Musings and Reflections – Spring 2017 Week 7

Re:Creators (Ep. 6)

 photo MR7.1_zpsnfzuxibc.png

     For the whole episode I kept wondering why did I enjoy the new crazy girl character so much and who was the VA behind that. Be surprised (or not) – it’s Maaya Sakamoto. Now I’m wondering how could I fail to recognize her. Anyway, it’s an excellent choice – I can guarantee that the new girl will definitely continue to impress being interchangeably intimidating and casual. It’s a good idea to have such a character who is needed by both sides but has no intention to join either of them. Well, there already was that guy with glasses and a katana, but he looks to have at least some common sense. Common sense would also benefit both fighting sides since a person they were practically fighting for ended up just eating snacks and comfortably watching everything unfold. It was very interesting to see how personalities of the characters (being hugely influenced by their own worlds) lead them through the fight – Alice and Selesia both like fighting more than a decent talk, with the particularly harsh world of Alice contributing to her attitude that surviving must be accomplished by actions, and the sooner, the better. Both Mamika and Meteora are entitled to be the cool-headed ones of their groups, but both are not ready to present their arguments in an acceptable way – Meteora just states facts without any passion just like she doesn’t care but after all she doesn’t really have any evidence that her side is truly right; I doubt anyone (except Alice) treats Mamika seriously, but at least she knows what she wants to choose and eventually she could become a uniting force of all the creations. The full reveal of the truth about the princess inevitably was pushed later on to still have a trump card that keeps the viewers intrigued. Well, I think the characters, their worldviews and personalities in this show are good enough ingredients to cook up something tasty. Especially with Maaya Sakamoto around.

Little Witch Academia (Ep. 19)

 photo MR7.2_zps7pu1sn55.png

    Thinking positively, it’s definitely not too early for Diana to come into the spotlight. In principle she, for a long time having been as close to an antagonist as possible and now still retaining a position of a rival, is more important to Akko than anyone else – Chariot is permanently on a pedestal, Lotte and Sucy don’t accomplish much and only Diana directly pushes Akko to become better. Also, both Lotte and Sucy have already received their episodes so it was inevitable to see more about Diana. All this family situation emphasizes the good traits Diana must have – decisiveness, wisdom and clear vision – they’re also qualities that Akko needs more than anyone else. Adding recurring characters to the episode was a good idea, but so far Andrew hasn’t done anything, so I guess the next episode should use him more. Nevertheless, I find myself a bit confused concerning the setup itself. Why would Diana need to go back right now? If her parents have already died earlier then why Diana isn’t a family head already, albeit unofficially? The succession that needs a ritual that can be performed only rarely is far too inconvenient to be practical. Wouldn’t it be more dramatic if Diana’s parents died only recently and the succession struggle just started? As always there’re some neat ideas but everything feels not that polished and thought out.

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku (Ep. 6)

 photo MR7.3_zpsxn8kbwvb.png

      After an episode like that any other show but this one would get a serious bashing for the visual quality. Nobody expects an award winning performance from the series and even less from Studio Shuka, but it’s called anime for a reason so things barely moving aren’t really an option. Character designs could’ve used some polishing also. I’d say the girl Nishimura and Kitamoto were talking to should’ve been the class-rep that also used to have some role, but it’s hard to be sure. And the guy Natsume told about his cat? Is he supposed to be Tanuma or what? Also, I understand that the source material is limited and many better stories have already been cherry-picked for the previous seasons but it’s a bit weird to get such an episode apparently for no reason. Sure, it’s nice to get to know these two guys better, their family situations and general feelings about everything, especially some uncomfortable feeling towards Natsume and everything that happens to him. Yet I think this piece of information feels out of place – the stories clearly happened earlier than the present day events with Natori and stuff and even if important to some extent, these guys were far more prominent in the earlier seasons, so showing Natsume bonding with them would’ve made more sense earlier. But yeah, some side steps and spotlight for background characters in general was a good idea.

Sakura Quest (Ep. 7)

 photo MR7.4_zps8pdufehn.png

   I have an ambiguous feeling about everything that happened. The conflicts were resolved and Maki had her moments that were really great. On the other hand, these very moments didn’t feel to be organically embedded in the episode, the story just didn’t flow naturally. I mean having moments that are really essential for a character interspersed among other totally unimportant stuff just feels choppy. The comedy scenes that usually work for me this time missed the target completely. I also had a problem with the resolve of Shiori’s situation. I can’t say that I understand the characters better than their creators but Shiori not getting embarrassed at all when her lie was exposed and just acting like nothing happened somehow looks at odds with everything we were shown previously. Friendships are based upon trust and I think such type of a person would be more serious and would pay more attention to maintain them rather than not batting an eye when her actions, clearly not beneficial for the group, come into light, even if she had some moral right to behave that way. Also, did you really need burn the whole house and even get a stand-in actor for a scene that lasted like 10 seconds?

      Tsuki ga Kirei decided to take a break this time. Is it really becoming a norm to have a recap after half a cour? Will the bubble finally collapse some day or will we have to stomach recaps every other episode?

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