Musings and Reflections – Spring 2017 Week 1

Little Witch Academia (Ep. 13)

 photo MR1.1_zpsca72pnpm.png

     I wouldn’t call this episode anything spectacular among other things LWA has already shown. Even if the ideas this week mostly were iterations of the past, a certain charm of them can’t be denied. It feels a bit strange that Diana even after getting to know Akko fairly well still accuses her of running away. Akko can ruin many things, but only because of her clumsiness and inexperience but never because she lacks motivation. This character dynamic may be necessary to keep such mini conflicts coming, but status quo never has been very interesting. Diana as sort-of-a-villain (because there’s hardly anyone else suitable for that role) Does her job alright, but it’d be interesting to see her finally getting from her high horse and having fun with other girls. Sakuga moments were nice enough, but the story continues to rely on episodic adventures. Maybe at this point I should be content with that, but the wish to see something more profound that probably isn’t even possible to produce for a TV series leaves me wanting something more. Once again, who was the smartass to suggest using “Badcock” as a suitable surname?

Sakura Quest (Ep. 1)

 photo MR1.2_zpsu3hvb32y.png

    As probably everybody else, I expected Shirobako 2.0. And what can I say, it’s not 2.0, but 1.5 could be a decent estimate. The episode didn’t pass in a blink of an eye, but the general slice-of-life-ish atmosphere was pleasant enough. The idea in general to bring a story to more rural parts of the country may play out well, as there should be many opportunities to introduce weird people and even weirder situations. Everyone has seen plenty of anime about life in Tokyo, but shows like Flying Witch bring something new and rather unseen. On the other hand I’ve no idea what exactly Yoshino will have to do, as the possibility of receiving some tourists seems to be close to zero, so it’s still too early to have a good grasp about a show. Occasional humor works fine, Yoshino’s facial expressions are varied and well-timed. It will be interesting to see Yoshino change and probably grow out of explicitly calling herself more than a normal person. Props for already making joke of that, Sakura Quest. On a side note, I realized that I don’t like pink hair. Probably because of that I’m far more interested in Shiori than Yoshino. Weird.

Tsuki ga Kirei (Ep. 1)

 photo MR1.3_zpsolxvgi6x.png

     Everything went pretty much as expected. I can’t say this was the most incredible episode ever, but as a low-key entertainment it kinda works. To see going to the basics and avoiding any complications, enhancements or twists that are now always added to a romance series to make it more interesting feels a bit refreshing, even if the end result is clearly seen right from the start. The artstyle as well as the soundtrack promise a very slice-of-life-ish show, and I’m content with that. Of course the first episode of anything tries its hardest to grab the attention, but if the basic level of everything will be retained, it’ll be a nice and little feel-good anime. There are things to be desired – some students walking can’t deny their CG origin, during the first scene with the girls talking the cuts were extremely fast and confusing, the overall level of embarrassment experienced by the main pair might be a little too high, but I’d rather take the classical romance instead of any stuffed production that deliberately inserts overused tropes. This show on the other hand feels genuine, and even if I can’t say I’m going places because of it, it should prove entertaining enough.

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