Musings and Reflections – Spring 2017 Week 9

Re:Creators (Ep. 8)

 photo MR9.1_zpskwhxqwia.png

     Just some quick thoughts about the OP – pretty much all the characters have a cut with some posters of themselves. Only Meteora and Blitz are exceptions which means (at least for the former one) that the creator is dead. Also, most of the posters are vertical and only Magane walks over hers which symbolizes what she has done to her creator. Well, everything might be interpreted differently, but this idea just popped in my head. The main guy got some encouragement from Meteora but I’m a bit surprised that it was precisely her that the main guy talked to. I think if you want to tell something delicate to one person of a group, you should choose one who might understand you the best and be able to comfort you. Yes, Meteora did that but could the main guy expect that form her rather than from Selesia who seems pretty much as clever and as involved in planning and stuff? The show finally used a technique known as “show” after endlessly talking about how terrible Alice’s world is. And it doesn’t look particularly horrible, just your average dark fantasy stuff. There are other new bits and pieces uncovered but again it’s interspersed with lots of talking. From all of the characters that have appeared Altair seems the only one who hasn’t got a true story about her, well, a story that would be massively appreciated and professionally continued. Well, she also seems like the one who started summoning everybody else. It’s true that her author’s own story isn’t the most cheerful one but that still doesn’t explain the mechanism of why everything that happens does it that way. I wonder if plot armor is something characters can take with them when they arrive to the god –world. My take would be that yes, for better or worse. If not then Mamika’s plan is a stupid one. There was always a possibility of getting killed (and a damn high one) and getting killed achieves nothing. Oh well…

Little Witch Academia (Ep. 21)

 photo MR9.2_zpsllkwrmch.png

     One of the more cohesive episodes lately. It had its own story but that was also seamlessly entwined with the overarching narrative not to mention the revealed backstory elements of Croix and Chariot. Of course, as many other episodes, this one could’ve used some more time to explore the relationships between the characters and to emphasize various themes more. For example the rift between Akko and Ursula was particularly brief so albeit the resolution was very poetic and fitting, the buildup wasn’t as elaborated as I would’ve wished. With 4 episodes left I guess it’s a bit early to throw everything into the fray for one final showdown with Akko succeeding in retrieving the last word (with Diana’s help of course), defeating Croix and having some closure in the matters of meeting with Chariot. Andrew still is shown as a potential meddler in the stuff of the witches, Lotte and Sucy (not to mention the other girls) weren’t as involved as of late, Diana and her lackeys also should show their friendlier sides. So yeah, there’s still lots of stuff to be told. I’d guess the next episode could be centered around some silly matter (like Jasminka (or what’s her name) – I don’t recall her having the spotlight episode) and then finally going to settle everything during the last two or three episodes.

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku (Ep. 8)

 photo MR9.3_zps17tbiwb9.png

     I didn’t really know what I expected but at least this episode didn’t left me with bleeding eyes due to the crashing production, and no one can do that as Shuka does. The story by itself wasn’t anything ground breaking – there have been countless attempts in many anime (and not only) to portray a romance that on the surface doesn’t make much sense and can end up only hurting the lovers. For the limited time it got, I guess the classical love story did its job quite well and managed to make me feel for the characters even if I know there’s almost definite probability of never seeing them again. Kaoru’s determination and the thought that there actually might be no right answer after all were key points emphasizing the qualities that Natsume has always been strong at. There have already been some stories about such human and youkai relationships in Natsume but I guess this time is special because Natsume himself is made to think about his own relationships. It’s actually amazing that in an anime about a teen boy through the whole 6 seasons (but it’s only a second year of high school, eh?) there hasn’t been a steady romance subplot (if we discount that class-rep thing in the early seasons that ended before really beginning). This shows how many possibilities there still are to develop the story further, and that’s not even mentioning all the Matoba rivalry stuff, Natori discovering the Book and getting all the side characters some more time to shine. So yeah, the episode was simple but powerful enough to get its message through and also to remind how much time we have spent with Natsume and how much still may be left, and that’s a good thing.

Sakura Quest (Ep. 9)

 photo MR9.4_zpsxk93gbns.png

    Not the most interesting stuff Sakura Quest had come up with up to this point. The side story with Shiori’s sister and the bear-chef ended in a somehow bland way. Well, personally I’d double- or triple-checked whether everything’s correct if a person I liked invited me on a date but I guess there’re all kinds of people. In retrospect it was probably inevitable that the chef would show interest to Shiori’s sister rather than to Shiori herself, knowing that such girl-power shows rarely break a convention not to feature any prominent male characters that would distract with possible romance subplots, though I wouldn’t object if Sakura Quest brought some romance to the story. This Shiori’s mini-arc as well as the first one ended fairly quickly although she had some moments to show her determination and the way she does things, though I wouldn’t say that her mini arc was as impactful as the ones Sanae and Maki had. Last time I complained about the absence of the exoskeleton guy and here he is. Yet the stuff that Yoshino thought up looked silly, weird and almost disgusting and certainly not a fun thing to do. I guess the kids liked that but especially more conservative residents of Manoyama probably were not particularly impressed.

Tsuki ga Kirei (Ep. 8)

 photo MR9.5_zpsedazlgbb.png

     Well, I’m just sad because the show clearly deserves better than this kind of animation. The backgrounds several times were detailed enough not to let down a film production, let alone a TV anime. Of course the CG parts clashed with the 2D stuff but I think it’s 2D that’s a problem. Furthermore, characters appearing off model so that it’s hard to recognize them from their faces alone and choppy animation overall is just too distracting to leave time to care about the story. Yes, our couple have bonded enough to be more or less comfortable around each other but everything I’ll remember from this episode will be the lack of quality in the visual department. That and totally unnecessary short stories in the end. Someone working with the composition of the show could have thought of an extra scene or two because as things are now, the show is just wasting its time. Who even cares what a third rate couple that’s absolutely unimportant to the main characters does after school? They don’t even deserve to have me memorize their names. I guess the skit about Curly’s parents was at least partially funny but other ones don’t add anything to the show. I think Akane’s foot problem could interfere with her running thus inviting more drama later on. If that’s the case, it better be good in order to withstand the poor production values.

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