Musings and Reflections – Winter 2018 Week 10

One phrase impressions:

Violet Evergarden Very very poor girl…
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni –  Chihiro, finally.
Ito Junji: Collection – I’m glad I didn’t eat before this.
Mahoutsukai no Yome – Flashbacks, flashbacks…

Violet Evergarden
(Ep. 9)

  • Damn, that’s one great episode. I can’t remember when I watched anything as depressing and bittersweet by the end. And as emotionally charged.

  • It’s not perfect though. I’m not sure it was the best decision to start the episode right where the last one finished. If you are marathoning the show it should be fine but after a week of waiting you naturally need a bit of time to remember everything. That’s what OPs are for, actually. I think even 15 or 30 additional seconds of random soldiers running around would’ve set the mood way better. Now I was at the same time trying to get into the show (recalling the last episode and reconnecting with the characters), turning off any thoughts that didn’t concern it, and being very self-conscious about all that. In the end I just wasn’t as invested as I could’ve been for a minute or two. And when I’m not invested, it’s very easy for random thoughts to pop up – just like pondering the plausibility of surviving after a headshot, or an arm being torn off by a bullet (and the other by a grenade) and the likelihood of all that happening almost simultaneously.
  • The depression part was very effective. It’s more than clear that Violet is alone among ruins of everything she believed in. Rain isn’t anything too original but it also works, bringing back ghosts of the past. Claudia’s gifted plushy dog became very important – to Violet it meant both a symbol of her relationship with the Major (and also with all her coworkers to a lesser extent) and a harsh reminder that these eyes (and consequently the Major) aren’t alive and no matter what they won’t ever be. The plushy seems cute and all but apart from external charm it is empty of any real emotion and feeling – just like Violet herself.
  • The way Violet overcame her depression was a bit abrupt. It would be very interesting to know how it was done (if it ever was) in the novels because Violet’s previous clients (anime original ones actually) brought her a lot motivation to move forward. Concern from Iris and Erica as well as Luculia’s brother’s resolve to change couldn’t have happened in the novels and relying only on the old (and pretty random) postman would seem a bit of a stretch. Even then, Violet did get an unexpected letter but she seemed out of her unstable state rather quickly and, what’s more curious, seemingly without any  after-effects.
  • It should be clear both for Violet and the viewers that even with all her sins, Violet has made a positive impact on the world. It’s also a great idea to get a glimpse on the lives of already seen characters, especially since they all seem to be doing just fine.
  • All is well that ends well. Wait, that wasn’t the final episode? What else is there to be told over 5 additional episodes? For now we don’t even have any clear goals.
  • You know what would destroy the mood? The major turning up alive.

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni (Ep. 9)

  • A less exciting episode compared to some previous ones but KoiAme’s baseline still is rather high. I’m just not sure if 3 episodes will be enough to cover everything that needs covering.

  • Yeah, the festival. It was heartwarming to see Akira and Haruka enjoying it, though right from the start it was clear that everything can’t go that smoothly, as the past can’t be forgotten that easily. Even after that girls had a great time as if no estrangement had happened, but Haruka proved that she can read Akira too well. Sadly that lead to a conflict and now the relationship between the girls seems to be in a worse state than it was when whey didn’t talk at all. Well, their points were valid, and honesty is the best policy but if you want to renew a relationship, you need to do that actively and to shut your eyes to some possibly risky matters. It’s very sad that everything happened as it did and Akira again feels alone.
  • Chihiro quite unexpectedly for me turned out to be a man. Anyway, it led to us seeing a more relaxed side of Kondou. As the time goes, I’m less and less inclined to think that being a manager is something he’s supposed to be doing. He’s mentally stuck in a high-school age while time just passed him by so naturally Akira’s attention flatters him.
  • So, among normal WcDonalds we can add Amezon. And actually it’s pretty great, considering that it’s AMEzon in KoiAME.
  • I have very little knowledge of Russian language, but it’s enough to know that ‘posmotret’” means not “look” as in ordering to look but simply an infinitive “to look”. The right work should be “posmotri” (посмотри). The pronunciation isn’t perfect either. It’s not “mii-shyats”, it’s “meh-syats”.
  • I’m still a bit confused about Akira’s change of thought regarding Kondou. Some episodes ago she would do anything to get his attention and now she’s completely alright with only greeting him during the festival. Moreover, the exchange under the moon didn’t have any romantic vibes. Akira only thought about her problems with Haruka and Kondou was there only as a friend offering a hand. That was such a perfect opportunity to say “Tsuki ga kirei desu ne?”… Kondou’s advice seemed a bit off though. I get that he’s trying to say that in time everything will be fine but it looks like he’s telling Akira to forget Haruka for the next 10 years or so.

Ito Junji: Collection (Ep. 10)

  • Damn, it’s probably the most disgusting thing I’ve seen like ever. And that’s also counting some pretty weird stuff like manga of Shintaro Kago. Pimples are already bad but to be this bad… Horror can be entertaining but that’s going too far. At least for me.

  • The second half was far more to my liking. Well, actually anything would’ve been. Despite the usual production shortcomings the story was far more interesting. Well, you could say that it’s nothing more than a pretty much usual ghost story, and it really is, but I think it did everything it could to be as true to the genre as possible. I’m not sure that such a funny moment like the big guy being stuck under the bridge was necessary, though. I would also like to know who dressed the dead grandma when she was really dead. Anyway, creepy floating (and sinking) dead are creepy, and I guess that’s the most important thing.
  • By the way, it’s not the first time when I start to wonder why the characters see that some weird things start to happen and they just go on with their lives as usual. It’s just like driving a car and seeing that the brakes are probably broken but why on earth would anyone think about fixing that?

Mahoutsukai no Yome (Ep. 22)

  • So it’s basically Chise dealing with her inner demons. I have some problems with that but knowing that everything we saw was Chise’s memories so she was an biased narrator and therefore everything needn’t necessarily make perfect sense. I don’t know if it will ever be elaborated but the way Chise’s dad left felt very incomplete. Sure, Chise couldn’t know his reasons but I’ve no idea why he picked up one of his kids (and precisely that one) and ran away. Did he choose Chise’s brother because Chise was fairly self-dependent? I think children can sense very well when there’s something not right with their parents and there were no visible signs (that weasel-like thing doesn’t explain anything) of the imminent separation. Well, basically I’m not content that we got so little information about everything.

  • The same can be said about Chise’s mom. She just randomly became mad and tried to kill her daughter. Well, I’m no mother (and no woman, by the way) so I can’t say I know what a mother truly feels but to put your own kid in danger is an action I can’t understand. Sadly these things do happen I reality sometimes but I can’t see any justifiable arguments as to why would Chise’s mom do that. Her suicide also was a very rash and unfounded decision. So again – I don’t think I understand why Chise’s parents behaved the way they did.
  • On paper Chise’s deal with Cartaphilus makes absolute sense – one would possibly gain an ability to withstand curses and other energy-sucking things and the other would be able to die. Suits everyone, right? There probably are some hidden elements to Cartaphilus’ plan so regardless of Chise’s caution everything will get more complicated and possibly violent. Well, as a build-up for the last two episodes it kinda works.
  • Should I assume that Elias and Ruth are crying in some corner and therefore weren’t able to participate in this episode?


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