Musings and Reflections – Fall 2017 Week 11

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (Ep. 11)

    Usual dark overtones suddenly got way darker. Even this new Blob-like pet seemed amusing and unsettling equally when it turned out that it can eat bullets. The story then went to emphasize how little we actually know about anything. Well, just look at a human body – we use it every day in countless ways but how often do we start pondering how exactly does it work? What needs to be done in order to simply raise a hand? And that’s juts harmless stuff since the girls involuntarily start playing with guns, big ones. I agree with Chi that to some extent such boundless curiosity (like Yuu’s) is a force that drives humanity forward. Where would we be as a species if there hadn’t been “I wonder what will happen if I do this” moments. Such trait is also very helpful surviving in an apocalyptic setting when you can find useful stuff in weirdest places. On the other hand, such eagerness needs to be controlled – and that’s also a reason why our duo works so well as a pair. Curiosity needs to have its own place and time since doing anything you don’t know about may even be lethal. And Yuu doesn’t even care that much. It’s understandable as it’s very characteristic of her not to care much about anything but also it’s worrying – how many conflicts and even wars were started when one side just didn’t bother to check things out before going full speed? The message probably is that you need to toss both sides of a coin at once – too much anxiety as well as uncontrolled adventurous mood have their costs that sometimes might be rather expensive. The final moments of the episode provided a nice little escalation towards the finale as Chi finally got an idea that the Blob and weird statues might have a connection. Whatever it might be, after such carelessness in this episode I’m worried about Yuu’s future behavior in this nuclear submarine. And by the way what is it doing on a nth layer of a huge city where you should be more likely to found a plain rather that a ship?

Kino no Tabi (Ep. 11)

    If Kino loves to sing so much why haven’t we heard that like ever before? To be frank apart from some nice shots and the fact that Kino looked more cute, there were no things that were more memorable compared to the old version. Well, in principle you just don’t fix anything that isn’t broken. Or if it’s too broken, you fix it until it’s fixed. The new show didn’t do either, so I’m disappointed again. Of course it might be that I’m already prejudiced against the new Kino because of previous episodes, but I’m not the only one who isn’t happy about the way the things go. Probably the biggest problem is that in the original Kino this episode and the one before were shown in a reversed order, and it served far better. This new way makes it far more difficult to see the circumstantial connection between Sakura last time and Kino now. The story isn’t perfect either. When you see a good villain, you at least understand where his motivations come from, even if you don’t agree with him. A bad villain? Anyone that acts like a jerk for no other reason except that the author wanted so. Does it ring any bells already? Seeing Kino’s parents act like they did urges me to drop the show rather than ponder the possible moral problems and implications. There’s just no way I can believe a whole country would happily try to kill a child for one wrong sentence, her parents wholeheartedly included, surgery or no surgery. Well, in reality there might be some communities of some unbelievably mad people but does it make an entertaining story? For me – no, at least not as here.

Mahoutsukai no Yome (Ep. 11)

    That’s what I call magic. I’m very glad about the way the show treats all this supernatural stuff. Magic there seems to be almost a separate character who needs to be dealt with and respected. It isn’t inherently good or bad, it just is. For humans magic really should seem wondrous and scary to say the least (just like that Elias’ rage scene – effective beyond a doubt). Magic is something you as a human don’t feel a part of, something you simply can’t understand. The setting itself adds much to this feeling – not using anything remotely Japanese and tapping into old mythologies that have deep roots in the unknown is a perfect choice to evoke this feeling of amazement and awe. Still, I understand that Elias wants to stay clean and not to reveal anything that might scare his bride, but the way he behaves isn’t fair. Sure, technically Chise is bought by him but still if she’s treated like an equal, she has a right to know what kind of person she had herself mixed with. Maybe Elias just doesn’t understand that and thinks that objectively it’s best for Chise to be left in the dark but that doesn’t make him a more likable character. The only thing I’m still really concerned with is the chibi stuff, but you can’t have absolutely perfect episode, can you?

Ballroom e Youkoso (Ep. 24)

    It’s said that all is well that ends well. Technically everything went fantastic for Tatara and Chinatsu, but count me disappointed. For once, I don’t think they deserved to win. Making so many mistakes early on that anyone could see makes it look like you can perform well once or twice, other times fail horribly, and it will still be ok. It’s just weird that apart from Tatara, out of all couples we saw only Kugimiya stumble only once, and there was absolutely no commentary on other pairs. I get that others might have made a millions of mistakes, but please at least show it. Also the situation isn’t perfect considering moral perspective – a pair that’s just formed with no experience in my opinion shouldn’t outperform a returned elite dancer whose skill is unquestionable, even if their performances are comparable. All things considered, a second place still would’ve been a huge achievement for Tatara. Moving on, it’s true that for some people it isn’t meant to become dancers but stating straightforwardly that you may be a pro for 10 years and a newbie might outdance you is just cruel. The same goes with the statement that you can be a god on a dance floor but if a judge is prejudiced against your style – you’ll achieve nothing. So yeah, the judging system seems to be completely broken. Cool. Still, what annoyed me the most was the superposition of the culmination of the competition and the wrapping-up moments. As far as I know, the part “quick” in “quickstep” is there for a reason, so playing a lyrical track over such a dance is nothing but strange. The competition should’ve ended way back so all these acknowledgements that “I love dancing” could’ve been saved for at least one cohesive episode. I’m just not ready to constantly switch between the high-speed pace of the finale of the competition and the slow crawl of various flashbacks and revelations. Say what you will but after all this time I still don’t believe that Tatara and Chinatsu are an efficient pair. At least Chinatsu definitely isn’t anyone I would want to have to deal with. Is it normal to constantly provoke and unsettle your partner by unimportant questions (“Why do you dance?” and stuff) at  moments when you need just to concentrate and give your best in order to achieve the best performance possible?

Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau (Ep. 11)

    I’m not even sure writing about the show is worth the time I spend doing it. What’s the point in introducing even more on-time-only discardable characters? What’s the point in showing that the main villain is so devious that he can make a death sentence a blessing for future mischiefs incredibly easy due to absolutely incompetent dudes getting manipulated? What’s the point in having two basically unknown characters start a coup? What’s even the point in stating that the Whale eats people’s lives in order to give them power? I guess everyone assumed so in the very first episode. Of course it might be new that precisely the Whale itself does that but come on – do you need to be incredibly smart to guess that if someone has something but hasn’t got something else, these two things might be connected? I don’t appreciate the fact that the show creates new concepts only when something extraordinary is shown. In other words, there’s no foreshadowing that, say, Ouni is a demon. And these things (let’s say Ouni again) aren’t properly explained. I’ve still no idea what are these beings in the cores of the Whales and what’s the deal with that Neri (Ema or what’s her name) girl. The overall structure also feels questionable. I doubt this new arc of travelling to that other country will finish next time, so that would leave us with 1,5 arc per season. Pretty inconvenient, isn’t it? Especially considering that all these red-shirt characters severely lacked screen time to become important to the viewers. Oh well. At least it won’t be much longer till the end.


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