visuals.

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