Musings and Reflections – Winter 2018 Week 12

One phrase impressions:

Fate/Extra Last EncoreOnce again more questions than answers.
Violet Evergarden
Why are osananajimis always so unlucky?
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni –  Tension before the finale.
Ito Junji: Collection – It’s over. Thank goodness.
Mahoutsukai no Yome – Good shows deserve good endings, but that’s not given.

Fate/Extra Last Encore
(Ep. 8)

  • So we skipped the fourth floor completely and the fifth one doesn’t have a floor master at all? I thought a floor master was a necessity.

  • Saber’s speech about humans being different from each other was redundant. Especially since the internet (specifically anime community on reddit) is full of people shouting “I’m a reclusive otaku, I have no friends, I want to kill myself, pity me!!”. Well, people do have problems but to purposefully stay in that state and only spread negativity isn’t the wisest thing. Anyway, many people (and some of them rather painfully) are aware of being different from others. I don’t think you could call them geniuses only because of that. I also don’t think there’s a sane person in the world who would think that everyone is totally equal and capable of achieving similar results in all possible fields.
  • I get that anime is no stranger to exaggeration but Hakuno should’ve died a couple dozen of times from shattered spine. No matter, he still died. Wait, he survived. And then I just don’t give a damn anymore because plot armor is invincible.
  • Hakuno being a condensed realization of all the dead people makes some sense. But that new master also has (or is himself – I’m not sure about the terminology) a Dead Face, so how that’s possible?
  • What was that giant robot-thingy?
  • Oh well, nothing makes sense. I’m tired of all this.

Violet Evergarden
(Ep. 11)

  • Oh the feels. In principal this episode was very similar to the last one, and while I still crave for something less predictable and sentimental, Aidan’s story felt more effective compared to Ann’s. I’m not sure why but probably because this story had tighter ties with Violet herself.

  • I’m a bit skeptical about a soldier being able to hire a doll. I mean, he basically invites a woman (because apparently there are no men-dolls) to his squad to do some job. Say what you will, but in terms of morale, concentration and responsibility such a decision shouldn’t be allowed by the brass, especially in dire situations.
  • There are other conveniences – would a sane postman really choose to fly over a legitimate battlefield? He could easily be shot down by either side. The way Violet found Aidan and the state that he was in also speak about a particularly high effort by the show to be as sad as possible without doing anything interesting or novel. Another similar thing is the fact that the enemy soldiers were able to recognize Violet so easily. Everything played out just too conveniently.
  • Still, as I said the story nicely ties in with Violet’s past. Last episode she was able to interact with a kid, and that was an achievement. Now she chose to brave a battlefield regardless of the severity of her memories and too late understanding of her past actions.
  • Seeing war again is particularly difficult for Violet because now she feels as if every single injured soldier is her fault. She killed many people and seeing the direct results of people being hurt doesn’t help that. But Violet isn’t as she was before – the sights deeply affect her but it’s way past the point of Violet unable to understand her actions and take responsibility for them. Aidan’s letter was another point for Violet to consider – he wished to have another chance in life and Violet was given that but she still feels she doesn’t really deserve it. Aidan’s family also provided a big blow, but not one Violet couldn’t survive.
  • The backgrounds look absolutely gorgeous. Especially with the fitting bloody tint.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Violet decided to act seriously and would go berserk, wiping out both warring sides single-handedly.

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni (Ep. 11)

  • Fixation on legs makes it seem like someone really looks up to Naoko Yamada.

