Musings and Reflections – Summer 2017 Week 13

Ballroom e Youkoso (Ep. 12)

     Surprisingly unoffending start of a new arc. The beginning nicely mirrored the very start of the show, confirming that Tatara now has some friends who may help him, even if they’re Jerks. Yet, there’s only a small step from mirroring to being plain and predictable. You see a class full of unimportant and bland characters and one girl just happens to be a redhead. In a queue only one person wears a hood, and a red one. What are the chances that it’s not a coincidence? Everything else was just a basic episode of Ballrooom, fanservice and awkward moments included. And you tell me that if the Jerk wanted to scream at Tatara so much, he still waited for a convenient opportunity to say what he thinks face to face? And then he nicely reminds me why I hate him and why my opinion of the show itself isn’t the highest. At least Shizuku finally got some lines. Seeing Sengoku dance (finally) was impressive due to the animation but only because it actually was animated. Other than that, it’s just preparations for the new girl and the Jerk trying to act less like one and at times even succeeding. I certainly hope that these developments will have a positive impact because I’m quite fed up with the usual stuff.

Made in Abyss (Ep. 12)

     All the bad stuff now seems far away and the atmosphere has returned to its initial state when Abyss still seemed quite easily conquerable. The episode is mainly spent wandering around and not accomplishing that much so I’m inevitably both missing any more defined immediate goals and at the same time eagerly awaiting the last episode that should be a 1-hour special. Again a segment about life on the ground level was incorporated but I’m not sure what for. Such scenes appear from time to time enough to question their purpose but not frequent enough to form a separate storyline. As far as my general anime knowledge goes, supporting characters don’t get elaborate designs just for the sake of it, and that girl from the caravan certainly looked impressive, so maybe there are some things brewing high above Riko’s grasp. Either way, I wished that these parts would be either cut if they don’t lead anywhere or alternatively a new separate storyline may be established, obviously stating that what happens on the ground is important. Far below Nanachi shows her tender side a bit more, giving a feeling that ultimately she’s just another normal girl, albeit strengthened by the cruelty of Abyss. Getting flustered over her cooking being questioned or sitting in amazement after Reg’s showdown cuts some mystery from Nanachi’s character but certainly makes her personality seem more appropriate to her external fluffiness. Also props for the animation. The movement of that almost unseen fabric was quite well done indeed.

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