Musings and Reflections – Spring 2017 Week 3

Re:Creators (Ep. 1)

 photo MR3.1_zps7k4gllnu.png

      According to the general opinion, it’s not the worst show, so I guess it’s worth starting watching it. And, well, it’s certainly cool. To be frank, Sawano’s soundtrack (even if it’s generic Sawano) could make peeling potatoes the most exciting work in the world. And the best part is that other elements also work rather fine. The main guy is a generic one beyond hope, but as Selesia steals the show instantly becoming waifu material, so the lack of male lead so far is not a big problem. The mechanics of anything that’s happening doesn’t make much sense, and technobabble doesn’t help either, but that can be seen as an illustration of the confusion of the main guy. Still, how Selesia can still fly is beyond me. Isn’t she now just a normal girl with a weird outfit (and good physical abilities, but that’s not the point)? Now there’s only hope that everything will be sorted out somehow. Anyway, the animation was on par with Sawano’s abilities, though knowing the studio it’s a bit of a worry whether the quality will be retained. Somehow I was really fascinated by the cut where the camera follows the train crossing barrier and the world turns around as well as another cut where the main guy’s glasses cover a part of the first-person view.

Re:Creators (Ep. 2)

 photo MR3.1.2_zpszcgwhb3g.png

      Not as charming as the first one, obviously, but good enough. The flow of the story doesn’t seem smooth. There’s lots of just talking, not to mention an exposition scene in a café, but some obligatory action is also there. I don’t know why exactly every problem must be resolved through fighting, but maybe that’s just the mentality of Mamika. I can’t deny that seeing her realize that some worlds are harsher than others was a very pleasant moment. Some of the mahou shoujo and the like just have their problems solved too effortlessly. This idea of character ideals and ways of life clashing is an interesting one, and if elaborated, could become a really good character drama, but that looks extremely unlikely. 22 episodes seem like a lot of time, but even now I’m questioning whether having all this huge pile of characters in the OP is a wise thing. Sure, the possibilities are endless, but the road to satisfaction is narrow. Anyway, how is it possible not to be able to tidy a room with some magic, but casting huge shields, flying all other the place and exploding things in the manner of Megumin look like a natural thing? So yeah, there’s WcDonald’s, MgRonald’s, and now even YcDonald’s. What’s next?

Little Witch Academia (Ep. 15)

 photo MR3.2_zpsugvcjh3y.png

      When a character gets so excited in a fight that there’s a need to change the hair color, it means business. It was nice to finally see Chariot as she’s now, and her confrontation with the statues was spectacular, but does really anybody not give a damn that there are teachers fighting in the school property and someone will have to pay for the damage? Jokes aside, the infodump didn’t really give anything that we haven’t already known, that is the need to rekindle the 7 words to restore the magic as it was of old. Such an exposition probably was inevitable, but it’s not the most informative one. When you think about it, it’s very interesting how many common points can be found between Akko, Diana, Chariot and Croix and that there’s almost inexhaustible amount of ways you can pair them two by two. For example, Both Diana and Croix were good at learning, Diana and Chariot had a natural talent, Akko and Chariot want entertainment, Croix and Chariot are condemned for their advances, Akko and  Croix are all for modern stuff as well as innovations and so on, and so on, and so on. By the way, Croix would make a good protagonist of a spin-off series. Or maybe Trigger really has a secret idea to make a prequel about Croix and Chariot? Would watch it.

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku (Ep. 2)

 photo MR3.3_zpsvs3yqhax.png
Compared to the last episode and generally everything we know Natsume is capable of, this one felt a bit bland. It wasn’t bad, but I just couldn’t keep my mind from wandering randomly everywhere around, for example pondering what would happen if Natsume and Azumanga Daioh would pair up. The story in the end proved to have that little nostalgic something that has been the heart of the show for so long, but there were other things not that expected. It’s correct that sometimes it’s better not to get involved with youkai, but Natsume seemed to be out of his usual character – a guy who always runs to help everyone around pushing others to do the work isn’t exactly what I would define Natsume as. The two comic relief youkai are standard at this point, but having Hinoe join them undermined her lady-like character, so that’s another nitpick. On the other hand, Nyanko-sensei is more active this season, and even if it’s mostly for comical reasons, the jokes play out pretty well, so getting more screen time for one of the principal characters of the show is always a good idea. The neon flowers were really beautiful.

Sakura Quest (Ep. 3)

 photo MR3.4_zpskbqh2zt7.png

      Well, I think I’m positive that I like the show. The story remains episodic, but it’s nice to see that past events have an effect on the present, just like Yoshino saying it’s manju she loves about Manoyama. The whole notion that the rural communities are dying but every attempt to change something is seen as too radical reminds me of my own country’s problems. Truly the people in their hearts would like to change something, to rekindle the life further from the big cities, but majority of them end up thinking that it’s too bothersome and everything should be alright for the time being, and the future will take care of itself. Speaking about apparent fools, that painter/musician guy is being set up as a pretty mysterious and probably important character. Somehow I get the feeling that the mayor (or whatever is the position of this main old guy) will end up being with Riri’s grandma. Or that at least they have quite an interesting common history. Yoshino’s attempts to understand people and get working as well as her motivational speech added some nice and much needed details to her character, but still the best part about her is her facial expressions.

Tsuki ga Kirei (Ep. 3)

 photo MR3.5_zpsly3rbvbz.png

    Ah, first world problems – knowing how to talk with your crush only digitally and getting absolutely flustered face to face… The episode felt extremely slow, but considering that there’s a confession already, it has moved to the point that some shows reach only after a 2 cour struggle. Maybe it’s implied that there were many more conversations between our couple, but still it looks a bit fast to ask out a girl you have noticed only recently and know very little about. Oh well, maybe it’s just teens and their way of doing things. Last time I said that the show certainly isn’t done by KyoAni and the like, and now some scenes further confirm that. Fingers while texting could’ve used a bit more FPS, people jumping during the track training session look like they have no mass, even the final conversation between Akane and Curly could’ve used some polishing (though more than usual character acting is always a good thing, and this time it was soloed by Ryo Araki). To return to the story, now’s the time for the show to reveal its true intentions, since up to this point everything has been pretty standard. With the confession spoken, and both Akane and Curly also being possible romantic targets from the perspective of others finally the time should come to see whether this show will manage to distinguish itself from any other romance anime.

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