  • Haruka chooses to pursue Akira but oh the lines… Still, it’s not enough to discourage her, and that works for the best. A few episodes back it was Akira who reached out and invited Haruka to the festival, but even the argument there wasn’t enough for Haruka to give up completely – now it’s her time to say that she’s always there. She didn’t sound the friendliest but I think she got her message across. No matter how, the friendship of the girls is slowly being healed by slight steps by both of them. I hope they’ll completely reconcile.
  • So far everything points to the direction of Akira returning to running. She has similar thoughts herself, bolstered by Haruka and that runner girl who recovered from a similar accident. Even though in the end Akira chose to give up, I don’t think that’s the end of it – the last episode should (I really hope so) rectify that. At the moment Akira seems a bit mad at Haruka, so if I were to speculate, it would be more likely for Kondou to push the girls together. Or maybe for Chihiro?
  • The scene between Kondou and Chihiro left a very deep impression. Even if a person is successful, it doesn’t mean that he achieved that by sticking to his ideals. Chihiro even feels jealous of Kondou who chose not write because he knew he couldn’t do his best. Similar questions may be applied even to blogging – how long should you polish a post before it’s good enough? And what’s the right measure – should it be good enough for the writer, or for the reader? Maybe there isn’t any right solution after all? In the end we see Kondou encouraged to try some writing himself – he seems to be assured that even if Chihiro is a celebrated author, he isn’t that different from Kondou.
  • Quite funny how both Kondou and Chihiro feel embarrassed talking about their feelings and try to remain dignified adults by adding “Just kidding”.

Ito Junji: Collection (Ep. 12)

  • It’s the only anime I know of where the characters don’t want to be noticed (by senpai). Weird.

  • Did Michael Bay direct that? Is this a comedy? Should I feel bad for these guys?
  • I hope Souichi was killed. It makes some sense to end the show with the character we started with (and implementing that fashion model if that’s the same bishoujo). The problem is that this character is Souishi, and the best I can say about his stories is that I don’t care. Bringing some Tomie would’ve been far wiser. Oh well. To the very end Collection stayed true to itself and was horrible at animation and at storytelling. I don’t even feel like talking more about this sad adaptation is worth anybody’s time. Oh well.

Mahoutsukai no Yome (Ep. 24)

  • Yeah, yeah, a protagonist was in a terrible condition at the start of the story and during the show got better. But not completely, because it would mean that the financially profitable franchise would stop. How many such stories do we have?

  • It was probably too naïve to expect a decent ending since I can’t remember a single time when the show delivered a satisfying resolve of a cliffhanger. I might have been (again) not that attentive but why did Chise start attacking Joseph a la Velvet Crowe? What did she try to achieve by beating Joseph if in the end she simply hugged him, lullabies and stuff? As far as I understood, Joseph knew how to transfer Chise’s dragon arm to himself so that Chise would be freed from the curse and Joseph would be able to die. I think such a plan would’ve been beneficial for both of  them, right? The confrontation also used neither that 4-armed wizard, nor Renfred with Alice, nor Maaya Sakamoto, so what was even the point in getting them all together? Because it’s the climax and a series should bring back everyone together just for the sake of it?
  • Was anyone fooled when Chise was pierced through her stomach? She’s invincible, especially during the last episode.
  • Probably the most aggravating was the fact that the major conflict between Chise and Elias was downplayed by damn chibis. It’s a relationship destroying difference in values, you hear me? Sorting everything out behind the curtain and returning to the status quo as if nothing happened isn’t an option.
  • You leave your major antagonist sleeping in a well without any guard or knowledge when he’ll simply walk away and continue his business? Wise idea man, very wise.
  • Chise’s hand problem was never solved. I don’t understand what that Cartaphilus ghost is talking about – if Cartaphilus’s eye has been removed from Chise, how is she still connected to him? Consequently shouldn’t Chise still be threatened by death pretty seriously?
  • The last part? Why would you randomly dress as a bride? Unless it’s a message for the dear drooling viewers who otherwise wouldn’t be happy without such a fanservice.

  • Oh well. Let the manga be completed in a better way. I’m out.
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  1. KingDylbag13

     /  March 28, 2018

    No pop team epic?

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    • No, I’m afraid. From a few clips I can say I do appreciate the creativity but I don’t think its rather extreme and brash sense of humor is for me. Do you recommend it?

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