Musings and Reflections – Spring 2017 Week 13

Re:Creators (Ep. 12)

     It feels like a season finale structurally but there’s nothing of sort in terms of visuals. We finally got a plan and remaining episodes should be devoted to its execution. It turns out the main guy was a bigger jerk than it was clear after the last episode. Of course now there’s nothing that can be changed but if he had so little friends he may have thought of having a close conversation with the suicide girl and sorting everything out, even if it would’ve been pretty painful. Still, the main guy’s only characterization so far remains just the fact that once he behaved inadequately and now is sorry about that. It’s weird that no one in the group looked impressed or just cared enough to offer some help or something.  I’m bothered by the fact that Altair’s fanfics are able to give her new abilities but there’s no similar thing concerning other characters. Don’t tell me a random character without a story receives more fanfics than acclaimed stories do. I still don’t understand how a published book is different from a tweet in terms of getting power. Let’s say that twitter (because of its nature) provides only temporary boosts but are then Altair’s abilities based only upon temporary skills? As far as I understand she was created and became popular via some web platform that isn’t too fundamentally dissimilar from twitter but her powers seem pretty permanent. Well, I’m starting to wonder if I should keep trying to understand everything at all. Some things just doesn’t make much sense. After Alice’s external brains sadly died she looks to be finally taking advantage of her own personal neural network. Nothing too impressive so far but it’s still a step to a thinking personality. I’m almost completely positive that the new guy from the scene after the credits is one of Selesia’s buddies, because in the ED there’s a scene with Selesia flanked by two dudes whose clothing closely resembles the attire of this new guy. If that’s true, some interesting encounters are right on the way. So yeah, let’s go forward with the power of doujin crossovers!

Little Witch Academia (Ep. 25)

     So where do I begin? Starting from the positives, the message that you need to believe and only from that comes the magic is clear and it nicely summarizes the whole show. The final scene where Akko finally learned how to fly also brought back memories from the very first episodes and worked well as a conclusion. I don’t even need to say anything about the animation – it’s obvious how much work was put in. The story though… To think about it, the power of friendship worked too literally and Deus ex Machina moments weren’t scarce. I doubt any self-respecting missile would wait for some witches to talk a bit, then open their tech-support kits and construct a pseudo-reaction-engine-powered-tandem-broom (witch by itself is pretty cool) and start a race. Not to mention that the rocket itself came out of nowhere, and the same thing can be said about that mad broom from the first episodes. Powering up by wearing special clothes isn’t very convincing, as the fact that it took so long for anyone to notice that people’s wills may generate magic. Maybe the whole world of LWA is full of idiots who need to announce publicly that “I’ll start believing these girls” before doing that. It’s jaw dropping how everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten that Croix did some nasty things. Apparently not nasty enough since her role as the main villain was so easily stolen by a random missile whose character was developed using far less time. Andrew was as useful as always, and that means he just provided time for the animators to take a break from hectic movement of Akko and friends. I expected much more from LWA but oh well, it could’ve been way worse.

Sakura Quest (Ep. 13)

     You know the show has achieved its goal when it makes your own emotions align perfectly with everything it tries to evoke. Every single change from total excitement seeing the huge crowd to the horror when the quiz flopped or the TV program finally aired felt like I was watching my own friends succeed or fail, that’s the power of characterization P.A. is capable of. To think of it, it’s definitely sad but inevitable that business world is based on profit and not on good will. TV program just wants as many viewers as possible, and, as the film crew previously, will do everything they can through editing or other means to ensure the success of their own goals regardless of the actual outcomes for anyone else. To be frank, Manoyama isn’t a place whose beauty and other perks come clear at first sight so it was quite natural that the mob just went to see a concert that could’ve easily happened anywhere else. In that regard Manoyama gained only a little profit from a huge but one-time-only surge of people. Yes, it’s still a huge step forward compared to all the Chupakabura marketing before Yoshino came but there’s still a long road to go to get people come to Manoyama because it’s Manoyama itself they want to see. Well, the story of the episode was just like the real life goes on – something might go extremely well but inevitably there will always be many things that can be improved. Sandal again proved to be a weird source of entertainment, trying to go travel to Guam with a random dude.

Tsuki ga Kirei (Ep. 12)

     Damn, that was beautiful. Last time I said that I wanted to know what the far future holds and it seems like someone heard me. I guess the real climax actually was the last image of the show and every single episode, every single scene were only building up to it. You can say that the whole final sequence was too idealistic and very rarely everything ends up so well. On the other hand, the whole show is very idealistic – both Akane and Curly are very down to earth but optimistic human beings, trying as best they can to learn how to live on, and that optimism and hope that everything will be ok drives them on even when some circumstances are not that favorable, such as Curly not passing the entrance exam. As the show tried to be as realistic as possible such an outcome as Curly failing was a natural one – sometimes you just are not meant to succeed no matter how hard you try. The ending sequence was even stronger due to the fact that Chinatsu entered the same school as Curly. Knowing how pushy she has been against her own better judgment I can almost guarantee that Curly experienced some uncomfortable situations during his high school years. Anyway, even if the show tells as that everything ended in a way that’s probably too positive, that heartwarming conclusion made up for many flaws during the whole airing.

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