Musings and Reflections – Winter 2018 Week 1

Ito Junji: Collection (Ep. 1)

     I got to say my fears were founded. Apart from all these voodoo things (that obviously weren’t explained) there’s just nothing that interesting. Souichi is that immensely annoying kind of guy who acts like a mad scientist but once caught, gets all wimpy. The problem is that I don’t enjoy such a protagonist. Hell, I’d disown such a troublemaker. It’s clear that sometimes he’s expected to be seen as a laughable and funny guy (and sometimes he is due to his incompetence), but most of times it’s unintentional. Yuuji Mitsuya does a great job as a VA but that flow of endless explanations and comments by monologuing? No, thank you. No more of you, Annoying Jerk, please. Speaking about the art, I don’t think red coloring in the OP is the right choice – as far as I remember, blood isn’t that often used by Ito as a means of horror. The ED on the other hand felt rather cute (as cute as random jerks and dolls (and a monster) hiding behind the trees can be). Still, the overall visuals seem pretty stale. There just weren’t any scenes that would be enhanced because of the animation. All that was animated was people walking and mouth-flapping. In the end it’s just (barely) moving manga panels with some colors painted on (probably for the worse). On the other hand, the final segment (somehow incredibly short, almost a preview) felt more like an animated Ito story – you just sit with “Whut? Whaat? Whaaaaa? Oh dear…” That’s Ito that works.

Mahoutsukai no Yome (Ep. 13)

     It certainly is episode 13 of season 1 and not episode 1 of season 2. There’s (again) just nothing that impressive. The part before the OP basically was the same PV that was played during the credits of the last episode. The OP itself used only scenes from the show itself and while the scenes chosen definitely were good ones, you usually expect the OP to be of somewhat better quality than the rest of the show. Or at least to tell a mini-story that would tie into the themes of the show, not just be something like “previously on Mahoutsukai no Yome…”. The dip in quality was also apparent during some motions of the characters and I probably don’t need to address the ED that is a single boring pan without any creativity. On the other hand, this episode nicely showed a place where the OVAs should be placed. Only someone who hasn’t seen them might be a bit confused about what exactly did happen there. Going back to the main story, Elias continuously puzzles me. Well, as does Chise by being so head over heels for him, but that I already said countless times. So yeah, Elias. He sends so ambivalent messages that I don’t know what to think anymore. One time he may get over-romantic with all these “it was so cold when you weren’t there”, carrying Chise around, calling her his bride and stuff. But then also comes a moment when he doesn’t shy from cheering about his “bought” item, casually almost forgetting to tell that these flying sheep may freeze you to death. Not to cautiously hiding his own backstory. Come on, dude, after all these years you should know that you form a relationship by sharing something, and that includes information – if Chise can talk about her family, why do you get on your high horse and assume that it’s your decision to remove some of Chise’s memories? Also, a thing about Chise’s dad. It’s understandable that he separated from her mother but is it possible that he was also able to stop caring about Chise because of that? It highly contrasts with the happy family picture Chise remembers – what kind of dad would forget his beloved daughter even after she was left alone in the world as the only person close to her at the time died?


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