Musings and Reflections – Spring 2017 Week 4

Re:Creators (Ep. 3)

 photo MR4.1_zps0yqaiepk.png

      I’m getting an idea that the antagonist girl just might be created by the main guy. Or at least someone that he will draw later on will make an appearance. Otherwise the main guy remains utterly pointless. On itself the episode was rather low-key, though there were some interesting ideas here and there. Another café exposition scene is a bit tiring. Another one, examining the possibilities of changing Selesia’s character specifications felt far more dynamic, though too much talking (especially endless explanations of Meteora) was apparent. The failure to make a change was logical since no one knows exactly how world remodeling should work and being successful form the start would be more than lucky. And that’s the main good thing about the show (well, apart from offering an excellent waifu material) – blundering in the dark with no idea what is happening, how and why, trying to get some answers, but it’s not given that the characters will succeed immediately. Little details like Selesia complaining about the lack of smells in her world because the author didn’t think of using the sense that much are always welcome. I guess next time Meteora will meet her creator who looks to be some plump man from the ED. Some screentime for the horse lady would be useful. Or just for anything that would remove some fog from everything that’s happening.

Little Witch Academia (Ep. 16)

 photo MR4.2_zpsums2l2ga.png

      During the episode I was inclined to think everything was very beautiful but the anticlimactic ending undermined much of its actual significance in terms of the grand story. The change of the setting was a good idea since the school grounds naturally have already been explored much. I can’t say Lotte’s place and its surroundings were fleshed out at least a bit but just the fact of getting away from the school is refreshing. Patience and ability to retain a cool head truly is something that Akko lacks very much so a development in this direction could’ve been expected. Akko had to accomplish many tiring stuff but to be frank it didn’t seem that much more than anything else Akko had to do in order to pay for her rashness in the school. Patience during all this long day was only mentioned and even if applied, then only to be played down as a joke, so even if Akko actually learned something, it wasn’t emphasized as much as it should have been and the acquisition of the word looked more than easy compared to all others. This time Akko just had to move her legs and sadly thinking or mental strain just wasn’t necessary. The comedy on the other hand was more a hit than a miss, so overall that’s certainly not the worst episode of LWA.

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku (Ep. 3)

 photo MR4.3_zpsukz5mvqg.png

      It’s always good to see characters of previous stories return, even if I can’t say I remember much about Shibata, to be frank. I might be mistaken, but it looks like Shibata doesn’t really have close enough friends for whom he could be able to tell about his own youkai business. If that’s true, it works as another affirmation that Natsume has grown a lot and even surpassed another youkai-seeing person who on the surface looks very outgoing but actually lacks a special person who would be able to listen to his  more intimate experiences. Thinking further Natsume is really an amazing character – despite being looked down for so long he has overcome it without becoming sullen, closed in and angry about everything. He managed to make some more than decent friends, and find a way to speak to pretty much every youkai or at least to deal with them. I guess even Natori (who looks to come back next time) and all the Matobas lack that. Shibata was able to form a relationship with a youkai, but ultimately it didn’t end that well, so the guy was probably left a bit more cautious about his own dealings with youkai and speaking his feelings to others, while Natsume was lucky to find Nyanko-sensei. It also speaks of the charm of Natsume since even that selfish cat wasn’t able to withstand the attractiveness of the pure, honest and caring kid.

Sakura Quest (Ep. 4)

 photo MR4.4_zpsv4bnxxd2.png

      I wonder if every little Japanese town has a dude who constructs exoskeletons. And some kids who decide that combining that with traditional wood carvings might be something cool. Well, when you get invested into something and really believe what you‘re doing, it‘s not easy to look at everything from the perspective of someone totally unrelated and see that some ideas might not be really great. Anyway, out of all the shows this season Sakura Quest speaks to me the most. The manju selling part wasn’t very easy by itself, but it feels very realistic that when the ideas are also needed the hard part starts, and then not everything may be accomplished only by enthusiasm. As with everything else in the town people want their beloved art to remain traditional and unchanged, and no possible change seems to be satisfying. It’s just the same idea that only sticking to the past may look good for now but in the long run you have to change something in order to survive no matter how painful that may be. Ending the episode on a sad note again emphasized that coming up with good ideas isn’t the most easy job in the world. Sanae looks to be upset realizing that not everything goes as smoothly as it should and just moving to the country doesn’t necessarily solve all of her problems. Enough emotional material, some relatable ideas, over the top new guy and remaining question what the girls will do – what else could I wish from as enjoyable show as Sakura Quest is?

Tsuki ga Kirei (Ep. 4)

 photo MR4.5_zpsch6aclz2.png

    The adventure of textbook romance continues just like expected. And what is a textbook romance without some misunderstandings (with even a hint of envy) that actually were integrated pretty well? Just it feels very weird that Japanese students aren’t allowed to bring their cell phones during school trips. Or does it count only for the train ride and during the night? Well, I’d say that during such trips cell phones might become more useful than ever if for example someone gets lost. Maybe the Japanese know better. Crowd scenes with too apparent CG people could’ve been done worse, and the fact that Akane’s friends are actually considerate without being too pushy is another plus as is the lack of heavy melodrama. Sure, the misunderstandings were blown up but it’s good to see that people who are able to text each other quite realistically also don’t start a ruckus with crying and shouting before sorting everything out. Still there’s a long way to go, and the visuals clearly tell that – even if the transient rain stopped as the couple reconciled, there’s still a tree behind them that parts their worlds. But the two lovable idiots are as close to the tree as possible, so the barrier might not last that long.

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