Musings and Reflections – Spring 2017 Week 0

     Before the last season I was rather unpleasantly surprised how many second seasons or just mere continuations of shows there were compared to the infinitesimally small number of original anime. This season sadly looks very similar. Still, for me there’s one huge difference – it’s quite ridiculous, but as the Winter was crowded with shows that I cared about or just wanted to see how the things would play out, for me Spring has very little to offer. Shingeki no Kyojin? In the backlog indefinitely. Boku no Hero Academia? Still don’t feel an urge for some typical shounen. Uchouten Kazoku? I haven’t even heard of it before. And so on and so on and so on. Doubtless there are many shows worth investing in, but that also means the need to have watched first seasons. As always light novel adaptations and usual fantasy setting based anime as plentiful but not that intriguing. Thankfully there still are some little gems (and, ironically both of them are continuations) that I wholeheartedly await.

Little Witch Academia

 photo MR0.2_zpstohuscc7.png

    The story finally showed some interesting and promising future directions, and LWA hopefully will try to recapture some action spirit of the original OVA. All the little slice of life stuff is good, but that’s not why the show gained such fan following. From the PV there looks to be some new characters (inevitably), more Chariot (also inevitably) and just the continuation of the girls’ life at the Academia. Trigger, please just continue to develop the grand story as well as everybody knows you are capable of and everything will be ok. I’m probably not as excited as I was before the start of the show, but the seen cour didn’t manage to discourage me from expecting something entertaining.

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku

 photo MR0.1_zpss77iuwzd.png

     Well, it’s just Natsume. Though it’s not the worst show to jump in now (if anyone would care to do so), everyone would probably recommend to start the relaxing journey from the start at your own pace.  I’m very happy that the sixth (oh dear, it felt so short) season comes after only a little waiting, but it’s also time that I’m concerned with. The story will be alright, as it has ever been, but the animation quality since the show was transferred to Shuka hasn’t been really on par with everything we had seen before. It’s not bad, but it’s still worrisome that some recap or an old special (again) might interrupt the run, but let’s have faith. Natsume has endured so well and received so many seasons that it’s a very unique phenomenon and it fully deserves it. Apart from the possible production hiccups it’s going to be an amazing experience.

     And… That’s all. So far. This season my personal timetable will probably be a bit more hectic and confused, but there are still some slots to be filled with. There are some possible candidates, but I’m not going to go blind and end up watching as many shows as I did last season. I guess I’ll just wait for the first impressions of people I trust and then we’ll see what will be worthy to follow.

  • Sakurada Reset looks to be a slow burning mystery with slice of life elements, as the director Shinya Kawatsura has worked on Non Non Byori among other stuff. As far as I’ve heard the story is quite interesting, but I decided to be a little bit cautious before digging into what looks to be quite promising.
  • Re:Creators sounds as silly as its synopsis, if not even more ridiculous. The only reason it might prove to be decent is Rei Hiroe, who’s also the creator of Black Lagoon. Ok, two reasons – there’s also Ei Aoki of Fate/Zero (and, well, Aldnoah.Zero). Three. Three reasons. Hiroe, Aoki and Sawano. looks like dumb over the top fun, and the level of dumbness will be the deciding factor.
  • Alice to Zouroku looks least interesting of them all, but Katsushi Sakurabi of Flying Witch (and anime that doesn’t exist) may leave his mark as a specialist of great slice of life atmosphere. Or not. the PV didn’t look too amazing, but you can never know for sure.
  • Sakura Quest is Shirobako 2.0, right? Technically it’s wrong to judge a show only by the studio and the premise, also comparing it to something completely unrelated, but everyone knows what’s expected, right? The pressure will be huge and it’s going to be hard to create a story that can’t really rely on it’s premise like in Shirobako where apart from the characters the whole animation production setting was especially interesting. I’m almost sure I’ll watch it, but a little waiting won’t hurt anyone.
  • Tsuki ga Kirei is the least talked about, as it’s only can be described as a classical romance. Well, doing basics right isn’t a bad thing, and visually it looks quite appealing reminding me of Doga Kobo for some reason. The only twist is it’s director Seiji Kishi who, let’s put it that way, – isn’t the most appreciated guy by the viewers. There might be some unexpected turns, but time will tell whether any worries are grounded.

     That’s more or less all I’ve thought about the possible lineup though you can never know  – there might be some unexpected gems around. And yes, I’ll definitely catch up with some shows that deserve their second seasons, but that’s just not today. Anyway, did I miss anything prominent? What will you watch this season?

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  1. I’d really recommend trying the first season of the Eccentric Family. It is one of those often overlooked gems and I am thrilled that there is a season 2 about to start. Even if it isn’t now, definitely one to think about.

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    • Thanks, I’ll definitely try it. From the PVs and little stuff I’ve seen it surely looks interesting and worth watching.

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