Well, I’m quite irritated. Imagine yourself finally getting a review finished, with every piece thought out as well as possible. As I tend to stick to some sort of a form while writing reviews, it’s always a good idea to check some older review if I haven’t missed anything. And then, ladies and gentlemen, I imagine splendidly finding that not a single one of images in the reviews is shown. I’ve hosted pretty much everything on PhotoBucket and it turns out they just decided that images can no longer be hosted on any 3rd party website. Of course there’s a way out of it, and it costs only 400 dollars.

     To be frank, when I started, I didn’t pay much attention to what hosting site was the best and for the most part PhotoBucket was doing quite well for me. There was that space limit so inevitably some time in the future I would have had to move somewhere else but there still was plenty of time. Another issue was that PhotoBucket didn’t always wholeheartedly accept my images, maybe it had to something with the fact that I don’t live anywhere near USA. Particularly it was hard to upload gifs but usually with some additional attempts everything would come out all right. More or less.

     So yeah, it turns out I have to move every single image on this blog somewhere else and it’s going to be a huge pain in the ass. Well, at least the images themselves didn’t vanish altogether, they’re only unavailable to view on the blog. It’s quite weird that some of my newer posts have retained their images but that’s only a slight positive.

     Cheers PhotoBucket,  you may as well choke on those 400 dollars but they won’t be mine.

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  1. That’s really unfortunate. I guess I understand limited what they allow for free, but $400 simply to host your pictures is kind of crazy.

    Have you tried imgur? At least for the time being they advertise unlimited storage and bandwidth.

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    • Yeah, it looks like April 1 kind of joke.
      At first I thought about transferring everything to Google Photos but imgur would probably be a better choice. Thanks!

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  2. Whelp, I would lie if I were to say I completely feel your pain as it didn’t happen to me (yet), but darn if that’s frustrating. As if that percentage on media library on WordPress wasn’t pressuring enough (I’m not weird for getting worried everytime it fills up a little, am I?).

    And that’s why I searched for an unlimited hosting site and found imgur. I recommend it, as it has worked for me quite nicely. I’m not sure how others work, but I love the fact that you can upload as many as you wish in a single mouse move (dragging), resize (and do some little simple edits, such as adding text or cropping) them and having links (a large variety I dare to say) immediately.

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    • I tried to ignore it, but I have to add this: that picture is gloriously fitting. Sorry, but I can’t stop laughing.

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      • Sorry for spamming, but when I saw this headline in my newsfeed I was reminded again of that Monster’s image. “NASA clarifies: We don’t have child sex slaves on Mars”

        I’m saving it. Ok, I promise I won’t bother anymore for that golden picture anymore. Have a good day.

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      • Thanks! When I watched Monster I just immediately knew that the picture will somehow come in handy later on.

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    • You’re definitely not weird – the mere fact that something is going to be used up eventually (no matter how far in the future) feels somehow very uncomfortable.
      I guess I’ll move to imgur completely cause everyone seem to be quite content with it. Simplicity as well as some versatility in this case is a huge plus. Thanks for the suggestion!

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