Musings and Reflections – Winter 2018 Week 13

One phrase impressions:

Fate/Extra Last EncoreActually something comprehensible. Hm…
Violet Evergarden
Apparently the show excels more at feels than at fights.
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni –  Great ending of a great show.

Fate/Extra Last Encore
(Ep. 9)

  • PhiloSaber strikes again. Or was it ExpoSaber?

  • Well, actually and pretty unexpectedly to me it was pretty good. Firstly what comes to mind is the visuals. Saber’s backstory was presented interestingly enough, the battle scenes also were much more impressive than usual – both Saber’s rose tornado and the dynamic camera following dramatic punching of two supposedly dead people. OST also complemented the action rather well. Of course everything could’ve been longer but you can’t have everything, can you?
  • To be frank, Hakuno’s realization and meeting with female Hakuno happened at an awfully convenient time. Saber’s backstory balanced between being decent and being too late. I don’t think knowing that she had a sad past made me view Saber differently. She is who she is now and the past so far seems to have very little influence over her actions.
  • Idea that every person deserves to live no matter who he is or what his past has been crystalized and was presented well. Up until now I failed to grasp any strongly portrayed themes, but now we have it, and I’m glad. Thinking forward, Hakuno may develop a wish to become a real person. Or would he rather stay the way he is, because staying true to yourself is that important? The importance of friendship and reaching out was also addressed, and it surprisingly didn’t feel banal.
  • Remind me of how Rani is alive, why she is a ghost now and what was the purpose of reintroducing her.
  • Meanwhile Nasu went meta and tried to explain the differences between the game and the anime.
  • Somebody tell me how can everything be wrapped in one episode that is left or correct me about the length of the show.

Violet Evergarden
(Ep. 12)

  • Love all these amazing backgrounds time and time again.

  • A rather dull episode compared to what we’ve already seen. Violet practically already sorted out her problems and that has been the major theme of the show. Now she still has Dietfried’s mind to change but as he is only a minor character, I don’t see much difference in how he feels about Violet. Of course I’d like everything to end in a good way but the main dish has already been served and now (and possible during the upcoming episodes) we’ll just have to try different icings. I care about the world even less. Again, having peace would be great but it‘ll have only a marginal effect on Violet’s story, no matter how everything ends.
  • People say that Germany during WWI was crushed either too much or too little – it still had enough will to grow again (in the wrong direction) and enough hurt ambitions to want revenge. Well, in the context of Violet Evergarden it’s just noted that no matter which side wins, the other one will be unhappy about the general outcome and the way it’s treated, and that calls for some actions. Sadly we know little about the affairs of the world and a few sentences aren’t going to make me care for one side or another. All I care is Violet and her jobs to be done. Well, it makes sense that the world building is pretty scarce (though the backgrounds do a fine job in general) as Violet didn’t have any interest in it, but once she grew out of that stage, it seems that she knows what’s happening and we virtually don’t.
  • Dietfried’s problems with Violet were finally spoken loud. I get that he might feel remorse to a super-soldier who couldn’t protect one man who really mattered. It’s a fairly logical way of dealing with anguish – finding a target who can be blamed for that.
  • Why do all the fights (in any story) containing trains must be fought on their roofs? Wasn’t it awfully easy for the intruders to sneak in the train in huge numbers and with guns? It’s not that nobody expected that so how horrible are safety standards there? What was the point of burning some rural houses? I’d think secrecy would be a better policy than outright saying “Hey, we’re here, expect to be boarded!” Or was it for intimidation purposes?
  • To be frank, I’ve no idea what happened during the last seconds of the episode. That dude fired a shotgun and what? Violet blocked it? Got shot? It seems like we’ll get another episode continuing the same story but I’m doubtful it’ll reach such emotional heights as we know the show can.

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni (Ep. 12)

  • Thank you. That was a very fulfilling ending. Thank you.

  • During the very first seconds of the episode we see that Akira’s mentality has changed – she already moved from refusal stage. Waking up and getting into a starting position and hitting a reset button – do we need more clues? Akira has matured enough to see everything from a high ground and even if her career plans are as firmly established as a paper plane, she can now think and remember where her passion lies. Akira doesn’t necessarily need Kondou anymore and compared to the beginning of the series, she’s able to look after herself.
  • Ultimately it’s Yuuto with his perseverance that pushes Akira to the right way. But even then it’s Kondou standing in the shadows. Similarly how the normal Nishida was able to choose her path because of a crush, Akira got that same support from Kondou, giving back the same thing. Kondou was first of them that went back to his passion and Akira is up to the challenge. Her run to Kondou was very slow – she needn’t push herself too much – but she’s desperate to feel wind in her ears once again. The hug was imaginary, but also very real – it’s nothing romantic anymore, it’s just two friends heartily congratulating one another for overcoming their issues.
  • Not the least role was played by Haruka – her cold hands are connected to warm Akira’s pockets, to share their warmth as if that time when they were still kids. The girls need each other and despite some misunderstandings and fallings out there are on the same level – as seen by their very similar memories. Just look at that happy face!


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  1. I have yet to see any of these yet, but now it looks like I will try and watch some of these. Marathon time!

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